While disgusting my sister-in-law, I also want both children and children, and some married daughters are too double standard

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While disgusting my sister-in-law, I also want both children and children, and some married daughters are too double standard

Wen|Wener Why do many people pursue both children and children? Do you all want the two children to be companions, to love each other since childhood, and to support each other when they grow up? A hundred years after the parents, the child still has a sibling in the world. However, some women in life, especially married women, despise their sister-in-law, and feel that they are still eating and using ready-made products at their in-laws' house, encroaching on their own interests. At the same time, he brazenly boasted how good his children are, and wanted his children to love each other forever. Some women are just that double standard. While disgusting my sister-in-law, I also want both children and children, and some married daughters are too double-standard.

My mother's family prefers sons to daughters. I am not loved in my mother's house. I hope my husband's family also values ​​sons and daughters.

I think the reason why there are such pairs Most of the target women are in their parents' home, their parents are more patriarchal and partial, and they don't get much love and care. Indoctrinated by her parents for a long time, the water poured out by her married daughter. At the same time, under the influence of such a family environment, they feel that it is normal for girls to receive such treatment. When they get married and marry into the family of their in-laws, they feel that the family of the in-laws should also prioritize sons over daughters, and give all resources and benefits to their sons. As a daughter-in-law, if they marry into this family, every piece of the family is hers, and the money of the in-laws should be my own. If they see that their in-laws treat their daughters well, they will be very unbalanced, angry, and their hearts will be distorted. A friend has not dared to go home since her ex-sister-in-law came in, but she was still in school because her sister-in-law disliked her spending money, and said that it was useless for girls to go to college, and it was the right thing to marry early. The key is that my friend's parents can earn money very well, and it is no problem to raise their own daughter. Since my brother married a daughter-in-law, my friend has not spent a penny on my brother. My friend's brother can also earn money, but all the wages are taken by his sister-in-law. Later, my friend was able to earn money after graduation. She was unhappy as long as she didn't buy a gift for her sister-in-law when she went back to her parents' house, and her sister-in-law, whose friend took some food from her parents' house, was even more unhappy. Later, my friend's brother found out that his wife secretly subsidized the money to her parents' family, so she couldn't bear it anymore and filed for divorce. I feel that my friend's ex-sister-in-law is not valued in her parents' family, and she is used to being PUA by her parents who prefer sons to girls, but I hope that all girls are like her, not taking advantage of their parents' family, but can only subsidize their parents' family indefinitely. Even if such a woman has both children and children, she is still the same as patriarchal, and will interpret the water poured out by her married daughter to the fullest.

Many elders are like enemies between their siblings, but they always feel that their children can be brothers and sisters.

Not only women Such double standards, many people in life have such double standards. For example, many elders are like enemies with their brothers and sisters. They care about each other, do not want to suffer a little loss, and want to take advantage of everything, causing the feelings between brothers and sisters to fall apart. However, it continues to give birth to young people, saying that multiple children and multiple companions will make brothers and sisters more reliable than others in the future. I think such people are hypocritical and double-standard, and the children they raise are definitely not arrogant. It is important to know that parental role models are powerful. [Topic discussion: Is there such a woman around you? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological counselor, author of original parenting comics, welcome to pay attention to [Little Wife], you can find the answers to family education, mental health, child development, and fashion education you want to know.
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