Why do stay-at-home moms end up in tragedy? The reason is very sad, the reality is too skinny

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Why do stay-at-home moms end up in tragedy? The reason is very sad, the reality is too skinny

90% of stay-at-home mothers are overwhelmed with life. In the eyes of many girls who are not familiar with the world, it seems to be a very happy thing to be a full-time mother. They don't have to go out every day to accept the "beating" of the society, and they don't have to endure the devastation of the company. And, isn't it the most important thing for a woman to run her own family well? If anyone can make themselves a full-time wife, I would really be grateful!

What do stay-at-home moms think?

The family environment accepted since childhood is like this. During the growth process of girls, the ability of insight and observation of parents' feelings should be more subtle. The way of getting along with parents will mostly establish their future marital status. If parents are loving and loving, they will be full of expectations and confidence in life when they start a family. On the other hand, if their parents often quarrel, or they are separated from each other, their expectations for the other half will not only be greatly reduced, but they will even embark on the road of not getting married. Even if they can look forward to marriage, the age difference between the other half they are looking for and their own will be very different. Therefore, when their mothers are tirelessly giving and dedicating to the family, they will regard this life model as the norm and template, and when they become married women, they will also regard the family as their career like their mothers did. of. Some stay-at-home mothers who do not want to face a cruel society did not give up on their own development at first, but struggled in the society for a period of time and experienced the ruthless oppression and destruction of the society. The salary you get every month simply doesn't match your ability to pay. At this time, if their other half allows them to return to the family, they will accept it without hesitation. In this way, you don't have to go to the outside world to intrigue, and you don't have to bear the pressure of making money to support your family. Isn't it the best of both worlds?

Actually, most stay-at-home mothers end in tragedy

and give up on themselves, and pay less and less attention to themselves. Today, most stay-at-home mothers show us the image, They are all sloppy and sloppy, just like domestic servants. They only know how to do housework all day long, and their speech and behavior are also philistines like small citizens. After such a situation occurs, there will inevitably be an ending of being rejected by her husband and being pointed by others. It's not because they themselves don't pay enough attention to themselves, and they put the cart before the horse and don't even know it. In their eyes, their task is to endlessly clean up the housework, serve their husbands, make themselves dizzy from morning to night, and in the end they just assume the role of a cleaner. As for myself, I didn't have any ability to make progress, but instead regressed a lot. The more confused they are, the more they will despise themselves, and it is easy to trap themselves in the circle of cleaning up the housework, feeling that this is the whole of their life and their full value, entertainment and so on, and they have nothing to do with them. relation. After becoming a full-time wife who cares too much about her husband's ideas, the family's financial resources will all fall on her husband, and all household expenses must be reported to her husband. Only with his approval can you get the money. Moreover, the money is not inexhaustible, inexhaustible. Because of the feeling of reaching out for money, it really makes people feel helpless and collapsed, and obviously he has paid the relevant behavioral price, why did he become so humble? At home, I always have to look at my husband's eyes and act, humble to the dust. And when a woman attaches more importance to her husband's ideas, the more she will make her husband ignore her and feel that she is the center of the universe, and what she says is like the imperial decree. This so-called respect is the capital that men understand as being arrogant and arrogant.

Alpaca mother has something to say:

Once a woman becomes a full-time mother, it is really difficult to step out of her comfort zone, because once she and When society is out of touch, it gets worse. This subtle change will manifest itself in various small details. Therefore, if you want to become a stay-at-home mom, you must think twice before you act and be fully prepared.

Today's summary:

Under what circumstances, Would you choose to be a stay-at-home mom? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!
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