The mother decides the lower limit of the child, and the father decides the upper limit of the child. Have you met the 4 criteria of a good father?

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The mother decides the lower limit of the child, and the father decides the upper limit of the child. Have you met the 4 criteria of a good father?

In the family, everyone always emphasizes the educational influence of the mother, while ignoring the role of the father. In fact, the mother determines the lower limit of the child, and the father determines the upper limit of the child's future life. For children, fathers can be 50 times more powerful than mothers in some ways. Therefore, fathers also have to shoulder the heavy burden of education and participate in childcare work with their wives, so as to create a warm and loving family atmosphere, which is more conducive to the growth of children. The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, and the pictures and texts have nothing to do with the relationship between

and the father, how much does it affect the child?

1. The father's influence on our social skills The study found that boys who were in contact with their fathers for at least 2 hours a day had better interpersonal relationships, and they were more It is easy to quickly integrate into the group and is welcomed by everyone. Why does the role of a father have such a large impact on a child's social skills? Experts believe that it is mostly related to the following reasons: fathers symbolize authority, rules, cooperation, etc., these characteristics are particularly important in interpersonal communication. Carl Gustav Jung, a famous Swiss psychologist, said: "The relationship between mother and son points to integration, which implies intimacy; while the relationship between father and son points to alienation, which implies rules. Maternal love belongs to warm colors, giving people a feeling of warmth and solidity. , and there is a natural connection between children and their mothers, so they will unconsciously want to get close to their mothers and draw energy from them. The mother-child relationship will naturally merge. The father's love is more like a cool tone, always exuding A chilling air of "don't approach strangers" makes people feel full of alienation. But it is this feeling that makes the children surrender to their father's majesty and dare not make mistakes at will. So we can It is found that children can learn from their fathers personality traits such as rules, competition, cooperation, and risk-taking, and these characteristics just affect children's interpersonal skills. If children and their fathers are close and get along well, they often learn from The father is more influenced. He speaks rules, knows how to cooperate, and dares to take risks, which has become a good quality in the children. With the attraction of these qualities, the children will gain more friends. 2. Father influences our future Parents are important candidates for children to learn role concepts and imitate role behaviors. They learn and imitate parents to understand what a man is and what a woman is, and then complete their own gender roles and heterosexual roles. Among them, for boys, the image of the father is particularly important, because from the father, the child will learn what is masculine, how men and women should get along, and how to be a good father, with his children. Get along well. During this learning process, boys often regard their father as their future, and they want to be like their father in the future, grow up to be a man in the sky, and make contributions to society and the family. Therefore, we It is said that fathers affect children's views on marriage and parent-children. Studies have found that children who lack fatherly love are prone to different degrees of emotional disorders. For example, anxiety, low self-esteem, inability to deal with intimate relationships, etc., some children may even be accompanied by aggression This will cause them to not know how to get along with their partners and children after they get married and have children in the future, and will hurt their family members intentionally or unintentionally. Children who are close to their fathers are often more determined in their hearts, and they will learn from their fathers. The good qualities in one's body make the family more harmonious. To sum up, a person who has a good personality, is popular, and can take good care of all family members will naturally make great achievements in the future, especially boys.< h1 class="pgc-h-arrow-right" data-track="24">A good father must possess the following qualities Of course, the above premise is based on the fact that the father himself is good enough and has good Since you have such a wide range of influence on your children, if you want to educate your children well, you have to start from yourself and make yourself good first. People's Daily has published several standards for good fathers, let's take a look See if you meet the standard Fathers know how to communicate with their children on an equal footing. They will not criticize their children in a high-ranking manner, and they will not give their children a sense of oppression. Instead, they choose to squat down and talk to their children. Put the child on an equal position, know how to think in a different position, and empathize with the child, so as to win the respect of the other party. 2. Will accompany the children to play together, let go of the father's shelf, and concentrate on taking time to play with the children, even if it is a simple little thing, it will help to enhance the parent-child relationship and make the children more creative. 3. Be considerate and patient enough. A father who can only roar can't play a very good educational meaning at all except to let the children follow the irritability. However, a considerate father often patiently explains and guides his children when educating them, and tells them what to do from a male perspective and an adult's thinking mode, which can often help children grow up better. 4. Know how to respect women, love wives and fathers' attitudes towards women will greatly affect children's views of women. Therefore, I hope all fathers can know how to respect women, respect gender equality, take good care of their wives, and live in harmony with each other to create a loving family for their children. Children who are nurtured by love from an early age are more likely to gain satisfaction and happiness in the future. [Today's topic] How many of the above good father standards have you achieved?
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