"It's just a beast" to send away the granddaughter's dog, and the son's family of 4 has changed to 1. Mom: What's wrong with me?

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"It's just a beast" to send away the granddaughter's dog, and the son's family of 4 has changed to 1. Mom: What's wrong with me?

There is a saying on the Internet: "The best parent-child relationship in the world is to prepare for separation in the future." The book "The Apple Tree That Grows Forever" writes: "Whether parents let go or not, adult children One day, I will set up a new family with my own children, my own job, my own dreams, my own vast world, and my own future world." At this time, the parents were still reluctant to let go, and they always Treat children as immature children, and habitually issue orders to children. When children have opinions, they will say "I'm here for your own good, why don't you know good and bad", "I've eaten more salt than you have ever eaten. There is a lot of rice”, “Your wings are hard, you want to fly, right?” Forcibly interfering with the lives of children will inevitably lead to conflicts. Children are not your marionettes, they have their own ideas. Maybe, you can't understand, but you also have to respect his personality, respect his choice, and give him the opportunity to think often. It doesn't matter if you are wrong, if you fall and hurt, you will naturally remember where there are traps, and you will gain wisdom by taking a cut. Besides, even the children can't stand you, let alone the other half of the children? You are a parent, you have the grace of procreation and filial piety, and it is difficult for children to resist. However, there is only affection between the other half of your children and you. If you also want to dictate their lives, the contradiction will become more acute. It is easy for your children to encounter situations where they are not human inside and out. As Susan Forward said: "For manipulative parents, their children's marriage is extremely threatening. They see their children's spouses as rivals for their children's affection, and they go to war with them, and their children In order to take into account the relationship between the two sides, it is often the enemy." As we all know, keeping pets has become the norm in modern families. In the eyes of many people, pets are not just an ordinary small animal, they have become an indispensable part of the family, a family member. However, in the eyes of the elderly, pets are animals. Some people hate keeping pets dirty, they are allergic to pet hair, and cannot tolerate pets. The concept of pets can easily conflict with young people. Although parents who love their children despise pets, they will not do anything to their beloved pets because of their children's face. However, when they encounter a parent who is strong, unequivocal, and does not allow their children and grandchildren to challenge their authority, it is possible to forcibly interfere. . Aunt Yang was the latter. Seeing that her granddaughter's pet dog was not pleasing to the eye, she made a decision, but she didn't expect it. The consequences were far beyond what she and her son could afford.

01. My son is the only seed of the old Xu family and shoulders the heavy responsibility of inheriting the lineage. If my daughter-in-law does not give birth to a son, it is because I feel sorry for my old Xu family. ;

Rather than saying that Aunt Yang dislikes her granddaughter's dog, it is better to say that Aunt Yang dislikes her daughter-in-law who has only given birth to two daughters. Everyone around Aunt Yang is aware of how patriarchal Aunt Yang is. Seven years ago, when Aunt Yang's son was about to get married, Aunt Yang disapproved of the marriage because she had invited someone with experience to see her. . The son disagreed, thinking it was a feudal superstition, but Aunt Yang was convinced. Although at the insistence of her son, Aunt Yang gave in and agreed to their marriage, but with the birth of her eldest granddaughter, Aunt Yang became more convinced of this statement, and was very worried that she would not be able to hold her grandson while her daughter-in-law was still sitting there. At the time of confinement, he began to urge the second child, and his disgust for his granddaughter was not concealed in his words. "Your father said that you are the only grandson of your grandfather and the only incense of the old Xu family. You must have a son to pass on the incense. If you don't have a son, my father and I will die, and you will have no face to see your ancestors. Lizong." The daughter-in-law was so ardent in her love for her daughter that she couldn't stand her mother-in-law's patriarchal ideology, so she quarreled with her mother-in-law several times. Seeing that her mother-in-law was still chattering, she asked her to leave. Aunt Yang felt that her daughter-in-law didn't know what to do, so she returned to the country in a fit of anger, and let her daughter-in-law worry about taking care of the baby. Two years ago, Aunt Yang's daughter-in-law gave in and had a second child under her husband's hard work. What made Aunt Yang furious was that this child was a girl again, which made her even more disliked by her daughter-in-law.

02. If I have this spare money to raise a beast, I might as well save the money and give birth to my grandson;

I learned that I can After giving birth to the third child, Aunt Yang became even more anxious and began to give birth again, but this time, the daughter-in-law was resolutely reluctant. "If you are born, you will know how to give birth. If you give birth to you, you will raise it? Now, how much does it cost to raise a child, do you know? I almost lost my job in order to have a second child. If I want the third child, I will definitely not be able to. Going out to make money. Your son’s monthly salary is less than 10,000 yuan, and he has to pay off nearly 6,000 mortgages every month. The rest of the money will support me and three children. Let’s drink the northwest wind as a whole family?” No matter how aunt Yang nags , The daughter-in-law was categorically unwilling to have a third child, which made Auntie Yang half-dead. But this time, Aunt Yang ran to her son's house under the banner of summer escape. Seeing the treatment of her granddaughter's dog at home, she couldn't hold back her anger. Aunt Yang's granddaughter's pet dog is a Samoyed. She is two years old this year. The staple food on weekdays is mainly dog ​​food. If her daughter-in-law has time, she will also buy meat such as duck legs for the dog. Taking the dog for a bath, grooming, plus the dog's toys, snacks, etc., although the cost is not too big, but when Aunt Yang saw it, her heart trembled and she was in severe pain. "How much does a dog cost? I've raised a dog before, so I don't need to spend any money at all, just mix the leftovers into the meal, and it's fine. It still knows how to find food to eat, how does it look like them?" It would be great to save it and have a grandson. This is the original intention of Aunt Yang to give away her granddaughter's dog.

03. For the sake of a dog, she filed for a divorce, or she left, my son would marry another who could have a son;

Aunt Yang didn't like the Samoyed, and complained to her son, asking him to give the dog away to save the money to have a grandson. Aunt Yang's son is very aware of the dog's position in his daughter's heart. The daughter is absolutely unwilling to send the dog away, and as long as the daughter refuses, the wife will certainly not agree. Therefore, Aunt Yang's son not only did not agree, but also asked the mother Don't play puppy ideas. However, Aunt Yang was accustomed to being self-centered and did not take her son's reminders seriously at all. The more she looked at Samoyed, the more she disliked her, she contacted people directly and gave away her granddaughter's dog: "It's just a beast, I Just give it away, what can she do to me?" When the granddaughter returned home and couldn't see the Samoyed, she naturally searched the whole room and asked her grandmother. She's gone, she'll never see her again, and her granddaughter burst into tears when she heard it. After the daughter-in-law found out, she asked Aunt Yang's relatives for contact information and wanted to get the dog back. Aunt Yang would not give it to her, and clamored for her not to have a dog if she didn't give birth to a grandson. When Aunt Yang's son saw this, he advised his wife not to care. , and also murdered the crying daughter, now, things are completely out of control. When the daughter-in-law proposed divorce, she was originally angry, and there was a possibility of recovery. However, Aunt Yang was still stubborn: "It's okay to leave, my son will marry another one who can have a son." In this way, the son's family of 4 has changed. He became a family, lost his wife and daughter, and when he saw the empty house, his son felt very broken, he got angry with his mother, and the whole person collapsed. Until now, Aunt Yang didn't understand where she was wrong. She thought that she just sent away a beast, and that her daughter-in-law was ignorant. If she had given birth to her grandson earlier, things would not have developed to this stage.

04. The elderly are immoral and like to force their own thoughts on their children and grandchildren, which is a disaster.

There is a saying on the Internet: A good relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not necessarily helpful for the maintenance of marriage; The old man is immoral and likes to force his own thoughts on his children and grandchildren, which is a disaster. When you are unreasonable and forcibly interfere in your children's lives, your children will have to choose between you and the other half. Once the child chooses you out of filial piety and disappoints the other half, the contradictions will deepen, and his marriage will not last long. When he lost his originally happy home and became unfortunate, he reacted and put the blame on you completely, complaining about you, and you will lose him too. Once the children choose the other half and stand on the other half's side, if you continue to mess around, it will be hard to escape the desolate evening scene. No matter how he chooses, in the end, it will affect the parent-child relationship between you. END. Topic of the day: Do you think Aunt Yang's daughter-in-law is making a fuss about getting divorced for a dog? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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