Revisiting the original work of "Knowing or Not", why did Jingchai's cloth skirt hide her stunning Concubine Wei, why did she end bleak

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Revisiting the original work of "Knowing or Not", why did Jingchai's cloth skirt hide her stunning Concubine Wei, why did she end bleak

Sheng Minglan, born very beautiful, made Gu Tingye unforgettable after seeing her. While telling herself that she was a liar and couldn't be moved, she couldn't help thinking about how to marry Sheng Minglan; after Mrs. Liang of Yongchang Houfu met her, she felt that she was a liar. Miss Chunge, who could suppress the seduction of her son Liang Han, wanted Sheng Minglan, a concubine, to be her daughter-in-law. After Liang Han married Sheng Molan, who was as beautiful as a flower, she felt a little regret when she saw Sheng Minglan for the first time. The reason why Sheng Molan wanted to cut Sheng Minglan's face and make her disfigured was because she was not as good as Sheng Minglan, and her reason was washed away by jealousy. Mother You was startled and couldn't help raising her head, looking at Ming Lan Jun's long and soft eyeliner, the soft and reserved jawline was exactly like the young aunt who died many years ago, but her expression was completely different. No matter what she said or listened to, then The slightly warped long eyelashes did not move at all, like quiet and motionless butterfly wings, only the beautiful face smiled as still as water. From Sheng Minglan's beauty, it can be seen that Sheng Minglan's biological mother, Aunt Wei, must also be a stunning beauty. Jing Chai's cloth skirt can't hide her beauty. This sentence is used to describe the beauty of Concubine Wei. Unlike Aunt Xiang, Ju Fang and other Shenghong concubines, Aunt Wei was not born as a maid, but from a serious farmer. Aunt Wei was a chess piece of the Wang family. At that time, the Wang family had a falling out with Sheng Hong because the Wang family was not good at managing marriages, which gave Lin Yushuang an opportunity, and was overwhelmed by Lin Yushuang. , Worrying about the Wang family, he carefully selected Aunt Wei to give Sheng Hong as a concubine, hoping to rely on Aunt Wei's beauty to capture Sheng Hong's heart and split Lin Yushuang's favor. The Wang family's deployment was a success, and Aunt Wei really captured Sheng Hong's heart by virtue of her beauty, and it also made Lin Yanshuang feel a sense of crisis, so she would kill her rival, Aunt Wei. Why did Aunt Wei, whose Jing Chai dress could not hide her stunning beauty, ended up in a bleak scene? This is not only due to the Sheng family environment, but also her own reasons.

01. Sheng Hong was confused, Wang was stupid, and Lin Yushuang was ruthless, which put Aunt Wei in a desperate situation;

First of all, The most important reason is that Sheng Hong was confused. As the head of the family, he favored his concubine and killed his wife. His favor and favor towards Lin Yanshuang gave Lin Yanshuang the confidence to murder Aunt Wei. "I don't care about anything, and I don't want to talk too much to be annoying. It doesn't matter what you like, I never ask what is right or wrong in your room, but you have become more and more over the past few years. You go outside and ask, what rules are there for you to treat a concubine like this! Give her face and dignity, give her a shop in Zhuangzi, she now has children and daughters, only one name, nothing worse than a serious daughter-in-law! You are like this! There is no distinction between direct descendants and concubines, and the rules are violated, isn't it a family disaster! Alright, alright, today there is finally a human life, one bloody corpse and two lives, what do you say!" Why did Lin Yushuang dare to be so unscrupulous, Murder Sheng Hong's concubine and his own flesh and blood? She is not afraid that after the incident, Sheng Hong will deal with her, neglect her or even let her pay for her life? Of course Lin Yanshuang was not afraid, she knew her weight in Sheng Hong's heart, and knew that Sheng Hong was reluctant. Even if Sheng Hong had evidence in his hand, as long as Lin Yanshuang acted coquettishly and begged for mercy, Sheng Hong would not treat Lin Yanshuang for the sake of their relationship and Lin Yanshuang's children. Sure enough, even if he knew the truth, Sheng Hong was not reluctant to deal with Lin Yanshuang, and after neglecting her for a while, he continued to dote on Lin Yanshuang. As long as he can handle it clearly and have principles, let everyone know his bottom line, and understand that if he touches his bottom line, he will die, Lin Yanshuang will not be so arrogant and domineering, and dare to murder Aunt Wei. Secondly, Mr. Wang was too stupid, and a good piece was wasted. When Concubine Wei had an accident, the reason why Mrs. Wang was not present and gave Lin Yanshuang a chance was because Mrs. Wang had bad intentions and had bad thoughts. Wang Shi knew that Lin Yanshuang would not let Aunt Wei give birth smoothly. Not only did she not protect Aunt Wei, a chess piece against Lin Yanshuang, but she deliberately took Sheng Hong away at this time, wanting to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight. , Since she and Sheng Hong were not present, Mrs. Sheng didn't care, Lin Yushuang's family was the only one, and Aunt Wei's death became inevitable. If Mrs. Wang, the master of the house, was present and watched Aunt Wei give birth, Lin Yushuang would not be able to do it, even if she had the ability to the sky, and it would be impossible for Aunt Wei to murder her. In the end, Lin Yanshuang was too vicious, and for his own sake, he dared to use his life. Lin Yanshuang knew very well that Aunt Wei was beautiful and innocent, and she had already captured Sheng Hong's heart. If Aunt Wei gave birth to a son, like her, with both children and children, it would inevitably threaten her status, so she did not hesitate to kill. "You don't know, how do Aunt Ping and Aunt Xiang compare to our Aunt Wei, although Aunt Wei doesn't know any poetry or painting, but she is not a low-key girl, she is carried through the door seriously, not to mention our Wei Wei. Auntie was born very well, she is young and considerate, and since she entered the door, the master has been very fond of her. She had already given birth to a girl, and if she had another brother, it would not necessarily be worse than Auntie Lin, but it's a pity..." tone. Sheng Hong spoiled his concubine to destroy his wife, Wang was confused as a pig teammate, Lin Yushuang was ruthless, and Aunt Wei's situation was already very dangerous, and Aunt Wei herself was weak and incompetent, making her unable to recover.

02. Her weakness and incompetence make people feel that she is easy to bully, and even less take her seriously.

In the drama version, Aunt Wei left the impression of being smart, well-behaved, and loving her daughter. In order to let her daughter have someone to rely on and survive after her death, she forced her daughter to please old Mrs. Sheng and not let her call her a little girl. She did this because her parents loved their son and had a far-reaching plan. However, in the original novel, Concubine Wei was too cowardly, she was allowed to ride on her head and bullied, and the servants didn't take her seriously. "It's honest, but it's too cowardly. We are rude in this room. Others come when they like it. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the courtyard also dare to secretly plot against the aunt. Sister Die'er, who would dare to stand up for her, and who would think of her; I said that if you are a master, you should have some of your master's money. If you want to do everything well, you just don't know what's right and what's wrong. ." Maid B said. There is a saying in the movie "Blacklist": "Why do others dare to do bad things to you, because you make people feel that doing bad things to you can be done without paying any price." If kindness is not sharp, it will become The confidence of others to bully you. When others bully you, if you don’t dare to fight back bravely and let them taste the pain, knowing that you are bullied, you will be unlucky yourself, and you will harm others and not yourself. Naturally, these people who are good at seeking benefits and avoiding harm will not Bully you and do thankless things. Renshan is bullied by others, and Mashan is ridden by others. Since he wants you to have a hard time, you should fight back bravely, let him taste your power, and let him be frightened when he sees you, so he will be afraid . END. Topic of the day: What do you think of the role of Aunt Wei? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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