Getting along with the opposite sex and doing "three things" can be defined as "ambiguous"

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Getting along with the opposite sex and doing "three things" can be defined as "ambiguous"

Text/Xia Mo

01, Preface

Love is like a marathon, whether it is a man or a woman, falling in love with someone It will take a lot of time and energy to run a race against time. In "Mu Xuanying in Command", it is written: "The world is emotional, but the white porcelain plum soup in midsummer, the broken ice hits the wall and the clanging sound, the world's love is robbery, but the three-nine black tiles are fresh, and the sugar heart is low and bitter." Love. At first, there was a hazy beauty. The love that grows quietly always makes men and women unable to discover in time. When he turned back, he found that the other party had already loved passionately, and turned away in despair. In fact, in retrospect, all love is traceable. Getting along with the opposite sex and doing three things can be defined as "ambiguous", and the heart has "crossed the border".

02. Share secrets, often talk to each other

Love, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes starts from sharing secrets. As Shakespeare once said: "Love is not sweet words in the shade of flowers, not sweet words in the peach blossom garden, not light tears, nor rigid compulsion. Love is based on a common language." If individuals have the same three views, or like-minded interests, they are easy to get close to each other, and there will be more topics. Maybe, at first, they will feel that the two are good friends who can talk about everything. But the more you learn, the more you share. When chatting, if it involves some very private topics and can talk about it naturally, it means that the relationship between them is not normal. The opposite sex is ambiguous, they often talk to each other, often share secrets with each other, and share the privacy in life. These secrets are also some setbacks and distresses in the process of growing up, or the scars in my heart that I don’t want to touch. In short, the inner reef and moss. The more private what is shared, the easier the relationship will be to define. When a man gets along with a woman and is willing to share his secrets, he has already relied on him from the heart and fully trusts him.

03. Nicknames change and have exclusive nicknames

When love is like a seed, after it takes root and sprouts in the heart, the relationship between men and women begins to grow. Possessive, becoming "exclusive". When the relationship between the opposite sex begins to change subtly, she will give him a cute nickname. From the moment she started calling and it belonged to an exclusive nickname, his heart couldn't help but ripple a little sweetness in his heart. When men and women get along, giving each other an exclusive nickname is actually subconsciously satisfying their own "possession". The two get along and call each other "baby" and "little sweet", and the relationship between the two has gradually begun to become ambiguous. The emotions between two people will heat up rapidly with the creation of exclusive nicknames, which may make each other's love relationship soon confirmed. If, when getting along, the other party does not want to develop into a couple, you must seriously stop the other party and develop an exclusive nickname for you. Let the other person understand your heart and don't get too deep into it. If it is, the two are in love and ready to welcome the arrival of love. Don't always be in an ambiguous period, but you should strike while the iron is hot to clarify the relationship. Actively promoting the development of love and entering the stage of passionate love will give both people a sense of happiness and security.

04. Frequent physical contact, but no objection

When men and women get along with each other, if there is physical contact, it is actually testing whether the other party has a heartbeat. "The Great Body Language" wrote: "When a person has a good impression of you, the body will subconsciously show various signals." When you get along with the opposite sex, when you have intimate contact with the other person, you are not disgusted, nor It will be rejected, then, it means that the love between you has begun to show signs of sprouting. If you truly love someone, you will react when you have intimate physical contact. If you are in love, you will have frequent "little actions" with the other party. For example: hugging, holding hands, fighting. When handing things, they will touch each other's fingertips, and when walking together, they will subconsciously pull each other's arms. When you say goodbye, you will give each other a big hug. Like the smell of each other, and do not reject physical contact with each other. Even, looking forward to meeting the other party, he will subconsciously take him over and only get closer to himself. Frequent physical contact is the beginning of emotional "cross-border". If, when there is physical contact, there is no conflict between two people, it means that both of them have taken off their defenses, broken a line of defense deep in their hearts, and have already developed love.

05. Summary

Eileen Chang said: "Love is not complicated, it comes and goes with only three words, it's not that I love you or I hate you, then Forget it, how are you, I'm sorry." Ambiguity is a signal to each other that they want to be together. However, this signal also requires a response. Love and not love, there must be a clear line. Don't hurt others and don't indulge yourself. Don't turn love into a tragedy without results, and don't treat love as an exciting game. If you give your sincerity, you will bravely give each other a promise and have a vigorous love affair. If it is impossible for two people to be together, and they just walk around in the emotional world, they should pay attention to each other's behavior. Don't let other people misunderstand and don't be a problem for each other. If you don't give your heart, please keep your distance, refuse "ambiguous", and refuse invisible harm. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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