In old age, people visit relatives' houses to achieve "three no comments"

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In old age, people visit relatives' houses to achieve "three no comments"


01. Frontispiece

Dale Carnegie said: "In your past life, who have you hurt? , and has long forgotten, but the person who was hurt by you will never forget you. He will never remember your goodness, but the hurt you have done to him." The relationship between people, no matter what No matter how close you are, you need to master a "degree" and a sense of proportion. Everyone has their own social safety distance. From a safe distance, everyone can live in harmony. Once the safety distance is broken, it is not only a test of the bottom line of others, but also the loss of one's own morality. In life, people often use the tone of "joking" to say things that make others sad. When others show dissatisfaction and anger, they also feel that the other party can't make jokes. No matter how good the relationship is, you need to get along with a sense of proportion. Even getting along with relatives requires a sense of boundaries. Get along with relatives, but also do it, don't say some things, don't ask some things. Grasp the sense of proportion, in order to make the family more harmonious and warmer. When people reach their old age, they visit relatives' houses to achieve "three no comments".

02. Don't evaluate the shortcomings of relatives' children

In life, all experiences will become a person's experience and experience value. Some people, when they are old, when visiting relatives or friends' houses, they always like to use their experience points to "reason" with others. In this world, everyone is not perfect and has its own shortcomings and deficiencies. When you are old, you should visit relatives' houses and do not comment on the shortcomings of relatives' children. Even though the child is young, he already has self-esteem, and every parent wants his child to be excellent. When people are old, when they visit relatives' houses, they feel free to evaluate their children's shortcomings. Because, not showing mercy to the child will not only affect the child's mental health development, but also make the family estrangement. Education is a process with a long way to go. The unhappiness of the child in childhood may become the grudge of his life. Don't affect the child because of his "bluntness". In your later years, no matter how good you are, please don't criticize your child's shortcomings at will. Every child has his own way to go, and a few words will destroy his beliefs and dreams.

03. Don't judge the taste of the food

To manage relationships, you need to truly know how to respect others, and you need to do things in moderation. Once the "degree" is over, it will affect not only feelings, but also your own popularity. On the road of life, the most advanced feast is when someone invites you to eat at his house. However, many people have such a habit that at the dinner table, they like to make two comments when they eat a dish. People with high emotional intelligence will say some compliments, which can make the host happy; but people with low emotional intelligence will always belittle the taste of dishes and ignore the feelings of those who prepare a table of delicious food. When you are old, even if you go to a relative's house to eat, don't always judge the taste of the food. Because everyone's cooking methods are different, and everyone's tastes are different. People who cook must put their best effort into cooking. You should also pay attention to etiquette when going to someone else's house to eat. When people are old, they visit relatives' houses and attend as guests. They should know how to respect the labor results of the host's family and not hurt their relatives' intention to cook.

04. Don't comment on whether the relative's room is neat

If you are a guest at a relative's house, you can see the cleanliness of his room, the layout of the furniture, and the decoration. style. However, no matter what the state of the relatives' family is, don't judge too much. A person's greatest malice is to impose his own subjective thoughts on others. How to decorate and organize a relative's room is a person's way of life. Don't interfere too much, don't make arbitrary evaluations, and don't interfere too much. Everyone has a different definition of comfort, and maybe the irregularity in your eyes is what the other person likes. When visiting relatives' houses, no matter how good the relationship is, don't judge other people's rooms at will. Because the room is not yours, you don't know what he likes. The layout of each room is also the privacy of others. Don't cross the line, don't ask too much and judge. When people are old, when visiting relatives' houses, they should respect the living habits of relatives and adjust their attitude as a guest. At any time, it is an upbringing not to arbitrarily evaluate the living and residence of others.

05. Summarize

the relationship between people. If you are too far away, your feelings will become estranged, and if you are too close, you will also have feuds. Between relatives, blood is connected, and they don't pay attention to the sense of proportion. No matter how close they are, they will gradually become alienated. F. Bacon said: "In language communication, we must be good at finding a sense of proportion, so that it is both straightforward and not rude. This is the most difficult and the best." The sense of social proportion is that at any time, words and deeds are up to the point. Get along with people, leave room for others, but also protect yourself. To learn to think in a different position, if there are some words that are not suitable for speaking, then silence is the greatest respect. When dealing with people, please learn to maintain a sense of proportion and grasp the sense of boundaries. No matter how close your relationship is, don't always use the good relationship as an excuse to point fingers at other people's lives. A lot of times, a small act that you don't care about is enough to make people want to stay away from you from the heart. Learning to control your "mouth" is to respect others and yourself. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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