A 4-year-old boy cuts bananas in a fruit store, and his mother apologizes and buys them all. This is the attitude a parent should have

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A 4-year-old boy cuts bananas in a fruit store, and his mother apologizes and buys them all. This is the attitude a parent should have

As the saying goes, if the son does not teach, the fault of the father is the fault of the father. When a child makes a mistake, different parents take very different attitudes. For example, parents who protect calves will help their children find reasons and organize their children to face their own problems. Another is to deal with it seriously, black is black, white is white, violence is opposite, and the child will not give up until he admits that he has made a mistake. It left a serious shadow on the child's heart.

A 4-year-old boy cuts bananas in a fruit shop, and his mother apologizes and buys them all

A mother and son in Guangzhou went out to buy as usual Fruit, just passing by a newly opened fruit shop, my mother planned to take her son to take a closer look. After all, the opening of a new shop will have a certain degree of promotion, even if it is not a fun one. But because there were too many people in the store, the mother and son were scattered all of a sudden, and the son stood outside the door. When the mother turned around to look for her son, she found that this little naughty bag was in trouble! He broke a bunch of bananas that the shopkeeper had placed outside the door. Looking at the "wreckage" of the divided bananas, the mother first reprimanded her son seriously. First, she should not cut the bananas of the store casually. This banana does not belong to us, so you can't play without the permission of the store. Second, how can children play with knives casually? There was a knife next to the banana, and my son took it and cut the banana to play. Fortunately, there is no accident now. If the hand is cut, wouldn't the problem be even more serious! It's scary to think about! When the lesson was over for the son, the mother immediately called the store and explained the situation to him. It was the child who was ignorant and got into trouble. .

Netizens have different opinions on this mother's behavior

. Is it necessary to pack it like this? For this problem, 100% of the fault lies with the little boy, and it is reasonable for her mother to "wipe his butt" for him. Could it be that because the store put bananas and knives, the parents can shirk their responsibility? Of course not. In this case, it is an ordinary trivial matter of making mistakes and paying for the mistakes. How can it rise to such a high level? Is it possible that in real life there are still irresponsible parents who take the opportunity to escape? A little too much of a fuss! In reality, there are many people out there. Once when a father took his son to a shopping mall, the son got into trouble and mixed up different tea leaves. The store asked his father to buy the mixed tea, and the father had a big fight with the store. attracted a lot of onlookers. In the end, no matter how the father handles this problem, he will lose his good opportunity to establish an upright image in the hearts of his children. Even the child will learn the father's unreasonable three-point practice and become an incompetent person. In this way, is the mother's approach more appropriate in comparison? The essence of the problem is the same, but the price to be paid is different, but it is not surprising that this courage is praised by us! It can also awaken the hearts of other parents. Parents are their children's best teachers. Although the price of a bunch of bananas is not expensive, but through this incident, the mother has let the children understand a priceless truth, that is, the courage to admit their mistakes and pay for their wrong behaviors. Especially for young boys, this kind of education cannot be ignored. Because boys need to bear more responsibilities in the future growth process, and the challenges they need to face will also be more difficult. If they lack the so-called sense of responsibility education and guidance, it will be difficult for them to grow into an indomitable man. Moreover, after this experience, the child's sense of admiration for his mother will also skyrocket. Instead of changing her mother's weak character, she set herself up and became her inner hero. This also verifies on the other hand that in a family with a boy, it is necessary to abide by the combination of strict mothers and loving fathers, otherwise there will be the embarrassment of "loving mothers and more spoiled children".

Alpaca mother has something to say:

Loving children is not spoiling children. Parents must set rules for their children in life and make corresponding constraints. Tolerance, blindly accommodating children without a bottom line, isn't it the parents themselves who suffer in the end?

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