The "good husband" took the initiative to end our 11-year relationship, just because my mother-in-law did 3 things

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The "good husband" took the initiative to end our 11-year relationship, just because my mother-in-law did 3 things

Introduction: After marriage, will you live with each other's parents? What do you do when your parents forcefully interfere in your marriage? "If the time goes back one year, I will definitely not live with my mother-in-law. I really hate myself, how could I make such a stupid opinion? But now everything is irreversible." Ma Li complained regretfully. Two months ago, Ma Li found out that her husband was cheating, but she blamed her mother-in-law for the reason. Speaking of Ma Li's husband, he used to be a good husband. The two met at school at the age of 20 and fell in love with each other. After graduating at the age of 24, they got married. After 7 years of marriage, they lived in harmony and love. The husband would share the housework and ask questions. Will consider Ma Li's feelings. Two years ago, her father-in-law passed away due to illness, and her mother-in-law began to live alone. Ma Li thought of her mother-in-law and worried that her mother-in-law would be too lonely at home alone and that no one would take care of her, so she offered to bring her mother-in-law to live with the young couple. Unexpectedly, after the mother-in-law moved in, she did three things, which completely changed Ma Li's good husband.

1. "Housework is for women, and men's hands are used to make money."

Before my mother-in-law moved in, Ma Li and her husband never care about who does the housework. Usually, whoever gets off work first cooks, and if they don't want to do it, they go out to eat. There is a fully automatic washing machine for dirty clothes, and an hourly worker will be hired to clean it every week. Because there are no children, and both of them love cleanliness, the housework is done easily, and there is no division of labor and no contradiction. After the mother-in-law moved in, she said that she could not cook because of back pain and leg pain. Ma Li also expressed her understanding, and then she cooked by herself and asked her husband to help. But the mother-in-law said: "How can a man cook? It's a joke to be known by relatives. It's just one meal. As for the whole family in the kitchen?" What to say. That night, Ma Li complained to her husband, and the husband comforted him: "After that, you will only cook, and I will do the rest of the housework." Hearing this, Ma Li did not continue to be angry. When the husband was doing other housework the next day, the mother-in-law came out again and said, "You are a man of the sky, why do you keep thinking about doing these things that are not on the table? This is all a woman's work. I used to do it, now it's my wife. Do, get a wife and marry a wife, how can you be a good wife if you don’t do good housework?” The husband defended: “Mom, Xiaoli works very hard, I should do it, and I’m not too tired.” The mother-in-law was displeased and enlarged. The voice said, "She works hard? She earns 3,000 yuan a month. It's hard work in the office with the air conditioner on? Duan: "Look at this family, how can there be any family-like appearance? Women don't have the appearance of good wives and mothers, and men don't have the appearance of being the head of the family. Do you plan to follow women and do housework all your life?" The mother-in-law looked very angry. Fierce, Ma Li was overwhelmed all of a sudden, and she finished all the housework by herself that night. Under the guidance of his mother-in-law, the husband is gradually regaining his rights to be the master of the house. He plays games when he gets home, and ignores Ma Li. The husband is in charge of the house, but the conflicts between the husband and wife are increasing.

2, "Women should have children, and the money should be kept by their parents."

Ma Li's salary is low, and her husband earns more, so her husband Taking all the household expenses, Ma Li's wages are still at her disposal. The mother-in-law was unhappy when she learned about this, and felt that she was also making money. It's okay for Ma Li to earn less, and she didn't contribute to her family. What did she earn? So she took the initiative to tell Ma Li, "Since you don't have to earn money at home, you don't need to go out to work, so why not hurry up to get pregnant and have a baby." Ma Li felt that she was still young, so she was naturally reluctant. The mother-in-law also taught her son: "Men should earn money to support the family, women should have children, and quickly give birth to two while they are young, and I can help you with them." Now, he originally planned to give birth later, and he also asked Ma Li to resign to prepare for pregnancy. Ma Li didn't want to have a baby, so her husband first persuaded her with good words, but when he couldn't persuade him, he was cold and violent, deliberately sleeping on the sofa and letting Ma Li stay in the empty room. In desperation, Ma Li gave the reasons why she did not want to have children: she had little savings, the pressure of raising a baby was high, and she wanted to work hard for two more years to save some money to regenerate. The mother-in-law felt that it was impossible to continue like this: the young couple spent so much money that they could not save the money at all. The husband is naturally willing, but Ma Li disagrees. Why should she hand over the money she earns to her mother-in-law? Under pressure, she dared to quarrel with her mother-in-law. After the quarrel, the mother-in-law didn't ask for money anymore, but the conflict between husband and wife deepened. In her husband's heart, Ma Li became a shrew who disobeyed his mother.

3, "Why are you acting like a shrew now?"

The former Ma Li was a gentle woman who spoke softly and often talked to her husband Coquetry and cuteness, the relationship between the husband and wife is very good. After the mother-in-law moved in, the young couple stopped a lot of flirting games, because the first time the two were fighting, the mother-in-law frowned and muttered: "It's really ridiculous." Since then, the two have only occasionally had a fight in the bedroom. Playing around, everything else in the house is well-behaved. This is also a trivial matter. The most important thing is that under the influence of my mother-in-law, my husband has become more and more chauvinistic, and he does not care about family affairs or her. The relationship between the two is not what it used to be. And Ma Li's temperament has also changed. She doesn't like to care about her. After getting along with her mother-in-law for a long time, she has learned to fight with reason. When her husband is not in line with her, she will get angry and use the method of returning to her parents' home and cold war to make her husband soft. She used to be soft-spoken, her voice was getting louder and louder, and she would quarrel with her mother-in-law at every turn. This state makes her husband more and more irritable, and often complains: "Why are you like a shrew now, can you be gentler?" And every time Ma Li hears such words, she usually returns angrily: "I Was it like this before? It wasn't because of your mother and son. Your mother was angry with me every day. You were like a living dead person and didn't care. How gentle did you make me? What?" The husband didn't want to deal with it any more, and went to sleep on the sofa in the living room with his pillow in his arms to seek peace.

4. "Divorce."

After Ma Li's personality became stronger, the conflict with her mother-in-law continued to escalate. It was also during that time that her husband returned late and late. He also didn't want to be in the same room with Ma Li. Ma Li noticed the clue. Once, she followed her husband while the work unit was on holiday, and found that her husband did not go home after get off work, but went to a KTV, chatted with the girl at the front desk, and chatted happily. Ma Li chased after her and cried and made trouble, which attracted a lot of onlookers. She was out of control and had no time to take care of other people's eyes, so she shouted at her husband in full view. The husband was ashamed, dragged her home and admitted cheating and filed for divorce. The arrogant Ma Li was fed up with such a married life and agreed to divorce. The two quickly counted their property and went through the formalities. Ma Li moved out of her husband's house. When she first got divorced, Ma Li was dizzy with anger. She didn't feel sad at all, but was celebrating her liberation. But after those negative emotions subsided, the emotional Ma Li recalled the bits and pieces with her ex-husband, and she was so sad that she washed her face in tears all day long. The man she had loved for 11 years, the man who occupied all her youthful memories, left her so easily. 11 years of love is gone. Ma Li mentioned that the reason for all this was that she had done bad things with good intentions and brought her mother-in-law to live there. The mother-in-law asked her to do the housework, but later asked her to quit her job to have children, and then asked the young couple to hand over their income. Only three things made her marriage fall apart. The conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law hurts the relationship between husband and wife. If the mode of getting along has changed, so will the marriage. Ma Li regretted that if she could have been less hasty, these conflicts might have been avoided, or if the husband and wife had done their homework in advance and learned to live in harmony, they wouldn't be so unbearable. But it was too late. A few days ago, the ex-husband took the initiative to find Ma Li, wanting to recover and get back together, hoping that the two can reconcile and live a new life. But both of them hurt each other too deeply. Ma Li couldn't let go of that relationship, but from love to hate, she never wanted to see her ex-husband again. The marriage life of the past two years had left her disappointed and even hopeless. She didn't want to live in that hysteria again. day. Ma Li rejected her ex-husband's proposal to reunite. She really couldn't let go of the relationship she had been with for 11 years, but what she missed was the innocent and gentle self in the past, the boy who accompanied her to laugh with her.
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