When people reach middle age, they must learn to keep a low profile in these matters, so that they can achieve long-term success

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When people reach middle age, they must learn to keep a low profile in these matters, so that they can achieve long-term success

01 After reading "Knowing or Not", I admire Sheng Hong's philosophy of life. A large part of the reason why the Sheng family can prosper is closely related to Sheng Hong's low-key way of doing things. Of course, Sheng Hong's ability to do this was also taught by Mrs. Sheng. There is a sentence in the original book of "Knowledge": "Sheng Hong requires the whole government to keep a low profile and low-key, and never go out to show off. Minglan understands what Sheng Hong means, as if someone who won the 100 million jackpot would move and run away overnight. , the more the limelight is, the more you have to hold your tail up and be a man." How Sheng Hong behaves in the world, even if there is a big happy event in the family, he still has a sad face, and occasionally sighs, saying that his family's happy event is not worth mentioning , the people of the whole country are really good. Remember how he reprimanded Minglan when she returned home? He explained that Lan went back to her parents' home and put on a stinky air. At first, I also felt that Sheng Hong was too partial. Ming Lan finally got married, and she could be beautiful when she returned to her mother's house. Why can't she put on airs? But I only later understood Sheng Hong's good intentions, Minglan really shouldn't put on airs when she returns to her parents' home, what is the comparison with her own brothers and sisters, who should put on airs for anyone to see. Besides, Sheng Hong has always been accustomed to acting in a low-key manner, and he also hopes that his children will be like himself. In his opinion, it is always right to act in a low-key manner, and people should not be too pushy. Why the Sheng family can get better and better is still a long term, in the final analysis, it is inseparable from Sheng Hong's very low-key behavior. When people are middle-aged, they may have reached a very stable age for many people, but have you noticed that most of the middle-aged people around you are very low-key, and everyone is not as flamboyant as when they were young, because the more More and more people know that it is good to act low-key, but too high-profile may not be able to go a long way. There is a person in our readership who often posts his income, and his income is indeed quite high, tens of thousands a month. At the beginning, everyone would wonder what kind of job he did, how he was so powerful, and how he had such a high income. But every time you want to ask more, he doesn't say anything. Over time, everyone is not curious about him, and they are particularly disgusted with his income. He is a post-95, and he has a good income at a young age, so his behavior will naturally be more high-profile; but to be honest, there is a sentence that is particularly correct, "make a fortune in silence, but don't reveal your wealth", income is really nothing to be exposed to. Yes, as long as you earn as much as you can, you just need to know it. If it is necessary to tell everyone and others, it may not be a good thing for you to post it in a high-profile manner. 02 When people reach middle age, they must learn to keep a low profile in the following matters, so as to achieve long-term success:

First: No wealth is exposed, nothing So dazzling

You will find that most of the really rich middle-aged people don't show off their wealth, and they are generally young and young. In addition, there are also middle-aged people who are very arrogant to show off their wealth, but once they do that, hard times will come. Remember Chongqing Porsche sister? That particularly arrogant middle-aged aunt, who drives a Porsche and feels that she is extraordinary, quarrels with people and slaps others while driving on the road. What's next? It attracted her husband to be investigated. If she behaved in a low-key manner, she would not have caused so much trouble for herself. I have a friend who we have known for many years. I remember six or seven years ago when everyone was still relatively young, in her twenties. At that time, she had a relatively good income and made some money. After making money, she was very happy. She likes to buy luxury goods. She often posts luxury bags from her husband in the circle of friends, each of which is worth tens of thousands. In addition, she often advertises the goods she buys late at night, which can cost tens of thousands, and a pajama costs thousands of yuan. Every time I see it, I am amazed and I will comment on her: How can you be so powerful, it is simply too enviable. But no one will be able to make money all the time. A few days ago, we talked about the circle of friends she posted before. She said that she regretted spending so much money in the past few years. I asked her why? She said, I'm not the kind of rich family, but I made a lot of money during that time, and I didn't know what happened, so I felt that since I made money, I must post it. I also bought a house, but it turned out to be an apartment. When I wanted to change to a commercial house this year, I found that I didn’t have that much savings. I really regret it. I spent all my money in the first place. The pressure will not be so great. "When I was young, I always felt that since I can afford luxury goods, I have to reward myself. I only know now that it depends on whether you have your own hardware. What's the use of driving a good car? Who cares? In the end, I didn't even have a decent commercial house, only an apartment." She said that I quite agree, but this is also the price to be paid for being young. Young people like to show off their wealth in a high-profile way, and they will be a little vanity. This is also normal, but when you reach middle age, you really can't do this anymore.

Second: Most of the high-profile show of affection in the circle of friends are young people

I wonder if you have noticed that the high-profile show of love in the circle of friends Most of them are young people. When I first fell in love in my twenties, I still liked showing affection; but when I turned 30, I stopped showing affection. It was not that the relationship between the two was bad, but that there was nothing good. showy. In fact, life is yours, you can live comfortably and steadily, and there is no need to post it. What's the point of showing others how happy you are? If they give you a like, comment, or envy you, is your life really happy? Happiness is a feeling, real happiness does not need to be exposed, just live your own little life well. I saw a question on Zhihu: After a woman divorced her husband, she often saw her husband show affection with the current one in the circle of friends. Does the third party have to bask in the sun? What is the psychology? Don't you have any shame? My reply to her was: Why should you care about others showing affection? It is a childish thing to show affection in middle age. The circle of friends who show affection is not necessarily posted by him. It is very likely that the incumbent forced him to post it. The purpose of it is to justify his own name. You don't need to care so much, because true love doesn't need to be shown. When you are middle-aged, you will become very low-key, and don't ask why the other half doesn't show affection? In fact, there is no need to show it, the family is living a good life, why show everything for everyone to know? This is not necessary.

Third: Don't compare, don't be arrogant, and behave in a low-key manner

Some people think that they are very special if they have money, and they look down on them This, look down on that, if so, you are the most pitiful person, and the wealth you have will not last long. Don't be too arrogant, don't blindly compare, don't feel that you have a little wealth and you are invincible, you must maintain a humble heart, respect everyone, and behave in a low-key manner, so that you can go a long way. Sheng Hong in "Do You Know" is a very smart person. Although he doesn't have any special talents, he will be a human being and keep a low profile, which is always good for himself. 03 Middle-aged people still have to live a more restrained life, avoid extravagance and rashness, and act in a low-key manner, in order to get better. When you are middle-aged, even if you have everything, you have to understand how easy it is to get everything you have. Don't do it, let alone feel that you are special. You should be more grateful to your family members and appreciate the company of those around you. Not only should you be low-key, but you must also teach your family to be low-key. Too high-profile can easily cause trouble for you. I have a friend who moved to a new house not long ago, but he is also very low-key. I asked him at the time, you finally bought a house of four or five million yuan, why don't you post it in the circle of friends? He said, what's there to post, in fact, it's not easy for everyone to live this year, who are you embarrassing for when you post it? Not necessary. I bought a house for four or five million, but I also have a lot of mortgages. I have to pay more than 10,000 a month. The life of a middle-aged person is very difficult. Unless you are a rich second-generation, it is very difficult. There is nothing to show, who should I show it to? As a middle-aged person, most of them have a very difficult life, and each has its own difficulties. It is always good to be low-key. You don't have to act in a high profile to make everyone around you envy you, and those envious eyes can't make you feel that you are very successful. The real long-term is your own, being restrained and low-key is always good for you. Today's topic: Will you still show off your wealth in a high-profile way? Welcome to leave a message. - END - ★ Author: YIBAO; emotional original author, writing warm emotional things in this world.
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