Why are contemporary young people "afraid" of getting married? Two reasons, too realistic

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Why are contemporary young people "afraid" of getting married? Two reasons, too realistic

Introduction: Why are modern people afraid of marriage? There are two reasons. Men are too poor to get married, and women are afraid of the trivialities after marriage. Therefore, one side longs for women not to worship money, and the other side longs for men to be good enough. The final result can only be lonely and old. In recent years, there has been such a chicken soup on the Internet: a low-quality marriage is not as good as a high-quality single. It is precisely because of this that the marriage rate continues to be low. Authoritative data show that the marriage rate in 2021 has dropped to 5.8%, and it has been declining for 8 consecutive years. This shows that the number of marriages is getting smaller and smaller, but the number of divorces is changing. many. Those outside of marriage are unwilling to step into marriage, and when it comes to marriage, they will still look disdainful, and they are ready to die alone at a young age; those within marriage are fed up with marriage after experiencing all kinds of trivial things, and since then She is keen on divorce, and would rather raise her family alone than live with her former lover. Therefore, there are more and more single people around us, including unmarried young people, single parents, and older men and women. This brings up a question worth pondering: why are there more and more single people, but their mentality is very Buddhist, they are not anxious or impatient about major life events, they would rather be single than find a good person to start a family; they would rather be alone Endure loneliness, and do not want the family to laugh and laugh. What is it that makes getting married, a matter of course, so difficult?

1. Men cannot marry because of financial problems.

In the movie "Little Times", there is such a classic line: Love without material is like a plate of loose sand, without the wind blowing, it will be scattered after two steps. In other words, love without a financial foundation can easily fall apart. Being full of love is no longer romantic, but the beginning of tragedy. Examples of poor and humble couples grieve frequently. Therefore, marriage must have economic security. The woman will consider the man's economic problems in the early stage of the relationship, and the family background should be considered when talking about marriage. And the money issue involved here has become a daunting task for men. Although many girls will pay attention to the AA system when they are in love, and will not consume too much of the other party's economy, when facing marriage and marriage, they and their families are more open-minded, and do not require the man to give high betrothal gifts or There are cars, houses and savings, but to be honest, there are not many such girls. In life, many girls have to pay for dating expenses, gift expenses, car, house, bride price, banquet, honeymoon, wedding photos, and various miscellaneous consumption when they are in love. It seems that no one million is not enough to talk about marriage. If the parents are in a better situation, they will help a little bit, and the financial pressure on men will be relatively small; but if they struggle on their own, most people cannot afford to get married, or they get married in debt, because even if the man has the ability to earn more than 10,000 yuan per month, Can't afford to spend the water of marriage. Therefore, there are more and more older men and young men. In the marriage and love market, women must have a car and a house, which ordinary people simply cannot meet. If you can't get married, you can only be single.

2. Women are afraid to marry because of problems after marriage.

In this information age, everyone can receive a lot of fragmented information every day, and the Internet is full of negative marriage information about domestic violence, cheating, and cold violence. Every time I read this kind of news, I inevitably sigh: marrying the wrong person will ruin your life. After these small-probability events are infinitely magnified, women have a fear of marriage. Coupled with the fact that married people around them complain about the hardships after marriage, they are even more afraid to get married. Most modern women have education and jobs, so they have different ideas. The attitude towards being single is: unfettered and free. But it’s different when you’re married. You have to fight wits and courage with your in-laws, deal with conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, prevent your husband’s betrayal, and lose your job when you reach the stage of giving birth and raising a baby. , plus all kinds of family affairs, firewood, rice, oil and salt, it's terrifying to think about. As for men, although they pay more money in the early stage, they are almost the winners in the later stage, for example, in the payment of childbirth, the right to bear the surname of the child, the education of the children of housework, and the residence rights of both parents in the small family. Men and women come first, which makes women curious: what can they get in marriage? The more I think about it, the more I feel freer not to get married, and I can more directly avoid the problems I worry about. The best state of fear of marriage is not to get married. Men can't afford to get married, and women are afraid of marriage, so the proportion of singles continues to increase. In the final analysis, modern people's expectations for marriage are getting higher and higher, and they also have a certain purpose. Men hope to use less money to marry a woman who shares their joys and sorrows, and make money to create a life together; while women hope to have better conditions, allowing the other party to use love and economy to satisfy her fantasy of marriage. Both parties hope to change their current life from the matter of marriage, so as to realize the possibility of crossing the class. But the reality is cruel. There is no free lunch in the world, and it is difficult for a man to enter the heart of a woman if he does not prepare money; if a woman does not lower the standard of marriage, it is difficult to wait for the so-called hero of the world. Written at the end: "The polarization of marriage" mentioned in the book: Our expectations for marriage and the expectations of the other half of the marriage are becoming more "complex" than ever before. It is true that when marriage is injected with money and material desires, unreasonable requirements, and the label of happiness, it becomes not as simple as it used to be. It seems that the marriage status of falling in love and getting married, living together, and creating a happy home together has become a past tense. Modern people like ready-made happiness, that is, after getting married, they will live happily and romantically for a lifetime. Sadly, the story of a happy life after getting married only appears in fairy tales, so many people are disappointed and divorced one after another, so that they are labeled as divorced, and the children who should have a complete family are forced to lose. maternal or paternal love. The fundamental reason is that everyone just wants to get, but doesn't want to give, and complains aggravate in the bottomless demand. Unfortunately, marriage is not the end of happiness, but the starting point of another life. Any happiness needs to be created by oneself. . In other words, pinning the happiness of the rest of your life on a stranger and using marriage as a springboard is simply a fantasy. Therefore, single men and women who want to get married, if they really have expectations for marriage, don’t have romantic fantasies. Women don’t worship money before marriage. Don’t always measure love based on money status. Don’t miss a man with good character and love you, you know , Money is not the key to happiness, the character and ability of the other party are the tenderness that will protect you for the rest of your life. And married men must also become a part of the family, abandon the concept of machismo, and help their wives handle household affairs with an equal attitude, whether it is a conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law or firewood, rice, oil and salt. Do what a man should do. Only when both men and women change, understand each other, respect each other, and create a family of two people with an equal attitude, can they find a safe haven in this impetuous world and live their marriage in an ideal state. I can only keep the days of being single and grow old alone.
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