The 4 children left me here, and I took them twice a week. The summer vacation was not over yet, and my wife ran away.

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The 4 children left me here, and I took them twice a week. The summer vacation was not over yet, and my wife ran away.

There is a line in the movie "The Greatest Father in the World": "I used to think that the worst thing in the world is to die alone, but it's not. The worst thing is to die with those who make you feel lonely." human nature. When we are young, because work takes up most of our time, it makes people feel extremely tired, and I really want to have a place to relax, to have a little alone time, so that we can relax and do something we like to do. However, when you are old, you no longer work, and the time is yours, but you will feel lonely and don’t like being alone, just because you are used to the lively and lonely feeling. In our later years, the people we most want to accompany us are our family members, such as children, grandchildren and wife. However, we are also very clear that our children and grandchildren are just like us at the beginning, in the middle-aged period of the old and the young, facing the heavy burden of supporting the family, and it is impossible to accompany their parents. If the wife is still there and the two depend on each other for life, it is not bad, but if the wife is gone and living alone, not everyone can bear it. Therefore, in order to make life more comfortable in old age, many single elderly people choose to find another wife and live together with them. Choosing a spouse is a personal right, as long as it is legal, no matter how old you are. However, in the same way, since you have chosen to remarry and find a wife, you should also manage your marriage well. Samuel once said: "The success of a marriage depends on two people, and one person can make it fail." Most older marriages are based on interests, and at this age, love is no longer a necessity . You ask for something from your other half, no problem, no one will be punished for himself, but he also asks of you. If you can't meet his needs and just want to take advantage, unless the other party is stupid, he will inevitably resist, and your marriage will not last long. "I lost my 4 children, and I took them twice a week. My wife ran away before the summer vacation was over. Seeing that I was living like a bad old man again, my sons and daughters ignored me. Hey, what a sin!" After receiving the certificate, Mr. Lin wanted to recover by not agreeing to the divorce, but his wife, Aunt Ge, was determined not to continue living with him.

01. My wife passed away, my daughter-in-law would not let me continue living, and my son-in-law would not accept my past, so I had to live alone;

Mr. Lin is 57 years old this year and has not yet retired. He currently lives in a second-tier city. He and his wife have a pair of children, both of whom have settled down in the local area. Nine years ago, Mr. Lin's son was planning to get married and needed to buy a house. Since the woman demanded the full amount to buy the house and did not want to bear the pressure of repaying the loan, Mr. Lin and his wife had no choice but to sell their house and take out all their savings to give to their son. They bought a house with their daughter-in-law, and the old couple lived with their son and daughter-in-law, helping them with housework and taking care of their children. However, 3 years ago, Mr. Lin's wife passed away due to illness, and his daughter-in-law disliked Mr. Lin for being sloppy, useless, doing a lot of things, crying and making trouble, and even threatening to divorce and asking Mr. Lin to move out. Seeing this, his son also asked Mr. Lin to consider it for him. In desperation, Mr. Lin had to move out. For a long time, Mr. Lin was accompanied by his wife, and he never lived alone. At the beginning, Mr. Lin had no idea of ​​living alone, so he found his daughter and wanted to live with his daughter, but was rejected by his daughter and son-in-law. "My daughter said that the house was bought by her parents-in-law. We didn't help much. My parents-in-law didn't live at home. How could I be embarrassed to live? My son-in-law was even more unhappy. I had no choice but to leave." Since the house was sold , Mr. Lin had nowhere to go, so he had to rent a house in a neighborhood near the company and live alone.

02. When looking for a wife, my children fully supported me. At first I thought they were for my own good, but I didn't know their purpose until now;< /h1> "The days of living alone are really uncomfortable. Every day I go to work, I want to rely on the bed, but I don't remember. I used to be urged by my wife many times. I got paid, and I was scolded." Back in the rental house, facing the cold stove, dirty floor, and empty house, Mr. Lin's mood has been very depressed, and his work condition has become much worse. When several colleagues saw this, they gave Mr. Lin an idea, asking Mr. Lin to find another wife. There was someone who knew the cold and the hot, and someone introduced Mr. Lin, which made Mr. Lin's heart move. "I think so too, I can't spend the rest of my life alone! I was worried that my children would object, so I asked them for their opinions. What I didn't expect was that not only did my children not object, but they said the idea was good, and urged me to hurry up. Finally, Mr. Lin and Aunt Ge came together. Aunt Ge is one year younger than Mr. Lin and has only one daughter. She has already married to another province and lives alone. After Mr. Lin got to know Aunt Ge, he was very satisfied with Aunt Ge who was diligent and capable. He thought that Aunt Ge was very similar to his ex-wife. Aunt Ge, who lives in a human life, promises to be Mr. Lin's wife. "Her daughter is the opposite of my children, she desperately opposes us being together. Seeing that her mother doesn't listen, she asks her not to get a certificate and only live with me. What does it look like if you don't get a certificate? Is that still a husband and wife? My sons and daughters also suggested that we have to get a certificate. In the end, she agreed. At first, I thought they were doing it for my own good, but I didn't know their purpose until now. Nanny."

03. It's not that I don't want to protect her, but that I'm afraid of offending my children, and no one will give me the aged care. What should I do?

It didn't take long for Mr. Lin and Aunt Ge to get their certificates, and the summer vacation was coming. Therefore, Mr. Lin's children quickly took up Aunt Ge's idea and sent the children over one after another, asking Mr. Lin to take care of them. "Dad, our husband and wife need to go to work and can't take care of the children. You know how mischievous your grandchildren are. If you leave them at home, they will have to do something wrong, so I can only trouble you." "Dad, my in-laws have both At work, I can't take care of the children for us, so I can only trouble you. I'm also your biological son, you can't just leave me alone with my brother, otherwise, don't look for me in the future." In desperation, Mr. Lin had no choice but to leave four children. Take care of it. There are four more children in the family, and there is a lot of quarrels all day long, which is enough for Aunt Ge to endure. What's more, Mr. Lin's children come at least twice a week under the pretense of watching over the children. After they come, they not only wait to eat, but when they leave, they also take away a lot of the food that Aunt Ge paid for. and fruit. Aunt Ge protested to Mr. Lin, hoping that Mr. Lin would take care of the children, but Mr. Lin kept pretending to be deaf and dumb: "I also know that what they are doing is not authentic, but I can't say it! If they get angry, they have nothing to do with me. I have an opinion, who can I rely on when I get old?" In the end, Aunt Ge couldn't bear it anymore and decided to leave Mr. Lin. Although Mr. Lin was not happy and apologized repeatedly, Aunt Ge still went to her daughter's place. Now, Mr. Lin has received a warning from Aunt Ge's daughter and son-in-law to immediately agree to divorce.

04. Only know the children who take advantage of their parents and never be filial, no matter how nice you are to them, you will not be able to trust them when you get old.

There is such a sentence in the movie "Blacklist": "Why do others dare to do bad things to you, because you make people feel that doing bad things to you can be done without paying any price." The reason why children dare to continue They ask you to take your property, ask you to do this or that, and when you are useless, they ask you to leave on the grounds that you want to think about them, and they don't want to continue to treat you kindly because they know that you love you They can't bear to do anything to them. However, the more you give to ungrateful children, the more they take it for granted, and the more they will squeeze your residual value. When you get old, they will dislike you more, and you can't count on them at all. When your children make unreasonable demands on you, you must learn to refuse and protect your own interests. Otherwise, when you have nothing on you, once they are ungrateful and unfilial, your old age will be completely lost. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for Mr. Lin? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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