"I have brought a baby to your son for 6 years, but no one cares about it in the hospital." The wife replied with 17 words, and the aunt cried

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"I have brought a baby to your son for 6 years, but no one cares about it in the hospital." The wife replied with 17 words, and the aunt cried

A writer once said: "A good relationship must be equal. You give without regard for return. Most of the rewards in the end are a chill." Whether it is family affection, love or friendship, it is taboo to give without bottom line and do not ask for it. In return, it is only because the more you give, the easier it is for others to get it, the less you cherish it, the more inflated your desires, and the more resentment you have for you if you can't get it. This is human nature. For example, in the parent-child relationship, you will find that most unfilial children are inseparable from their parents who have no bottom line. Parents give too much to their children, even sacrificing their own happiness to fulfill their children's selfish desires, so that children are used to reaching out, thinking that their parents have what they want, and they must give what they want. They are qualified parents. However, when their parents needed them to pay, they blamed their parents for not considering their children and grandchildren and for not being filial to their parents because they were under great pressure. In the same way, in a relationship, if you give without a bottom line, you may not get an equal return from your spouse, but your spouse will ask for further, and they will despise you after squeezing out your residual value. Especially those marriages that are not based on love, such as old age marriages, you need a bottom line for your efforts, otherwise, what you gain may be a chill, and you give in vain and get nothing. Moreover, the more you pay, the more difficult it is to let go, and the more difficult it is to make a decision to stop losses in time. "Bring him a grandson for 6 years. I'm tired and sick. Instead of taking care of me, their family dislikes me, forcing me to agree to a divorce and asking me to get out of the way. Why?" When she was ill and was forced to divorce, Aunt Xu couldn't figure it out, and her mood fluctuated greatly, which affected her condition.

01. In order to be with him, my daughter and I fell out, and my daughter ignored me;

7 years ago , When Aunt Xu decided to marry his wife, Mr. Xie, her daughter disapproved and could not understand it. "Mom, it's only been over a year since my dad passed away, and you're about to remarry, are you worthy of my dad? My dad used to be kind to you, he gave you all the money he earned, and he didn't do anything wrong to you. Looking again so soon, my father Jiuquan has found out, can you feel at ease?" "Well, you said that I was married far away, you are lonely first, you don't want to live alone, and you want to find another wife, I can understand. You live with him, and it’s fine to have a companion for retirement. Why do you need to get a certificate? Is it a marriage certificate that you can talk about if you want? When you leave, it is much more difficult to have this than not to have this." "This old man of his age is looking for his wife for the same purpose, that is, he wants to find someone to serve him, but he doesn't want to spend money. Maybe, why don't you? He has to serve his whole family." However, Aunt Xu did not take her daughter's opinion to heart. On the one hand, she believed in Mr. Xie's words and believed that Mr. Xie would take good care of herself, and it was a good choice to follow Mr. Xie in her later years. On the one hand, Aunt Xu has always been dissatisfied with her daughter's behavior in disregarding her own objections and insisting on marrying far away. "With him around, I have a companion anyway. I have a bed companion when I'm sick and hospitalized. My daughter can't count on it, what can I do?"

02. His son has a sweet mouth, and his daughter-in-law is also very sensible and filial to me, so I was willing to help him with the baby;

So, Aunt Xu, despite her daughter's objection, married Mr. Xie. After they were together, The two of them had a very sweet life. Mr. Xie is willing to spend money for Aunt Xu, often buys things for Aunt Xu, and also does housework. He is very good at cooking, which makes Aunt Xu believe that he has found the right man. Six years ago, Mr. Xie became a grandfather, and his daughter-in-law gave him a granddaughter. However, the matter of bringing the baby stumped Mr. Xie: "My daughter-in-law earns seven or eight thousand a month, so she will be a full-time wife, she will definitely not do it, and my son can't support the family alone, but such a small baby , I can't take care of it!" Mr. Xie's son and daughter-in-law brought a lot of gifts and asked Aunt Xu to help take care of the newborn. Mr. Xie's son was sweet, and his daughter-in-law was also very sensible, and his tone was full of respect for Aunt Xu. , and even brought up the topic of retirement. "They said that my daughter was married far away, and they were making trouble with me. I'm afraid it's unreliable. As long as I'm willing to help them tide over the difficulties and take care of their children, they will give me the old age and the family will live a good life. I believe it, and I will also I feel bored, just have a child, no problem." So Aunt Xu brought six years of children to Mr. Xie's son and daughter-in-law, and brought up Mr. Xie's grandchildren. In the past six years, she really took Mr. Xie's grandchildren as her own and took good care of them, so that Mr. Xie's son and daughter-in-law could work with peace of mind. The reason why Aunt Xu became ill was because she was exhausted from taking care of the children in the past six years, so she had to be hospitalized. It was not until she was hospitalized that Aunt Xu saw through the true face of Mr. Xie's family.

03. Even if no one serves me, I don’t have money, and I don’t come to visit. The 17 words he said made me feel extremely chilled. .

After Aunt Xu got sick and was hospitalized, not only did she not live the life she thought her husband would be by her side to take care of her, and her stepson and stepdaughter-in-law cared about her, but she didn't see anyone for several days. "Seeing that the patient has a daughter or daughter-in-law waiting for me, and there is no one around me, can I feel better? In fact, I don't expect his daughter-in-law to take care of me. She is very busy, I know, but they are out If you have some money, get me a nurse, come and see me when you have time, and give me some food, it’s not too much to ask for!” However, Mr. Xie’s son and daughter-in-law didn’t even show their faces, not to mention spending money. , I only called once, and hung up after a few words of greeting, which made Aunt Xu feel extremely angry. Finally, Mr. Xie showed up, and Aunt Xu quickly complained to his wife: "I have brought your son to the baby for 6 years, but no one cares about it in the hospital." Unexpectedly, Mr. Xie, uncharacteristically, no longer cared about Aunt Xu, but replied 17 Word: "You're not my son's biological mother, why let him take care of you?" Aunt Xu couldn't believe it, but at this stage, the grandchildren have passed the most difficult time, and Mr. Xie no longer hides himself. The real face is revealed, but instead he is proud of himself, saying that the reason why he wanted to marry Aunt Xu was because his daughter-in-law planned to have a baby and needed someone to take care of the baby. . Hearing this, Aunt Xu's dream was shattered, and she yelled at Mr. Xie and wanted to talk to Mr. Xie, but Mr. Xie only left a sentence: "When you are discharged from the hospital, get a divorce quickly, move me from my house, get out" , left. Aunt Xu burst into tears. She didn't know what to do, and was too embarrassed to find her daughter, so she had to lie on the hospital bed and sulking.

04. It is not impossible for a person to remarry in his later years, but you must know how to protect yourself.

Shakespeare said in "King Lear": "If love is mixed with calculations that have nothing to do with itself, it is not true love." In fact, in old age, whether it is a man or a woman, the So looking for a wife is often not because of love, but because of demand. Maybe, you feel lonely, your children are not around, you can't adapt to living alone, and you want to find a partner to fight against loneliness and spend the rest of your life together. However, the other party does not necessarily think so, what he may need is a free babysitter. In old age, it is not impossible to remarry, but you must know how to protect yourself. Be careful when choosing a mate and don't trust his unrealistic promises. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for Aunt Xu? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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