The indoor temperature is 38. The college student turned on the air conditioner but was scolded by his roommate for "kicking the bed". The reason is speechless

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The indoor temperature is 38. The college student turned on the air conditioner but was scolded by his roommate for "kicking the bed". The reason is speechless

The dormitory relationship is the key factor that affects the quality of life during college. After going to college, the biggest headache for college students is not the sudden departure from home, nor the strict rules, but the dormitory relationship with roommates. Because college roommates will accompany you for four years in college, the relationship between them is good or bad, which will affect your mood and affect your social interaction.

Indoor temperature is 38, college students turn on the air conditioner, but their roommates "kick the bed" and scold them

We see such a situation on the Internet Then farce: In a freshman dormitory, everyone had a conflict because of the air conditioning problem, and their relationship with each other was extremely declining, as if it had reached a state of imminent triggering. This is what happened. After the morning class was over, all the roommates went back to the dormitory for a lunch break. On the one hand, because there were still a lot of classes to take in the afternoon, the lunch break could make them energized. On the other hand, it is because the weather is so hot that no matter what you do, you will sweat profusely in an instant. It is better to sleep better. After all, when you fall asleep, you can't feel how hot it is outside. But we all know that if the ambient temperature is too high, it will directly affect our sleep, and even if we have fallen asleep, we will be woken up by heat. Therefore, in this bedroom, a girl who was not very hot was woken up by the heat. After waking up, an idea ignited in her heart, that is to turn on the air conditioner. When I thought of turning on the air conditioner, I had to consider the feelings of other roommates, so I asked the roommate who was not asleep at the time. After a few discussions, a consensus was reached, and the air conditioner was turned on immediately. Just after the indoor temperature had just dropped, a girl who lived in the upper bunk and had not been asked for advice suddenly woke up, stretched out her hand and felt the air-conditioning wind in the air, and asked: Who is running the air-conditioning? After learning that his bottom bunk was opened, he immediately vented his dissatisfaction and beat his own bed board so that the noise could be clearly heard by the bottom bunk. Facing the behavior of the upper bunk, the college student was very speechless. Couldn't she feel the heat in the room? Does she not turn on the air conditioner in normal summer? Is she worried about the electricity bill?

The reason is speechless

Because all the roommates in the room at the time didn't understand why she was so angry, so everyone did not discourage or comfort her. I don't know if it was because of embarrassment or what, the girl slammed out the door by herself. Walking into the corridor, the girl picked up the phone and complained to her mother, complaining about her roommate's behavior of turning on the air conditioner during the nap, saying that the air conditioner port was facing her, and sleeping with the air conditioner turned on, didn't she have an opinion on herself and wanted her to sleep well Facial paralysis? He even thought of other roommates as more filthy and selfish, which was extremely extreme. The roommates in the house heard her complaints and knew the real reason for her anger. Even so, I felt speechless.

It is not uncommon for college roommates to have conflicts.

Growing up in different environments, they have different temperaments and temperaments. Today, most college students are only children, and very few It is a child of a multiple-child family, so that each child is the little princess and little prince of the family in the process of growing up. The temper is also great. They have been the group pets of the family since childhood. Basically, they are not very good at empathy. Perhaps because they do not have this awareness, they can always accept other people's goodness to them with peace of mind. Perhaps they are arrogant and arrogant, and even if they know that such behavior will benefit their social relationships, they are too lazy to maintain it. When a number of college students with distinct personalities meet, it will be strange that there is no conflict! No one wants to be the one who suffers because they have been arrogant since childhood, so when they have conflicts with others, they are not willing to be the one who takes the initiative to suffer. You must fight for yourself. In this way, they are tit for tat without concessions, how can they easily resolve the contradiction? It will only make the situation worse and trickier. And college students themselves don't care about the deterioration of the relationship at all, because they don't regard roommates as their friends, they are just classmates who are forced to be together.

Today's summary:

If you live in this dormitory and your roommates have such a conflict, how would you deal with it? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!
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