What happened to those girls who dropped out of junior high school? Visitor: How can there be "regret medicine"?

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What happened to those girls who dropped out of junior high school? Visitor: How can there be "regret medicine"?

Today, those who are reluctant to study will choose to complete nine years of compulsory education. The reason why compulsory education is called compulsory education is that most of the expenses are reduced or exempted: tuition and miscellaneous fees, book fees, these expenses are still very important for many people from poor families. But even if the relevant departments actively call on all school-age students to receive this education, the specific acceptance level and whether they can continue to adhere to it all depend on the students' personal wishes.

Middle school dropouts abound

The degree of aversion to learning makes them intolerable. According to our normal concept, no matter how much You shouldn't drop out of school if you don't want to study, let alone a child in his early ten years. If he doesn't get an education in school, what else can he do? After all, the possibility of direct employment is not high, and no company will employ child labor. In addition, going to school does not mean that students must study and do things related to study. They can completely ignore the teacher's words and do what they want to do. Also, students who do so are not in the minority. But I don't know why, those children who dropped out of junior high school can't bear to stay in school no matter what they say. Are there any monsters in the school? Or encountered bullying at school? These unspeakable secrets are really beyond our comprehension. Family reasons have also become a key factor. For children who are studying in junior high school, if they want to apply for dropping out, parents need to apply for relevant applications. After all, parents are the direct guardians of the children. Children do not yet have the ability and right to make decisions for themselves. The school is also in line with the attitude of being responsible for the children, so it is required. As a result, many parents will not hesitate to explain the real situation to the teacher. The family conditions are really bad, and they want their children to go home and find some odd jobs to supplement the family. Once parents say something like that, teachers usually don't give any more advice. Because the direct factor behind this idea is that parents do not pay attention to education, they cannot correctly identify the power and role of knowledge, and they do not have enough foresight and understanding. They only care about the small benefits that their children can create for the family at present, and do not care about the far-reaching future. significance.

What happened to girls who dropped out of middle school? Visitor: How can there be "regret medicine"?

I can't find a job at all Those are jobs that don't require much technical content. On the other hand, girls don't demand very good wages, after all, they don't need to support their families, and they don't need to pay any financial debts. As long as they are self-sufficient, it is their greatest hope and vision. It belongs to a state where one person has enough to eat and the whole family is not hungry. Even so, girls need the support of academic qualifications if they want to find a job that is similar to their expectations. According to statistics, the bottom line of education for most companies is a junior college, and there are also many requirements for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. So, for those girls who don't even have a junior high school degree, where would anyone be willing to accept them? After all, education and quality are closely related. Although it is not a crucial relationship, the influence cannot be ignored. It's hard to find a husband who respects you as the old saying goes: A woman's incompetence is a virtue. How many girls are deeply influenced by this feudal concept and have an irrelevant attitude towards their future and study. What others say, they will believe it and shake their own thoughts. After all, in terms of serious study, it is easier and more comfortable to have fun and play. At this time, if the girls are very good-looking, they will be more likely to despise study. The consequences of such a desire for pleasure will also directly affect the choice of the in-law's family, because if the girl's education is not high, is it possible that it will affect the inheritance of the next generation? After all, the elderly will think a lot about issues related to their offspring. Every decision they make takes longer and involves more issues.

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