"Knowing or Not": The three daughters-in-law of the Sheng family all had good endings, and gave 3 points of advice to women

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"Knowing or Not": The three daughters-in-law of the Sheng family all had good endings, and gave 3 points of advice to women

In the original work of "Knowledge", Sheng Hong has a total of three sons, namely Sheng Changbai, the eldest son from the Wang family, Sheng Changfeng, the concubine from the concubine Lin Yushuang, and Sheng Changdong, the concubine from the concubine Xiangyiniang. As the eldest son, Sheng Changbai has outstanding talent, strong self-control since childhood, diligent and eager to learn, and never let his parents worry about his studies. Therefore, he is highly valued by his father Sheng Hong and regards him as the hope of revitalizing the Sheng family. In order to make Sheng Changbai's career smoother, Sheng Hong not only sacrificed his own future to pave the way for his son, but also worked hard on his son's marriage. He knew that Wang's vision was not good, and he knew that the Kang family was a mess. If such in-laws had no choice, he asked Mrs. Sheng to go out in person and ask for Sheng Changbai to marry the second daughter of the Jiangning Hai family, Hai's wife. Although Hai Shi was a low-married couple, he lived happily. Although her mother-in-law Wang Shi sometimes disliked her and wanted to show her mother-in-law's profile, but with her husband Sheng Changbai protecting her and her father-in-law Sheng Hong blocking her, Wang Shi couldn't help Hai Shi at all. As for the issue of concubines and concubines, Hai Shi had never encountered them. Sheng Changbai consciously refused to accept his concubine, and Wang Shi had no choice but to take his son. Therefore, Hai Shi did not need to worry about these problems. Hai Shi is a virtuous inner helper, who gave birth to four sons to Sheng Changbai. Except for the youngest one, which was spoiled by Wang Shi and not very good, the others are quite promising. Sheng Changbai eventually became an extremely noble official and became a famous minister of a generation. As his wife, Hai Shi naturally enjoyed the glory and wealth with him. The second son, Sheng Changfeng, was born by Sheng Hong's favorite concubine, Lin Yushuang, and Sheng Hong was naturally very attracted to him. Unlike his elder brother Sheng Changbai, although Sheng Changfeng is smart, he is playful and lecherous, and has very poor self-control. Fortunately, Sheng Hong has strict control, and can't wait to beat him three times a day to force him to study. In addition, Sheng Changfeng married a virtuous wife. Under the management and supervision, Sheng Changfeng eventually became a two-list jinshi. Sheng Changfeng's wife Liu's is the second daughter of the Liu family in Yanzhou, an aristocratic family. However, there was a problem with Liu's marriage contract. The fiancé was of poor quality, and her husband's family was not good. Liu's parents felt sorry for their daughter and refused to marry her, in order to dissolve the marriage contract without falling out with each other. , then decided to betrothed his daughter to the Sheng family who knew the bottom line. Although Sheng Changfeng was indifferent, Sheng Changfeng's mother Lin Yushuang was locked up and wanted to block Liu's family, but Liu's had the means, and Sheng Hong and Mrs. Sheng were completely on Liu's side, Liu's finally held it. With her husband Sheng Changfeng, Sheng Changfeng became a two-rank jinshi, and he could support his wife and children, and Liu's ending was not bad. Sheng Changdong was born by the unloved concubine Xiang Auntie, and he was also the most undervalued child. Fortunately, Sheng Hong is a reliable father. Although he does not pay as much attention to Sheng Changdong as the first two sons, he will not ignore it. , In addition, Sheng Changdong himself was diligent and studious, filial to others, and his character was precious. In the end, he also became a two-list jinshi. Sheng Changdong's marriage was based on his good deeds. Because he helped Shen Xiuqiao's mother, he was recognized by the old lady. Even if he was a concubine, he was still willing to betroth his daughter to him. Shen Xiuqiao is a relative of Shen Congxing, and her family led the hereditary affairs of the commander of Jianghuai Wei, and she is also a noble girl. Although Shen Xiuqiao is not as good as the two sisters-in-law, she is kind-hearted and knows that the contented person is always happy, and she is a perfect match with Sheng Changdong. Although the three daughters-in-law of the Sheng family were all low-married, they all had good endings, and gave three points of advice to women. When a woman chooses a mate, she can't just look at each other's family, but also pay attention to other aspects.

First, the choice of a mate must be based on the family style. If the family style is not good, just eliminate it to avoid jumping into the fire pit;

Taking the Liu family as an example, it seems outrageous that the direct daughter of the dignified family is married to the concubine of the Sheng family. In fact, this is the love of the Liu family's parents. They did it because they didn't want to push their daughter into the fire pit. It's too bad that the family Liu's betrothed to, can actually allow their descendants to commit scandalous acts of forging with maids and giving birth to the eldest son during the mourning for their father. If it is a strict family, this kind of thing is absolutely impossible. For example, in the Sheng family, Sheng Changfeng was not honest enough after marriage, and let a maid get pregnant with a child. However, before Liu Shi's turn to take action, Sheng Hong took action, and immediately dealt with the maid and beat Sheng Changfeng. There was another time, but it was two months before the spring, when a girl serving in the third brother's study suddenly reported that she was pregnant. At that time, the father-in-law was urging his son to prepare for the exam. The elder brother punished the servants in and out of the study, and even drove the pregnant girl to Zhuangzi, saying ruthlessly, "If I don't get married again this time, I won't leave my son nor my mother." What's even more outrageous is that the Jiang family didn't want to give the Liu family an explanation, and wanted the Liu family to admit their fate, so they just swallowed it up and married, enduring a lustful and immoral husband, an unreasonable mother-in-law who spoiled her son, and her eldest son. A concubine who has scheming means and is favored. If the Liu family really got married, wouldn't they just jump into the fire pit? Compared with the Jiang family, the Sheng family is much better. Even if Sheng Changfeng is unreliable, Sheng Hong and Mrs. Sheng are reliable. As long as these two mountains protect Liu's family, Sheng Changfeng will not be outrageous. As there is a saying on the Internet: In this world, there are many "wonderful flowers" whose upper beams are not straight and lower beams crooked, and less "white lotus flowers" that come out of the mud and are not stained. The dragon and the phoenix give birth to the phoenix. Rather than expecting men to come out of the mud and not stained, it is better to directly eliminate the unhealthy family style. Marriage is not something you can easily gamble on.

Second, when choosing a mate, you must look at the character of the man.

Different from Sheng Changfeng and Sheng Changdong, Sheng Changbai's wife was married by the Sheng family with great effort. At the beginning, the Hai family was not optimistic about Sheng Changbai, disliked the weak family background of the Sheng family, and believed that the Sheng family with weak roots was not worthy of their daughter. Fortunately, Sheng Changbai conquered the Hai family with his personal charm and made the Hai family agree to marry a daughter. Mrs. Sheng is very experienced in operation. This time, she also asked Aunt Geng to bring Changbai to worship. As soon as Mrs. Hai saw Changbai, who was upright and tall, she agreed with half of her heart, and she did not know that Miss Hai. Have you ever peeked through the curtain? If you do, you must be obsessed with it. Falling in love with a person starts with appearance, respect for talent, personality, long-term kindness, and finally character. Sheng Changbai first gained the favor of the Hai family based on his appearance, and then his talent. After all, very few people can pass the first scientific examination. As for Sheng Changbai's character, it is not difficult to find out. As long as the Hai family knows a thing or two, knows that there is no one in Sheng Changbai's house, and that he is very disciplined in matters of men and women, he will know that this person's character is not much worse. For a good match. When choosing a mate, you must look at the character of the other party. People with bad character not only cheat others, but even let the people around them for their own selfishness. Such a person will never marry.

Third, in order to run a good marriage, you have to have two brushes, not just rely on men.

The reason why Sheng Changbai can be an extremely worthy minister is not only because of his ability, but also because he has Hai Shi as a worthy inner helper behind him. In just a few words, I can calmly solve Lin Yushuang, which my mother-in-law could not handle for decades, take care of the affairs of the Sheng family's house, educate the children well, and follow Sheng Changbai around. The Hai family is Sheng Changbai's greatest blessing. Liu's ability is not too much. He can sing a black face to let Sheng Changfeng know that he is not easy to mess with, and he can sing a red face to capture the heart of Sheng Changfeng who is used to pity and cherish jade, and let Sheng Changfeng change from a lustful man with poor self-control to a man with poor self-control. A diligent and studious man for his wife and children, Liu's ability is also very strong. As for Shen Xiuqiao, although she doesn't have much ability, but she has a right mind, knows how to be content, and doesn't covet things that don't belong to her, so she can naturally get the pity of Sheng Changdong, who has the same right mind. Just as there is a saying on the Internet: choosing a mate is not about recruiting employees, the better the better; what marriage needs is suitable, and what is suitable for you is a good match. If you have the ability, you can turn yourself into a high-level door, and your ability is worthy of it, and naturally you will not worry about not having a good man who looks up to you. It doesn't matter if you have average skills, you can find someone who suits you. END. Topic of the day: What do you think of the three low-married daughters-in-law of the Sheng family? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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