Will students have "single breaks" on weekends? The official response came, and many parents couldn't sit still

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Will students have "single breaks" on weekends? The official response came, and many parents couldn't sit still

If a student becomes a one-off system, will the advantages really outweigh the disadvantages? During the period of compulsory education, the students' weekend vacations are always two days. On Friday, the students will start to look forward to their happy weekends. However, in the parent group, there have been news that the students' double-break system will be changed to a single-break system, which has caused a lot of commotion.

What are the additional impacts if students become "one-off" on weekends?

Students' enthusiasm for learning has plummeted. Of course, this change in learning mode is mainly aimed at students in the compulsory education stage. After all, after entering high school, any school will not spare students extra classes Opportunities, relevant education departments will also turn a blind eye. For other students who do not have many course requirements, this change will make them disappointed, and their interest in learning will naturally plummet. It's like asking first-grade elementary school students to take only one day off a week, what should they do when they go to junior high school? You must know that learning interest is the best teacher for students. How many students give up their studies because they cannot find their own learning interest? Originally, their abilities and qualities were good, but it was interest that became the biggest obstacle to their own development. It is easy for teachers to manage students. Primary school is a golden period for students to develop their interest in learning and study habits. On the one hand, they basically know nothing about learning and have no accumulation of experience and ability. What teachers and parents teach them? , they will develop in this direction in the future. On the other hand, they are very afraid of the teacher. The teacher's words are like an imperial decree. If they are told to go east, they will never dare to go west, let alone have any other small ideas. But even so, many students will be infected with bad habits, mainly because the parents' educational concept and teachers have conflicted. The teacher spends five days a week, finally giving the students ideological construction and direction guidance. As long as they stick to it for two more days, it can be better consolidated for a week. However, on the weekends, the students return home from vacation and take the teacher's words as they are. Forget it. However, if it is adjusted to a single break, the time for teachers to supervise students in the school will be appropriately extended. Although it does not meet the requirement of 7 days, the ability and effect of at least 6 days are much better than 5 days!

The official response is here, and many parents can’t sit still.

Seeing that the voices in the parent group are getting louder and louder, the relevant departments can no longer sit idly by , whether it is to stabilize the parents' eagerness or to eliminate the fog in front of the parents, they have given an official response. That is, there are currently no plans for such an adjustment. These few words are enough to see the attitude of the relevant departments. Even in a large environment, students accept online teaching most of the time, and students cannot be allowed to have more hatred and misunderstanding of learning. No extra classes and no make-up classes, how to ensure children's grades? When students are closed at home due to the epidemic, although the school insists on not attending classes and allowing students to catch up with online classes at home, the learning effect of most students has been discounted. Because there are very few students who really have high self-control ability. This is also the main reason why parents are restless. The learning efficiency has deteriorated. Doesn't this directly affect the students' test scores? Whether it is students facing further studies or students in the basic stage, the emphasis on learning must be consistent. Therefore, these parents will ignite the idea that if they can change to a single-break system when offline teaching is resumed, won't students have the opportunity to catch up with their missed homework? It's going to be a little hard work, but it's worth it for the future. But now such an idea has been shattered, coupled with the so-called double reduction policy, which has cut off the way for students to find make-up classes on their own. Doesn't it make it impossible for those students with weak self-control to survive? In the end, the only one who becomes the clown is himself.

Today's Summary:

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