Zhang Han is frequently ridiculed on the hot search due to the controversy of the new drama. Is he wronged?

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Zhang Han is frequently ridiculed on the hot search due to the controversy of the new drama. Is he wronged?

Recently saw Zhang Han on Weibo hot search? Zhang Han is old! But this fire is probably a bit embarrassing for Zhang Han himself, because he was ridiculed on the hot search. So hot, Zhang Han didn't even dare to post on Weibo during this time, how could he be so embarrassed to post it? What face does he take to face the audience who once liked his Ba Zong character? Go to the bottom of his Weibo and read the comments given to him by netizens, all of which are: It's so bad, it's too greasy, and I don't know how to respect women at all. Other actors can earn a wave of traffic when they have a new show, and Zhang Han also earned traffic, but it belongs to black and red. "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District", this work is said to be the painstaking work of Mr. Zhang Han, produced by Zhang Han, starring Zhang Han, and it is said that it is a sincere work that has been polished for ten years. I was very interested in this work at first, but after two episodes I couldn't watch it anymore, and my mind was full of question marks, "What the hell is this thing I'm watching". Later, I stopped chasing it, the audience's eyes were sharp, and this work was frequently scolded on the hot search. At present, the rating of this TV series on Douban has dropped to 2.1. I have never watched a drama with such a low rating for so many years in my career. Zhang Han, ah Zhang Han, people have a new drama to earn favorability, but you, but with a new drama, you ruined the tyrant personality that you created in the first half of your life. After so many years, the audience who liked Zhang Hanba's character at the beginning have grown up, but unfortunately, Zhang Han's dream of being a boss has not woken up.

How bad is "Gentlemen of East Eighth District"?

In a word, how bad it is, it is quite exaggerated, and it is not as good as some online dramas. I don't know how such a drama has become a star, and how did it pass the review? "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District" is under the banner of the hit drama "Thirty Only". What kind of male version of "mid-life crisis" is he claiming to show? What's ridiculous? We can't see the midlife crisis of men, I only see some greasy men dreaming about their spring and autumn dreams, which are very exaggerated and super unrealistic. No wonder some netizens sarcastically said: Isn't this the dream-chasing entertainment circle imagined by the male version? middle age crisis? Have you ever seen a man living on a flat floor have a midlife crisis? I can't see a mid-life crisis from those male protagonists, I only see a few "Second Generation Ancestors", the game of life. Inspirational? middle age crisis? Promotion crisis? Emotional crisis? That's ridiculous! "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District" is unqualified in terms of the script, and I don't know how these people approved it. Are you holding Zhang Han? Do you have to praise how beautiful his clothes are like "The Emperor's New Clothes"? Why hasn't anyone told him the truth? Tell him it's time to wake up, the audience doesn't like it.

Disrespect for women is a point of criticism

I have never seen a drama where a male hero saves the United States and pulls girls' underwear belts Yes, it's a very embarrassing thing to do. I have to do some slow motion and close up the expressions of the people around me with their eyes wide open and their mouths open. Zhang Han, don't you think it's inappropriate? In broad daylight, how can someone pull a girl's underwear like this. Not only is he not embarrassed, he also feels good, and he has to make people around him admire him. Why is he so handsome? When I wrote this, I really wanted to vomit. It's not that I'm blackmailing Zhang Han, but that his behavior is too wretched. He is narcissistic, blindly arrogant, completely self-centered, and has no regard for the feelings of others. In addition to pulling the underwear belt, I also took the opportunity to touch an indescribable position when I was holding someone. You know what I'm talking about? Even if someone is your girlfriend, you can't joke like that, you can just hug your waist, why do you have to touch someone's chest? I really think that the heroine Wang Xiaochen had a work-related injury when she took over this TV series. Netizens went to her Weibo to leave messages: Sister, how short of money do you have to accept this TV series! Netizens said that my sister's acting skills are very good, but she wants to stay away from Zhang Han. In the future, actresses in the entertainment industry have to stay away from Zhang Han. As long as Zhang Han is still addicted to the boss, and still so obsessed, you have to get away quickly, as far as you can escape.

Zhang Han, are you wronged?

It's not wrong, he deserves to be scolded and ridiculed, the audience really can't stand it, you have to let the audience tell the truth. People around Zhang Han hold him and don't tell him the truth, but the audience doesn't eat your way. The audience only believes in good works and doesn't care about his traffic. I quite like Zhang Han and Zhao Liying's "Coming of Shanshan", but that era has passed. Besides, "Coming of Shanshan" is a pure love drama, not like "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District". Sell ​​dog meat. However, recently, Zhang Han has brought joy to Internal Entertainment. Everyone's interest lies in complaining about Zhang Han. Perhaps this is the only use for him and his new drama. Zhang Han, 38 years old, about 40 years old, we often say, 40 is not confused, and I wonder if Zhang Han can really understand this sentence? It's time to grow up. Since he is an actor, in order to gain a firm foothold in the entertainment industry, he must polish up good works. Don't exaggerate, don't be blindly confident, or be grounded. Huang Xiaoming succeeded in removing the oil, but unfortunately Zhang Han followed in his footsteps. There is a sentence I want to give to Zhang Han: keep your feet on the ground, even if you look good, don't think you are handsome. Don't be overconfident in your appearance. Once you are overconfident, everyone will think that you are a little too arrogant. Also, please respect women, some actions and lines, including some stalks, are outdated. You're almost 40, mature, you're no longer a young 20-something. - END -
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