Forever, don't laugh at people who are over fifty years old and still have to work hard to make money

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Forever, don't laugh at people who are over fifty years old and still have to work hard to make money

Text/Xia Mo

01. Frontispiece

Life is a process of continuous growth. To make life more meaningful is to constantly create value. Living in this world, if you want to get more happiness, money is the best medium. Wilde said, "When I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world, and now I'm old and I realize it is." Many people have been working non-stop, not to improve their lives, but to improve their lives. It's for the sake of my family, I don't want to stop working hard. In particular, people who are still working hard to make money when they are fifty years old are worthy of respect. People who are still working after the age of fifty have a strong heart and tenacity, like a candle that burns from the beginning to the end, and should dedicate all the light to illuminate others. Forever, don't laugh at people who are over fifty and still have to work hard to make money. There are three reasons.

02. Life is not easy, and responsible people are working hard to make money

For the future life, everyone does not know what kind of storms and unexpected events will be encountered. Perhaps, a sudden blow can plunge a family into a crisis. And in times of crisis, it's often money that comes in handy. When a person lives, the more savings they have in their hands, the more confident they are in their hearts. Li Gongjun said: "It's not hard to live without money, but it's impossible to live at all." After the age of 50, people have gone through vicissitudes, and they have already seen life more clearly. The reason why I still choose to work and earn a salary is to make myself and the whole family feel more secure. Fifty-year-old life, faced with children may still be studying, or facing marriage, or parents need to support. Because life is stressful, it is only possible to work harder to make money. People who are over 50 years old and who are still working hard to make money are unwilling to let go of their responsibilities. They want to share the burden of family members through their own efforts, and want to have the ability to love the people around them. Life is not easy, just work harder. Even if he is fifty years old, as long as his body can hold up, he wants to carry the burden of the family on his shoulders. For love and family, I am willing to support a home and be a person who stands above the ground.

03. After the age of 50, people who make hard money live soberly

In the world of adults, people who live in a muddled way are greedy for comfort and ease. And people who live soberly, no matter what age stage they are in, will still be prepared for danger in times of safety and plan ahead for life. No one can predict what will happen in the future. People who are over fifty years old and are still working hard to make money want to take advantage of their strength and energy, cherish time, and work hard for their future. Maybe, I will continue to cultivate in my favorite field and make some contributions to future generations. Perhaps, it is to earn more money and give yourself more pension money. After the age of 50, people who are still working hard to make money do not want to be idle and want to share the pressure of life with their own abilities. Because they know very well that they will be respected by others only if they live a valuable life on the road of life; only if they have a certain amount of savings can they live with confidence. Although, on the road of struggle, life is not so easy and leisurely. You will feel tired even after a busy day, but if you work hard every day, there will be some gains, which will make you feel more at ease.

04. If you want to live your own value, you are unwilling to accept the old

people who are still working hard to make money when they are fifty years old. cause. Maybe you are getting older and your body and energy are going downhill, but you still feel like you can do something within your power. In the field that I am good at, I want to continue to shine and make myself more valuable. Tong Zhi in "Golden Wedding" was the factory manager when he was working, and he had unfinished business. Retired, but I don't know what to do with myself. Every day at home to pick on the food that my wife cooks is not delicious, this is not good, that is not good. I don’t want to keep flowers and birds, and I don’t want to stay at home, except to eat and sleep. When he knew that his son Dabao was going to open a company, he was willing to show him the door. On the one hand, he really wants to help the child and guard him. On the other hand, he is really restless. He felt that his ingenuity should be put to more use, and he could do more for everyone. "The Girl Who Killed Quails" wrote: "No matter how old we are, as long as our beliefs are young, we are still young. When people are old, it is not the worst, and old hearts are the beginning of the downhill." People, still young at heart, don't want to waste time and waste time. Therefore, after retirement, many people are still active in their favorite fields, constantly researching and exploring, exerting their greatest potential, and trying more new challenges.

05. Summary

On the road of life, even if a person is over fifty years old, his energy and physical strength are declining, but he is still working hard, Just be kind to him. Everyone who loves work and never admits defeat is worthy of our learning and admiration. No matter what kind of work you do, you want to do your best. Such people will be full of hope in life. Even if I get old, I don't want to depend on others to live. Even at fifty years old, I still feel that I can shine, I can contribute to others, and I can take care of myself. Such people are kind and have a very optimistic attitude. He has always maintained a busy attitude, adhered to his beliefs, and showed a gratifying smile when he received the reward. If you meet such a person, please show more kindness. They may be a symbol of your father's generation, or they will be your own appearance many years later. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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