The baby held a full moon banquet, and my grandmother gave me a silver bracelet and a longevity lock. The comments of netizens really opened my eyes

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The baby held a full moon banquet, and my grandmother gave me a silver bracelet and a longevity lock. The comments of netizens really opened my eyes

Wen | The birth of Wen'er's child is not only a great event for parents, but also a great event for both parents. He has a new identity, grandparents, grandparents and grandparents. After the birth of a child, a full moon feast is usually held, where the in-laws and family members gather to celebrate the arrival of the new life. Regarding the baby's full moon banquet, different regions have different customs, and the family must not come empty-handed, and must bring gifts to the full moon banquet. I found a video: A mother posted that on the day of the baby's full moon banquet, the family attended the ceremony with gifts, grandmother held flowers, put two stacks of cash after seeing the baby, and gave the baby a silver longevity lock and a silver one. bracelet. The mother said that the moment my maiden's family came over gave me confidence. It was a very sweet and happy video. But the comments of netizens below really opened my eyes: shouldn't they be all gold, I don't want silver; now even outsiders don't give silver, grandma gives silver. Good guy, a lot of netizens are arrogant, and the two piles of money are really invisible. Let's talk about silver,

In many places, the custom of grandmother is to send silver.

It is understood that the custom in many places is When the baby is a full moon, grandma will always give silver jewelry to ward off evil spirits and keep safe. Whether it is gold or silver, it is grandmother's blessing to the baby. We all send silver bracelets here. The baby wears evil spirits, and it does not mean that those who send silver are stingy, those who send gold are generous, and everything is love. However, many women in the comment area actually disliked the fact that their parents gave too little. It wasn't money. They even disliked their own mother. They were too weak in their emotional awareness and only knew money. This is still my mother. If my mother-in-law gave silver, I would be more disgusted and scolded more severely. It can be seen that such a woman usually only cares about money, is selfish and does not understand gratitude. I feel that no matter what the mother-in-law or the mother gives, it is my heart. As the mother of my children, I am happy that my mother-in-law buys gold and sells silver as they wish. The child belongs to my husband and I. We will buy what we need. Parents and in-laws are willing to give their children, that is their freedom, even if they only buy clothes for their children, it is their heart. If you feel indebted, you can buy more for your child. Calm your mind, the child is to be born by yourself. I found that many women now do not know whether they are affected by the poisonous chicken soup or what, and the three views are very problematic. When giving birth to a child, I feel that it is for my in-law's family. When I have a child, I feel that I am a great hero. The in-law's family must surround me, and they must contribute both money and effort. Even if my in-laws have done well according to the family situation, I am still not satisfied. Compared with other families, the rich mother-in-law sends her daughter-in-law to a confinement center, gives the child a big red envelope, and gives gold locks. Not only for my mother-in-law, but also for my mother. After the child is born, the mother buys less things for the child, and she feels that the mother does not love her, has opinions about her, and typically only wants to ask for it. Such a woman will not only have a bad relationship with her husband's family, but also have a relationship with her mother's family. Lopsided. Calm your mind, the child is to be born by yourself, and it is the responsibility of the parents to contribute money and efforts, don't think about shifting the responsibility [Topic discussion: What are the customs of your baby's full moon wine? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological counselor, author of original parenting comics, welcome to pay attention to [Little Wife], you can find the answers to family education, mental health, child development, and fashion education you want to know.
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