Why are you saying you can't go to private schools? The high tuition fee is only one aspect, hiding the disadvantages is the key

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Why are you saying you can't go to private schools? The high tuition fee is only one aspect, hiding the disadvantages is the key

Private schools surprise many parents. No matter what stage of study, schools will be divided into public and private schools, and the relationship between the two is also inseparable and indistinguishable. After all, with the continuous progress and development of private schools, the enrollment rate has skyrocketed. After all, parents' measure of the quality of a school is the school's enrollment rate.

It takes courage to choose a private school

Although we do not rule out the existence of some very good private schools, many parents will give priority to Children are sent there, and they are chosen actively, followed by some well-known public schools. But it must be admitted that the existence of most private schools in society is still worrying. Perhaps the management system of private schools is not so strict. Anyway, the children who come to school are children of wealthy families. Once students figure out the school's intentions, they become more reckless. Perhaps it is because the teachers of private schools are not sufficient. When it comes to school funding, private schools have always been very rich, but are principals willing to turn their income into educational investment? This is worth thinking about. Obviously, there are still a few principals who can have such a consciousness. In this way, parents sending their children to little-known or notorious private schools are like pushing their children into a fire pit. Such a growth environment is really worrying, and it cannot have a positive impact and help on students at all.

Why is it said that private schools are not allowed? The high tuition fee is only one aspect, hiding the drawbacks is the key.

The tuition fee is the first threshold. The advantage exists, and the price that is unaffordable will be completely rejected. On the other hand, parents will also consider the student's own problems. If they send him over, can they maximize the use of this tuition fee? If not, there is no need for fearless investing, lest the money go to waste. Obviously, such concerns are limited to those families with little financial advantage. If the parents are strong, will they care about this tuition fee? This is also true, but aren't rich people still a minority in real life? The competition among students is intensifying. Basically, the private schools that can get into the eyes of parents are all first-class and first-class. They all use the banner of providing different services to attract students. Many parents just believe the so-called propaganda to let their children enter this school. The environment did not belong to him originally. Of course, children who live and study in the same environment will also compare themselves in their own circles. The better the family, the more they will compare. Of course, they will no longer stop at food and clothing, but Move up to other behavioral hobbies. This will seriously affect the students' studies. After all, students' energy is limited, and too much is wasted on other things. When they are faced with learning, they will naturally have more than enough energy. For children from rich families, they cannot objectively recognize the importance of learning. If there is such an environment interference, it is even more worrying. Private schools will adopt unified management of residence and school. Most private schools in the market will adopt unified management of residence and school. During the daily study time, students cannot go home or contact the outside society. I don’t know when In the beginning, it has become the norm in private schools. However, under such a management method, the damage to the physical and mental growth of students is highlighted. Just like parents basically don’t choose to let them live in school for their children, how can there be no mistakes without parents taking care and supervising them? Although this makes it very easy for parents to not sacrifice their lives for their children, the far-reaching impact of being lazy for a short time on children can be said to be very huge. In all fairness, how many years do children grow up with their parents? It's fleeting, isn't it worth parents cherish it?

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