It is a blessing for a child to meet these kinds of parents

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It is a blessing for a child to meet these kinds of parents

The neighbor girl is known to everyone in the community, and everyone admires her cheerful personality. Occasionally, when she encounters her in the elevator several times, the little girl always smiles and socializes with the people around her calmly. "If only my children could do this." Almost every mother who has been in contact with the little girl will express similar emotions. Indeed, as parents we certainly want our children to be sunny and lively. As Professor Li Meijin said: "Confidence is the foundation of a person's success, and children must understand that they are born with talent." If you want to raise a confident and sunny child, then the parent's education method must be changed, and you need to do the following.

I. Encourage and praise children often

A: Parents' positive evaluation of children is the source of children's self-confidence. Psychology There is a "slap effect" on it, which means that the more force you hit the ball, the higher the ball jumps. Because when we hit the ball hard, we apply force to it, give it momentum, so the ball also returns more energy. Therefore, educators believe that in raising children, there is actually a "beating effect" - the more encouragement and praise you give children, the more positive energy and self-confidence they can get for children. The stronger it is; on the contrary, the more you deny and criticize your children, the lower their self-evaluation will be, and the more likely they will be sluggish. B: Parents' affirmation and encouragement can stimulate children's inner potential. Research has found that children who are often affirmed and encouraged by their parents can develop their inner potential twice as much as those who have never been encouraged by their parents. In the movie "Galaxy Tutorial", the father played by Deng Chao has been encouraging his son Ma Fei when outsiders are not optimistic: "You are the smartest child in the world, as long as you want to do it, you can make this earth. Whatever happened.” It was his father’s comfort that made his son Ma Fei regain his confidence and finally plucked up the courage to embark on the journey of “conquering spaceflight”, realizing his “unreachable” dream. Who would have thought that the student who had the lowest grades, was abandoned by his teacher, and was "looked down" by his friends would eventually become an astronaut. Although some people think that this movie is not real enough, we can still draw a lot of energy from it, and learn from it the importance of parental encouragement to a child.

Second, give children a sense of ritual

There is a sentence in "The Little Prince": "Ritual is what makes one day different from other days. , to make one moment different from other moments.” Life needs a little sense of ritual to make people feel the joy of being alive. For a family, the sense of ritual can also enhance family cohesion, make a family atmosphere better, and children feel happier. I still remember when I was a child, my mother would organize a family trip every month. Although the distance is not very far, and usually return the same evening, everyone always prepares meals and travel equipment on the way. After arriving at the destination, the whole family will work together, set up tents, lay out picnic mats, arrange food, and finally gather together to play games or explore the surrounding area. These beautiful childhood memories have always been sealed in my mind, and every time I think about them, I feel extremely happy, as if wrapped in the love of everyone. Many times, the sense of ritual is not piled up with money. A simple little thing can also plant the seeds of "happiness" in a child's heart. Those care and love that are usually difficult to express can always be accompanied by daily subtle companionship. , let the children feel the warmth of the family, which can also inject full energy into the children, and become confident and brave in the future.

Third, parents are emotionally stable

In the process of educating children, we can’t help but lose our temper and talk to our children. It's true that emotional outbursts seem to have become commonplace, but in fact it is the most useless form of education. Every time a parent yells, it may leave a shadow on the child, making them panic and try to please the parents in exchange for the other party's happiness. Over time, they will unconsciously form a "pleasant" personality, always afraid of disappointing people, being cautious in front of others, caring too much about other people's feelings, and pleasing other people's emotions. How can a child who grows up in such an environment gain self-confidence? If we can change our way of thinking, try our best to stabilize our emotions, deal with personal emotional problems first, and then solve the children’s problems, will this help the children to calm down and look at themselves more objectively and rationally? . It is also mentioned in "Parents' Emotions Affect Children's Life": "Parents' good emotions can make children feel happy and confident, and it is a booster for children's progress." Therefore, if we hope to harvest a sunny and confident child, parents It is necessary to do a good job in personal emotional management, so that children can express their inner thoughts at ease and not be troubled by emotions. [Summary] Teacher Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, said: "When educating children, the first thing to do is to close your mouth, lift your legs, walk your life path, and demonstrate to children." What do you offer children? What kind of family environment they may grow into in the future, I hope parents can be good role models for their children.
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