Smart parents will not let their daughters marry into 3 kinds of families, both for their daughters and themselves

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Smart parents will not let their daughters marry into 3 kinds of families, both for their daughters and themselves

Recently, Xiao Liu (pseudonym) encountered a trouble, that is, her marriage was opposed by her parents. "I took my boyfriend to see my parents, and my parents had a good impression of him and agreed with me to see his parents. I met his parents, and his parents liked me very much. Originally, it was approved by each other's parents. Good thing, we can talk about marriage. However, not long ago, my mother went to his hometown and immediately changed her attitude when she came back. Don't want my daughter." The reason why Xiao Liu's mother changed her attitude and opposed this marriage was not because Xiao Liu's boyfriend had a problem, but because Xiao Liu's boyfriend's father had a problem. It turned out that the mother learned through inquiries that Xiao Liu's boyfriend's father has been unfaithful to his relationship for more than 30 years after marriage. He has several confidantes outside, and everyone knows it. What made my mother even more angry was that, in the face of her husband's infidelity, Xiao Liu's boyfriend's mother not only did not resist, but became accustomed to it. When chatting with other people, she said many times, "Men, why don't you look outside?" ? It's normal. As long as he gets the money back on time to support me and my son, I'm too lazy to care about him". "First, the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. With such a father who is unfaithful to his relationship, he might be affected, and he will feel that it is normal for him to be irresponsible in his relationship. It is no big deal. After marriage, it may also be I'm sorry for you. Second, there are problems with his mother. You feel normal in the face of her husband's betrayal. Wouldn't it be even more normal if his son did such a thing? You still expect his mother to be on your side at that time? "After listening to her mother's words, Xiao Liu felt that it was very reasonable, but after hearing her boyfriend's repeated assurances that he would never be sorry for her, Xiao Liu softened his heart again, and felt that he could not deny his children just because of their parents' fault. How is it good. In my opinion, what Xiao Liu's mother said is very reasonable. The promise of her boyfriend is really unbelievable. Who knows if he made a random promise to marry Xiao Liu? Who knows if he will really implement it for the rest of his life and never do things that are sorry for Xiao Liu? Annie Baby said: "Don't challenge human nature easily. Human nature can't stand the test at all. What it needs is protection and cover. If you go straight in, you will be full of flaws." Girl, don't challenge human nature easily, you can't challenge it, let alone Take marriage to bet on human nature. Once you lose the bet, you will cheat yourself and your parents. Smart parents will not let their daughters marry into three kinds of families, both for their daughters and themselves. After all, as a parent, if your beloved daughter marries the wrong person and lives in hell after marriage, living a very miserable life, you will feel very miserable when you see it, and you will even blame yourself for not checking and stopping her.

First, people with bad family style are easy to get up and down. Besides, in-laws with bad character are also intolerable.

The book "The Cultivation of Chinese People" wrote: "The family is the school at the beginning of life. The character of a lifetime, the so-called invariable invariance, is probably the embryo of the family." Near Zhu Zhechi Those who are close to the ink are dark, and the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. If the family style is not good, it is difficult for children to get out of the mud and not get dirty. After all, he lives in such an environment, and he has been influenced by his parents' living habits since childhood. and style, the parents instilled such three views, the trust of the children in the parents is almost blind, it is impossible to distinguish, and it is difficult to shake. Therefore, when choosing a mate, you must look at the other party's original family, rather than relying on his commitment to determine your own lifelong events. Not to mention whether his promise is credible, even if it is credible, can you guarantee that it will be credible for the rest of your life? Besides, when you marry him, his parents are your in-laws. Even if they don't live together, it's not difficult for his parents to interfere in your life. It is definitely not a good thing to have in-laws with bad character and bad views.

Second, for families with too much financial burden and poor conditions, your daughter is going to start a family, not to help the poor;

In the original book "Mother-in-law is here", He Lin is going to marry the poor boy Wang Chuanzhi. He Lin's parents with high income levels are not as clear as Aunt He Lin, a past person whose marriage failed. One of He Lin's parents fell in love with Wang Chuanzhi, who was willing to bear hardships and stand hard work and had a good character, while the other was more Buddhist and let her daughter decide her life's important affairs. Also married a small building, wrote the name of Wang Chuanzhi. The aunt believes that marriage should be about the right family and rely on money to live. Wang Chuanzhi has many brothers and sisters, and his family is poor. The whole family is counting on Wang Chuanzhi to get rid of poverty. Dragged down by a bad family of origin. "We are a good city girl, what do you want? Find such a poor boy, with many poor relatives, and no matter how much he earns, it is not enough to fill the hole - a poor and lowly married couple, no matter how good their relationship is, they can't resist because of poverty. Friction with poor relatives!" In the end, what the aunt said came true, Wang Chuanzhi constantly violated He Lin's interests in order to help the original family, so that He Lin quickly became frustrated with her and chose to divorce. There is a line in "New Marriage Era": "Marriage needs to be the right match, or to match the conditions, not only on the basis of feelings. No matter how deep the feelings are, in the trivial life brought about by the mismatch of the family and the mismatch of the conditions, it must be It's gone." It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, and no matter how good a marriage is, it is also spent in trivial life such as chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea. If the family situation of the other party is too bad, marrying your daughter will not only make your daughter suffer, but also they are likely to fight your family's ideas and focus on the property of your husband and wife.

Thirdly, in order to save money, they do everything possible to calculate their own daughters, no matter how ruthless the daughters are, they cannot be labeled as worthless. label, let anyone bully.

In "Double-Side Tape", Hu Lijuan acted recklessly. In order to marry Li Yaping, she did not hesitate to lie and deceive her mother, saying that she was pregnant. In the end, she not only got married, but also took a lot of money to buy a house. After getting married, Hu Lijuan succumbed to Li Yaping's emotional offensive many times, not only let her in-laws live at home, but also asked for money from her parents' home many times. However, Hu Lijuan paid so much in exchange for what? In the eyes of her husband's family, Hu Lijuan is worthless. Why did you pay in the first place, not because you were afraid that my son would not marry your daughter. Yes, our family has no money, but my son can marry a wife, that is his ability, who is valuable and who is not? In the eyes of those who don’t spend a penny to marry their wives, you don’t ask for anything, just marry your daughter. It’s not that you are reasonable, it’s not that you really want your daughter to be good, but it shows that their son is capable, your daughter It's worthless, and no one wants it except their son, so you will be willing to subsidize your daughter to marry it. Once you let them label your daughter as worthless, then it will be very difficult for your daughter to be respected and have status in her husband's family. disagree. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for Xiao Liu? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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