In the past, I was not good to my daughter-in-law. After I got sick, I realized that the three consequences could not be bearable.

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In the past, I was not good to my daughter-in-law. After I got sick, I realized that the three consequences could not be bearable.

Dong Qing once said something like this: "Some things are not worthy of forgiveness, it doesn't matter how big or small." Don't do bad things, don't be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, if you have never done bad things, never bullied others, never hurt others and benefited yourself , has never hurt others, has always been kind to others, and fulfilled all his obligations, naturally he will not be revenge by others, and he needs to ask for forgiveness from others. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is even more so. If you are a good mother, a good mother-in-law, treat your daughter-in-law well, do not embarrass her, and do your best to help her when she is in trouble, then, when you are old, your daughter-in-law will not be Honor you. Even if you meet a daughter-in-law who is not grateful, you can justly accuse her, and the public opinion will be on your side. However, if you are too bad as a mother-in-law and only cause pain to your daughter-in-law, then your daughter-in-law doesn't care about you, she is generous and unwilling to forgive you, so it is natural to complain directly. Even if you accuse her, you can't stand. Aunt Lu is not a good mother-in-law, nor is she a good grandma, as everyone around her knows. As a woman, she has engraved the idea of ​​valuing sons over daughters in her bones. Not only does she dislike her daughter-in-law who only gave birth to a daughter, but she also does not hide her disgust for her two granddaughters. What's more, in order to hold her grandson, Aunt Lu thought it was her daughter-in-law's fault that she didn't have a grandson. She asked her son to divorce several times, and drove her daughter-in-law and granddaughter out of the house. In the end, the son did not listen to his mother, and stood firmly on the side of his wife. In order to prevent the mother from finding trouble with his wife and daughters, eight years ago, the son left his hometown with his wife and daughter, and settled in another place. She refused to tell Aunt Lu's home address, in order to avoid Aunty Lu coming to the house and throwing it. Every year, the son comes back once or twice, but the daughter-in-law never comes back. However, Aunt Lu never realized her mistake and only thought that her daughter-in-law was unfilial. When other people persuaded her about retirement, Aunt Lu still didn't care: "I didn't expect her to have no son. Waste, even if I starve to death when I'm old, I won't beg her." However, Aunt Lu was just talking. Some time ago, Aunt Lu was ill and was hospitalized, so she called her daughter-in-law as soon as possible, and ordered The daughter-in-law served him, but was rejected by the daughter-in-law. "It was not good for my daughter-in-law in the past. After I got sick, I found out that I couldn't bear the three consequences. Hey, now, I really regret it. I shouldn't have treated my daughter-in-law and granddaughter like that. Now, I have cheated my son and myself. "

First, I accused my daughter-in-law of being unfilial, but my relatives and friends said I deserved it, and no one sympathized with me;

After her daughter-in-law refused, Auntie Lu was very angry and hated her daughter-in-law even more. She refused to give up and kept calling her daughter-in-law. After the son found out, he spent money to hire a nurse to take care of Aunt Lu. However, when the patient saw it, he made fun of Aunt Lu as a bad mother-in-law, otherwise the daughter-in-law would not ignore her. After listening to the patient's words, she saw the patient's two children. The daughter-in-law is so filial, Aunt Lu and her daughter-in-law are more motivated, yelling at the nurse, not cooperating at all, and scolding the person away. The son felt very speechless, and scolded Aunt Lu: "I don't serve the confinement child, and I don't bring the baby, and they are making a fuss to drive the mother and daughter out of the house, saying that they deserve to starve to death. Who is filial to a mother-in-law like you? Can you get up?" When Aunt Lu saw that her daughter-in-law refused to come, she wanted to stage a moral kidnapping, speak ill of her daughter-in-law to relatives and friends, and hoped that relatives and friends would help her to scold her daughter-in-law and force people to come. However, she didn't realize that, none of her relatives and friends were willing to help her, saying that she had planted evil causes and suffered evil consequences, and she deserved it. There was a few people who didn’t have back pain when they stood talking, but they did make a phone call, but Aunt Lu’s daughter-in-law yelled back: “You are so kind and bodhisattva-hearted, then go and serve my mother-in-law in person! The board doesn’t hit you, you don’t If you know it hurts, you can morally kidnap me, right!"

Second, my son takes care of me at work during the day and at night, and his mental state is not as good as before. I feel extremely guilty;

The nurse was scolded by Aunt Lu, and my son had no choice but to go to work during the day and go directly to the hospital at night to take care of his mother. Within a few days, my son had dark circles under his eyes and looked listless. Another time, when my son was accompanying Aunt Lu in the hospital, he received a call from the company and was reprimanded for an hour. "My son told me that he didn't get enough rest because of lack of sleep. There was a problem with his work, which caused losses to the company. He was going to be fired. Fortunately, for the sake of his diligent work, the leader gave him a good word and only fined him. I didn’t get fired.” My son complained to Aunt Lu, saying that it is hard to find a job now, and he is old, but he is far from retirement age, and he must not lose his job. Aunt Lu was distressed and didn't want her son to take care of her anymore. However, as long as she brought up the topic of her daughter-in-law, her son would turn over the old debts. Aunt Lu had no choice but to promise her son that she would stop embarrassing the nurse and accept the care of the nurse.

Thirdly, neither my daughter-in-law nor my granddaughter would accept me to retire at home. My son could only choose them and suggested that I go to a nursing home.

Under the hospital's meticulous treatment, Aunt Lu's condition has improved to a great extent, and she will be discharged in one week. However, the doctor said that Aunt Lu was old and in poor health, so she was not suitable for living alone, and the risk was relatively high. Aunt Lu also thought so, so she suggested to her son to go to his son's house for retirement. After listening to the son, he sighed: "Mom, it's not that I don't want to give you old age, but that your daughter-in-law and your granddaughter don't do it. They said, I am your son, and I have an obligation to honor you, and they will not stop you. . However, they can't forget the hurt you caused them, and they don't want to see you again. If you go to my house, I'll probably be kicked out of the house by their mother and daughter." Hearing that his son suggested that he go to a nursing home, he said that he would visit often. When she was there, Aunt Lu collapsed completely, lying on the bed and crying, but when things got to this point, who could be to blame? I remember Takeshi Kitano once said: "The so-called rules are fundamentally considered to be for the sake of others. A poor person has absolutely no idea of ​​'considering other people's feelings'." If you are a mother, as a mother-in-law, you If you never know how to think about your children and grandchildren, if you are stubborn and hurt your daughter-in-law, then when you get old, you will have to bear the consequences for your actions. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for Aunt Lu? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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