People who are middle-aged and immature, have the following characteristics

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People who are middle-aged and immature, have the following characteristics

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01, the frontispiece

is mature, maturity is a kind of charm. F. Allen once said: "It is easy to cook an egg, but it is difficult to make a person mature." A mature person is like a ray of spring breeze, which makes people feel comfortable and refreshing; a mature person is like a warm sun in winter , which makes people feel warm and comfortable. Mature from the bones, he can exude a taste of elegance. Being a person with a sense of proportion, knowing how to advance and retreat, often makes people tire of it for a long time. And a person, immature, can bring pain and disgust to people. A person who lives to middle age and is immature will have the following characteristics.

02. Vanity is very heavy, and people like to spend money

When people reach middle age, their life is full of pressure. A truly mature person knows how to plan ahead. No matter how much money you earn, you will always set aside a portion of your money and save it just to withstand the storms in your life in the future. And an immature person, in middle age, still likes to compare, has a heavy vanity, and always squanders his money. People live in different environments, receive different education, and earn different levels of work. If you love comparisons, you will undoubtedly add pain to yourself on the road of life. Because comparisons are never ending. Vanity is a bottomless pit. A person who does not know self-satisfaction can never be happy. A truly mature person knows how to be content, know how to live his life well, and be good at managing his own money.

03. Emotional instability, tantrums at will

Socrates once said: "When you are angry, keep your mouth shut, lest you increase your anger." A person's maturity can be seen from the way he handles his emotions. A truly mature person is always able to maintain a clear head, stable emotions, and make correct judgments in the face of anything. No matter who you are with, you can always stay calm. And an immature person, even in middle age, is easy to lose his temper because of a little thing. I am often anxious because of some small things, or when I get along with others, because of some dissatisfaction, I will go to war and lose my temper. Immature people are always controlled and controlled by their emotions. The truly mature people have already learned to control their emotions and learn to manage their emotions. The more emotionally stable a person is, the stronger and more mature his heart is. A person, truly mature, starts from learning to manage one's emotions.

04. Strong psychological dependence, unable to maintain self-independence

Goethe once said: "If anyone plays with life, he will achieve nothing; whoever does not dominate himself will always be A slave." Independence, divided into personality independence and economic independence. A person is mature, independent in personality, and financially independent. He has great control over his life and plans for the future very well. And an immature person, even in middle age, will depend on others to live. I don't know what I want, and I don't know what I can do. Without the ability to make money, unable to maintain self, financial independence. In life, they always consume others for granted and live as a burden on others. The more immature people are, the less they realize the importance of independence. They even felt that everyone around the parents had an obligation to take care of him and help him. A truly mature person has given up on dependence. In the polishing of the years, I constantly strengthen myself, constantly rely on my own ability to work hard in life, and create the life I want.

05. Get along with others and love to win or lose.

In life, we always need to deal with all kinds of people. Among them, there will inevitably be some conflicts and contradictions. A truly mature person always knows how to overcome toughness with softness and know how to advance and retreat when dealing with others. Will not blindly to win or lose, and lose their decency. An immature person, when dealing with others, likes to win or lose with others, and often loses his dignity in order to win. For a trivial matter, arguing with others is red-faced. Not only does it keep others from going down the stairs, but it also puts yourself in an embarrassing position. A truly mature person is always sensible when in conflict with others. Properly handle the relationship between each other, be good at overcoming rigidity with softness, and give respect to others. When a person becomes mature, he no longer lives for winning or losing.

06. Unable to do things without perseverance

On the road of life, some people, through their own efforts, make their lives decent and dazzling. And some people seem to be working hard, struggling for half their lives, but still nothing. The French writer Romain Rolland once said: "The most terrible enemy is not having strong beliefs." A truly mature person, who is calm and persevering, can do one thing well and do it to the extreme. While an immature person is running his own business or at work, he always presents the phenomenon of three days of fishing and two days of drying the net. People who do not have the perseverance to do things will easily give up. Immature people do not know how to cherish their opportunities, nor do they know how to invest in self-improvement. Instead, get used to living in a comfortable life. The more immature people are, the less ambitious they are, and the less they know how to work hard on their own.


Life is fair to everyone, how hard you work, how happy you can be. Everyone has the right to choose and control their own life. A truly mature person has a clear understanding of himself. In the face of their own shortcomings, they are willing to improve with humility, and in the face of their own shortcomings, they are willing to spend their minds on improving themselves. On the road of ups and downs in life, constantly strengthen yourself and improve yourself. And an immature person always consumes his youth and time on the road of life. If you don't work hard to run your business, you won't manage your life well. An immature person, he will definitely suffer in life. On the road of life, please be kind to yourself and improve yourself with your heart. When you meet a better self, you will live a more wonderful life. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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