The means to let a woman take the initiative to chase after you: "Ask"

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The means to let a woman take the initiative to chase after you: "Ask"

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01, Preface

Love is like a cup of coffee, some people think it is bitter and hard to swallow ; Some people think it has a mellow taste and an endless aftertaste. Love, managed well, will be able to flow. If the management is not good, each other is easily injured and bruised all over. A lot of lovers, the reason why they get separated during the years is often because they don't know how to love and use the wrong way to love someone. "Intimacy" wrote: "Love in the right way, don't change the other party, don't wrong yourself, so that we can all get what we want to love and be loved." On the road of chasing love, men are better than women. Be proactive, like to pay for her, do what she likes, prepare various gifts for her, and use this method to please her. However, she has often paid a lot, but she cannot occupy a very important position in her heart. It also takes a method to make women take the initiative to give their sincerity. Men, ask a woman for 3 things, and she will in turn actively pursue and love you.

02. Appropriately show weakness and ask for her care

On the road of life, men always live with a strong attitude, and there are times when they are vulnerable. It's just that, in front of the woman he loves, men always try to be brave and want women to recognize and worship him more. In fact, when men learn to "show weakness" and show their inner softness, women will pay more attention to him. In "Please Advise You for the Rest of Your Life", after Gu Wei made Lin Zhixiao angry, she ignored him. In desperation, Gu Wei had to pretend to be sick on purpose. Lin Zhixiao didn't want to pay attention to him, but he was worried that he was at home alone, so he chased after him and took care of him. Feed him medicine and go to the kitchen to make porridge for him. Gu Wei also found an opportunity to explain, and the relationship between the two eased. Even if Lin Zhixiao later debunked his little trick of pretending to be sick, he didn't really care. When a man shows weakness, it will stimulate the softest side of a woman's heart. A woman will also want to take care of him and give him care. A man asking for care will increase a woman's contribution to him. It seems to be a very naive thing, but it is actually a confirmation of the woman's sincerity towards him. Men ask women for care and care, and women will pay more attention to him. Over time, it will enhance each other's feelings, and it will also allow women to develop the habit of how to love him.

03. Learn to be coquettish and ask for the company of women

A coquettish woman will melt a man's heart, and a coquettish man will make a woman unable to resist. "Coquetry" is not only a weapon for women, but a man who acts like a spoiled child will also have very good effects. In the management of love, if a man wants a woman to take the initiative to love you, one of the ways is: learn to act like a spoiled child, ask for company, and let the relationship grow over time. When a woman always ignores you, a man please don't blame her bluntly and straightforwardly. He doesn't have enough time to accompany you. Instead, he should learn to act like a spoiled child and show a look of great grievance, which will make her feel distressed. For example: when a woman is too busy with work and has no time for a date, a man can coquettishly say: "It seems that my well-prepared dating plan is going to fail again, so sad..." Or, want to date a woman When meeting, you can say: "My heart, why is it so heavy recently, it seems that someone lives in it and has not come out. When will you come out to meet me, my sweetheart..." The man expressed his grievance, Saying it in a coquettish way will also make women think he is cute. When women learn to care about him, take the initiative to contact him, and want to know his mood, women will be willing to spend more and more time with him. Then, the relationship between two people will be more intimate, and a woman's heart will be firmly grasped by a man.

04. Occasionally leave space for love and ask for a woman's love

Love is like an ink painting. There should always be some space between landscapes In order to make the artistic conception of the painting richer, it will also leave people more reverie. Men, no matter how much you love a woman, don't give her all the time, but "leave blank" occasionally to cool down the love. Men, when you take the initiative to show love to the girl you like, paying blindly is not the best way to maintain a relationship. After paying for a woman for a while, learn to "cold" her and keep a certain distance. When the love cools down, the woman will suddenly realize that she is so lonely without him. Moreover, the woman will feel uncomfortable from the bottom of her heart, and she can't help but wonder what he is doing, why didn't he show up? If she can't see him, women will start to miss him, start to miss him. When a man cools down his love occasionally, he leaves blank for love and asks for love from women. Women, because of the cooling down of love, will give him more care and attention. When women have a clearer understanding of their love for each other, women will cherish them more and express their love more actively.

05. Summary

Romain Rolland said: "In marriage, everyone has to pay a price, and at the same time they have to take something back. This is the law of supply and demand. "Men, the way to get women to actively pursue and love you is actually to learn to "request". Whether it's love or marriage, what matters is a close match. You compete with each other, grow together, and pay is proportional to the return, so that this relationship can be maintained continuously. While giving to women, men can also ask for love from women, so that their relationship can reach a certain balance. Don't overpay and don't let your love be cheap. If you love someone, you can't just pay, you have to stay where you are, act like a spoiled child, and see how much she is willing to give for you. Appropriately "ask" a woman's love and let her respond proactively, and the love between each other will be easier to manage. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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