How are older leftover women "leftover"? Detailed analysis, the fault is on the woman

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How are older leftover women "leftover"? Detailed analysis, the fault is on the woman

Introduction: There are obviously many single men, why can't the women who hate to marry get married until they become old and leftover women? The reason is the woman herself. There is a saying on the Internet: A low-quality marriage is not as good as a high-quality single. So many women would rather be single than get married. In this era of freedom of marriage and love, women no longer regard marriage as the necessities of life, and just want to live a free and happy life, which is not wrong in itself, because whether or not to get married in this life is everyone's choice. right. However, there are still some women who are clearly looking forward to marriage, but have been single all the time. In the end, they are anxious about being single, and at the same time make themselves old and leftover women. Looking at the older leftover women in life, they are independent and strong, but they are becoming more and more humble in terms of marriage and love. Because they are older, their advantages in mate selection are reduced, so year after year, they waited for the best person to appear. Wait, wait, and make yourself older. Are these women really unloved? In fact, otherwise, the reason why they can't marry is still their own.

1. Like to squander young capital.

Young is always a woman's best confidence, but it is also the most helpless point. Everyone has a brilliant age, but no one can keep that vibrant youth. But some women don't realize that when they are young, they always think that they are attractive, so they are so ambitious and squander their ordinary happiness. Even if there is a suitable candidate, I always think that I can find a better one. When the youth passed away, and after boiling myself into an old leftover girl, I regretted it too much. Jia Pingwa has a novel called "Sit for a Time". Many women in this book relied on their youth and beauty, and they were profligate in their feelings. Some women even wanted to use their young capital to marry a rich man to live a life of comfort and food. It is a pity that these women underestimate the conditions of marriage, the young capital will pass over time, and no man is willing to raise a useless empty vase. Marriage is an ordinary life-oriented life based on mutual love, and it is not an opportunity for a woman to use her youth to change her destiny. Women who yearn for marriage should yearn for a pure relationship, take their relationship seriously at the age of love, and don't miss the only soul that fits. A woman's happiness is given by herself, wasting time will eventually harm herself. Therefore, youth is the capital of a girl, but not a reason to waste time. A woman's youth is only a few years. In the most beautiful years, it is a very meaningful thing to seriously fall in love, get married, and plan your life; you must not waste a good time just because you have young capital.

2. Without self-knowledge, wantonly squandering love.

In the film "Tokyo Women's Guide", there is a girl named Aya. Ling has a boyfriend who loves her very much. The two have similar views and similar interests. They live harmoniously and match each other together. But Ling disliked her boyfriend's poverty and worried that she would not be able to be happy after marriage, so she chose to break up. After the breakup, Ling went into and out of high-end places, trying to hang a golden tortoise-in-law to satisfy her drunken life after marriage. But these rich men are only willing to fall in love with her, but not to marry. At this time, Aya understood that rich men would not choose a partner who did not match her, so she took the time to improve herself. But when she felt that she was excellent, when she went to find a marriage partner, she found that she had passed the best age, and there were very few high-quality men to choose from. After thinking about it, Ling still felt that the original boyfriend was the most suitable for marriage, but she missed it. There are many girls like Aya in life. They don't cherish when they get precious love, and they regret it after losing them. When choosing a marriage partner, what you choose is a kind of life, not having money is the best, the important thing is to get along comfortably, to respect each other, and the most important thing is to have self-knowledge. When you are loved, you must know how to cherish love and cherish what you have, so that you can successfully marry love and have happiness. If you squander love blindly and play with those who love you, you will end up losing more than you gain. Every woman will meet her unique soul, the premise is that she must learn to cherish and have self-knowledge. This self-knowledge is to know what is most suitable for you, rather than blindly pursuing a lover who does not match your own, or delusionally trying to change your life through marriage. A woman who has self-knowledge, knows how to choose a woman who suits her and cherishes love is a smart woman.

3. Use marriage as a bargaining chip for happiness.

Modern people's requirements for the quality of marriage are constantly improving, and everyone has a special expectation for marriage. It is necessary to ensure both spiritual fit and material protection. This expectation has evolved into To add happiness chips to marriage. The common thinking of many older leftover women is: If marriage will reduce the quality of life now, then why should I marry? As everyone knows, marriage is a family created by two people together, and there will be rewards only if you pay. In a sense, marriage is a cooperation, and both parties need to show sincerity and pay to get what they want. If you blindly define the rules of marriage with the chic state of being single, you can only go further and further on the road of leftover women. Therefore, marriage is to choose a way of life, and women who yearn for marriage must not list too strict mate selection criteria. Both parties pay a little and tolerate a little, in order to achieve the ideal state of a happy marriage. But in life, many women always confuse love and marriage, thinking that marrying a wealthy person can lead to a happy life, and that unfortunate marriage is the fault of the other party. As everyone knows, love and marriage are two different things. We cannot define the day of marriage by the romance of love, nor can we choose love by choreography. Since you have expectations for marriage and are thinking of finding a good person to manage your married life, don’t use various rules and regulations to limit the possibility of happiness, and don’t base the premise of happiness on unequal requirements. Marriage is a beautiful event that presupposes love, starts from love, and waits for the rest of your life. Why use your own narrow thinking to block the possibility of finding true love? Finally, remind older women who want to get married: don't squander young capital, don't squander the love you have, and don't use marriage as a springboard; because marriage is a way of life, it needs to be taken seriously, but it cannot be standardized. Age is just an attitude. Since you are old, you must not get married because of your age. You know, there is no age to marry, only love to marry. At any time, having the ability to make oneself happy will not be defined by the world.
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