"Knowing or Not" Sheng Hong "Can survive with a pack of medicine": Parents have unfortunate marriages, poor children

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"Knowing or Not" Sheng Hong "Can survive with a pack of medicine": Parents have unfortunate marriages, poor children

Explain that it is Sheng Hong, not Sheng Minglan's father Sheng Hong. Maybe you haven't heard of this name, but if you have seen "Knowing", whether it is the drama version or the original, you should have a deep impression on the famous scene of Sheng Shulan and Li, and Sheng Hong is Sheng Shulan's aunt, You Yang The eldest daughter of the grand old Mrs. Sheng. Sheng Hong died when she was very young. She died of illness. However, her death was the biggest knot in the heart of old lady Shanda. Wei revived her family business, she couldn't let go of her daughter who died tragically, and hated her husband and the concubine who killed her daughter. The concubine destroying his wife is not an invention of Sheng Hong, but a crooked trend of the Sheng family. Sheng Hong's father and Sheng Hong's uncle have all done this kind of thing. It was not until Sheng Changbai's generation that the Sheng family had suffered enough to spoil their concubines and destroy their wives. In addition to Sheng Changbai's character, they completely stopped this crooked trend. Let women and children continue to suffer from it. The eldest inherits the family business but is lustful and lustful. He falls in love with a concubine who was a singer, and makes a farce of favoring his concubine and destroying his wife. It is said that when he dies, his family property is almost destroyed; Tanhua Lang, the eldest son, met the fierce daughter of the Houfu, and the husband and wife almost became enemies. He died of a cold before the age of 30; Sheng Minglan's grandfather spoiled his concubine and destroyed his wife. He married Yongyi Hou's only daughter but wanted to enjoy the blessings of the whole family. In the end, the husband and wife turned against each other and killed old lady Sheng's only son. If he sets foot in marriage, or has a lingering love for Tanhua Lang, refuses to remarry, and chooses to raise his concubine Sheng Hong as an adult, it is estimated that there will be no Sheng family in the future. Sheng Hong spoiled his concubine and killed his wife, hurting his wife Wang and their children, leaving a serious psychological shadow on Sheng Changbai and Sheng Hualan, causing Sheng Minglan to lose her mother since childhood, and causing Sheng Molan to be taught badly by Lin Yushuang. It's something that humiliates Sheng's family. And Sheng Wei's father spoiled his concubine and killed his wife, which caused great harm. He devastated his wife, Mrs. Shanda, and her children, and owed his daughter Sheng Hong's life.

01. Only one pack of medicine is needed to live, Sheng Hong's death made the old lady Shanda hate her husband;

Sheng Hong could have survived, but she was just infected with the cold at the time. She only needed a pack of medicine to be cured, and she could not die, and the old lady Shanda would not suffer the pain of losing her daughter. However, the ruthless concubine was arrogant and arrogant. She didn't take the old wife of Shanda seriously, and with the connivance in Sheng's arms, she controlled the whole family and dragged her daughter Sheng Hong to death. As a mother, the old lady Shanda looked at the child she gave birth to in October. She just suffered a minor illness. She was obviously saved, she could survive, and she could continue to call her mother under her knees, but she was spoiled by her cruel father. A concubine kills his wife, no matter whether her daughter lives or dies, the concubine is cruel and ruthless, and her life is swallowed up by the disease. How much she hates, how helpless, and how much she blames herself. She complained that she was incompetent, that her dignified wife was so pressed by the concubine that she couldn't hold her head up, and she couldn't even protect her own daughter; Ruthless, not only took her husband, but also her daughter's life. This is not over yet, Sheng Huai is ruthless to the extreme, his daughter's life has not awakened him, instead he is obsessed and wants to divorce old lady Shanda. Once the old lady Shanda is divorced, not to mention that she has no way to survive, her remaining children are also dead. If they stay in the Sheng family, will the concubine let them go? If Mrs. Sheng hadn't extended a helping hand, the identity of Yongyi Hou's only daughter would have been able to hold Sheng Huaizhong down. If Mrs. Shanda hadn't been a daughter-in-law, and the reputation of honoring her mother-in-law spread all around, Sheng Huai couldn't find the fatal reason for his wife. Both the wife and her children must die. "Daughter-in-law, you didn't pass my time, and the whole family called that slut to control it. It's really ineffective every day. I saved my life, but I was rubbed to death! I just gave up my heart and took your man and girl to hide in the countryside. Fortunately, your second aunt helped me and prevented your father-in-law from writing a divorce letter. Our mother and son are three People have suffered from all kinds of hardships in the country, and it is hard to survive..." After that, Sheng Huaizhong lost all his family property and died, and the concubine sold everything in the family, including the ancestral house, and ran away with the money. Fortunately, the old lady Shanda came out with the support of the old lady Sheng and took her son Sheng Wei to revive the family business. Of course, she did not let go of the concubine, found her, and made her pay a heavy price for her daughter. avenged. The Sheng Wei brothers and sisters were already full of tears, the eldest old lady coughed violently, and fell backwards like she was out of strength, and a hoarse burst broke out in her throat: "...Hong'er, you, don't worry, mother has avenged you. It hurts, hurts your lowly maid, my mother found it! My mother went to a few provinces... I found it! She thought she could be happy after taking the money, hahaha... No way! My mother sold her Going to the most despicable coal mine, after she died... smashed to ashes!... Revenge... Revenge..." The eldest old lady's breath became weak, and she was gradually unable to breathe, and she still growled in a low voice: "...Sheng Huaizhong You, you spoil your concubine and destroy your wife, you are fascinated by sex, and you care about the lives of your children, I will sue you even when I go to the King of Hell!" The words were full of hatred. Even if the enemy is smashed to ashes, so what? Her daughter will never come back, and Sheng Hong will never see her mother and brother revive the family business, and she will never enjoy any blessings.

02. Parents are unhappy in their marriages and pity their children. If the marriage is really hopeless, it is not good for you to endure for the sake of the children.

Psychologist Wu Zhihong said in "Why Home Hurts People": Love is constantly passed on in such a cycle, from our original family to our new family; between us and our lovers The way we get along is also repeating the way we get along with our parents. Sheng Hong favored his concubine and killed his wife, which made Sheng Changbai have a psychological shadow on the concubine's room, and was most disgusted with taking a concubine. Sheng Rulan suffered from prejudice and unfair treatment from childhood to adulthood. She was afraid of marriage and insisted on finding someone she liked, rather than marrying low , let Sheng Molan be arrogant and arrogant, willing to degenerate, miserable himself, and let Sheng Minglan understand the truth that relying on others is worse than relying on himself. Whether you are lucky or not, your children live in this family, you can clearly feel it, you can't hide it. If you are unhappy and see you being wronged, the children will also cast a shadow on the marriage. In real life, the reason why many people don't want to get married is because their parents have an unfortunate marriage, and seeing their parents' tragedy makes them feel that marriage is not a good thing. Therefore, women, if you really can't go on, you should make plans for yourself earlier, don't go down in the name of your children, it's not good for you and your children. END. Topic of the day: Do you agree that women will marry for the sake of their children? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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