People who really live well: "Heartless"

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People who really live well: "Heartless"

Text/Xia Mo

01. Frontispiece

Hayao Miyazaki said in "Spirited Away": "Life is a series On the train to the grave, there will be many stops along the way, and it is difficult for someone to accompany you from beginning to end. When the person accompanying you wants to get off the train, even if you are reluctant, you should be grateful and wave goodbye.” One person , After half a lifetime, he has accumulated a lot of wealth, knowledge, experience and emotion. Although you get a lot of things, it also adds a sense of burden to your life. When people reach middle age, some past events are still vivid in their minds, and there will always be some people who are reluctant to let go. When people reach middle age, they are under a lot of pressure. If they are reluctant to throw away anything, then they will become more and more tired. No matter what the situation is, everyone always has to run forward. No matter how much regret and unwillingness you have in your heart, you must eventually learn to let go and let go ruthlessly. People who really live easily and happily have often learned to be "ruthless" and to look forward. When a person is middle-aged, a person is "ruthless" in three aspects, and most of them are not simple.

02. Let go of the past ruthlessly

Life is like a water glass. Only by emptying the water glass can you get more choices. , in order to install new things. Life is a one-way street. After walking through it, it is a choice to look down on the past. Sheng Minglan in "Knowing or Not", when he was young, he and Qi Heng read together and had a relationship. However, Sheng Minglan saw that Qi Heng was not a decisive and straightforward person and could not give her true happiness. So, she cut off the relationship ruthlessly and chose to marry Gu Tingye. Since then, he has been wholeheartedly good to Gu Tingye. When Qi Heng was still thinking of his old relationship with her, the sentence "Now you should call him an uncle and aunt" cut off all Qi Heng's thoughts. She knows how much entanglement is useless, it is better to make things clear, write off the front edge, and the future will be better. The past has become the past and cannot be changed. Please learn to let go ruthlessly. If you don't let go of the big stone in your heart, you will always live in the past, you will lose many opportunities and miss many possibilities in life. When we clean up our hearts, we will be able to run a new life without distractions.

03. Relentless severing of ineffective social relationships

The book "Please Stop Ineffective Socialization" states: "When your abilities, resources, and status are matched If you don’t match your social ambitions, what you do is just ineffective socializing.” People who are middle-aged and not simple have requirements for choosing friends. Gu Jia in "Thirty Only" tried her best to break into the circle of rich wives. She wanted to use this shortcut to get herself more resources and more wealth. However, after getting a little bonus, it was discovered that Mrs. Fu had set up an elaborate scam that changed her fate. She knows that real performance can only be achieved by being down-to-earth. If, on the road of life, you just play smart, you can't really stabilize your career. What is Ineffective Socialization? It seems that you are very popular and have many friends, but when you really need help, they may not stop for you. Invalid social interaction, please cut off mercilessly. Instead of trying to please others, it is better to enhance your own strength and use your ability to attract more people to cooperate. Only when you become powerful, valuable and knowledgeable can you be irreplaceable by others and truly achieve your goals. Before that, making more friends doesn't make much sense.

04. Be ruthless to yourself and force yourself to grow

A person who is ruthless to himself will live a self-disciplined life. Dong Mingzhu said: "Be ruthless with yourself and force yourself to work hard. In five years, you will thank yourself for being ruthless today and hate yourself for being lazy and inferior yesterday." The road of life is very long, and it seems that there are many different choices. , each embarking on a different path, in fact, there is one thing in common, that is, we must force ourselves to grow. Only by growing can we stand up to more tests and stand firm in the storm. Learn to enjoy loneliness, work hard alone, put some pressure on yourself, and keep accomplishing those small goals of the day. At the same time, stay disciplined and learn. When the accumulation time is long enough, the bottleneck can be broken. The more self-disciplined a person is, the higher the utilization of time will be. People who know how to cherish time and know how to grow will not live too badly. When we don't make excuses for our laziness, we will live better and better. The road in life is difficult, and the best way is to force ourselves to grow. When our primary goal is determined, we can focus on it and become a truly powerful person.

05. Summary

When people are middle-aged, people who are not simple tend to think on the road of life, looking for their own pursuits and their true self. friends, working hard towards the future. On the road of life, please manage your life well, and learn to ruthlessly "break up" your life. When people reach middle age, stress is not necessarily a bad thing. Although it makes us feel a little tired, the pressure reminds us to change the current predicament through our own efforts. Learn to say goodbye to the past, learn to ruthlessly stay away from ineffective social relationships, and learn to ruthlessly force yourself to grow, in order to make yourself stronger. Only by working hard and making certain breakthroughs on the road of life and making oneself irreplaceable can more opportunities be approached. On the road of life, cultivate your own thinking and action, improve the quality of your soul, and let yourself have a higher-level pattern and thinking. Let yourself become a better person and have a more brilliant life. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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