When people reach middle age, they find that only-child families have three cards, and their later years may be better than families with many children.

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When people reach middle age, they find that only-child families have three cards, and their later years may be better than families with many children.

In the past, we always said "the more children, the more happiness". We believed that after raising more children, the elderly would not have to worry about no one to care for in old age. In contrast, in a family with only one child, not only the parents will be relatively lonely and desolate in their later years, but the children will also be isolated and helpless without the help of siblings. But is it really so? The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

People find that in middle age, only-child families may be happier in their later years

There is an Uncle Li in the community. His family has a son and a daughter. In the past, everyone envied Uncle Li who had both children and children. In the future, they are waiting for happiness. The uncle also fantasized like this when he was young. After entering middle age, the children slowly reached the age of starting a family and starting a business, and various family conflicts followed one after another. For example, when the two children were about to enter the palace of marriage, the uncle and his wife had been distressed for a long time about the children's dowry and dowry. It was agreed that the son would collect the down payment for the new house for his son, and then prepare half of the dowry. Daughter sent a car, plus dowry money. Originally, both husband and wife thought this distribution was reasonable, but unexpectedly, the two children started to make trouble in private, and they were dissatisfied with each other, thinking that their parents were partial. This made the parents feel very uncomfortable, and exhausted most of their life savings and preparations. As a result, the two children were like "vampires" and could not wait to drain all their savings. A few years after their marriage, they had children one after another, and they all hoped that their parents could come and help them take care of them, but the parents were incapable of being separated. In order not to favor one over the other, Uncle Li and his wife simply refused. Who would have thought that the children would say, "If you don't bring me babies now, don't even think about supporting you in the future." The uncle only woke up in middle age. A family with children and daughters is not necessarily happy, and the quality of life in old age is not as good as his own. Chess friends, there is only one child in the family. After the old couple retired, they traveled around and lived happily. Different people may have different opinions on single-child and multi-child families. I often heard from the mothers around me that they should have one more child while they are young, so that they will not be lonely in their later years. In fact, many families like Uncle Li often find in their later years that single-child families are generally better off than multi-child families.

One-child families have more late cards

1, family resources are concentrated, and the quality of family life is better. This should be the most powerful card for one-child families. . We all know that children are equivalent to "currency shredders". We must all have a deep understanding of how much it costs to raise a child. In a one-child family, parents concentrate all family resources on one child. Whether it is financial resources or money, parents can give the child the best within their ability, and the child's life happiness index may be higher. Moreover, even after the children get married and have children, dowry, bride price, etc. need to be prepared, and only one copy is required. The pressure on parents will be less, and there is no need to buy everything for the house and car, and the quality of life of the family is often higher. In a family with many children, the financial burden of parents will be greater. If the family's economic situation is still good, the quality of life of ordinary families will decline. When the family is scrambling every day for diesel, rice, oil and salt, the contradictions and conflicts become more and more serious. 2. There is no eccentricity between parents, and the relationship between family members is closer. In addition, there is no eccentricity between parents who have only one child. After the parents are old, the child also becomes the only support for the parents, and they exist as the closest people to each other in the world. , everyone cares about each other, and the family's happiness index may be higher. The resources of a multi-child family often need to be shared. Parents have already worked hard to support their children on weekdays. The care they give to each child may be different. Under the hidden danger. In real life, due to parents’ partiality, the sibling relationship is incompatible, and there will be constant quarrels in the later years, especially in the issues of pension, intergenerational parenting, property distribution, etc., which have become several major fuses. These practical problems also affect the parents in their later years. Quality of Life. 3. Although you will be relatively lonely in your later years, you don't have to worry about too many practical problems. Today's parents are not like the past, who lived their whole lives for their children, and they gradually began to understand. Parents and their children have a fate. When the children grow up, the parents will gracefully withdraw from the children's life and find their lost happiness again. The parents of the one-child family are even more open in this regard. Their fetters will be relatively less. After the children get married and have children, they are almost retired and can begin to enjoy a beautiful old age. Ask friends to dance in the square, go to college for the elderly, travel with your wife, etc., and you can go to the community for the elderly or together for the elderly when you are old. Without the troubles of children, life may be more comfortable. But in families with many children, after worrying about this one child, they are busy with the important life events of the second child, as if there is no end to it. These practical problems have trapped parents in their desire for a solid retirement, and as a result, life in later years seems to be not as good as those of one-child families. [Final summary] Of course, these are relative. Whether it is a single-child or a multi-child family, in order to have a happy and happy old age, parents may need to have a certain economic foundation, save a little more money when they are young, and then put their children Good education and good planning for later years.
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