"Tiger mother" has become a thing of the past, mothers born in the 1990s have begun to "rotten", and their children are getting better and better every day

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"Tiger mother" has become a thing of the past, mothers born in the 1990s have begun to "rotten", and their children are getting better and better every day

For a long time in the past, "Tiger Mother-style education" has been frequently mentioned by everyone, and many parents regard it as a standard, believing that this education method can cultivate "geniuses". But in fact, how? The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, and the pictures and texts have nothing to do with

What is "tiger mother"?

The term "Tiger Mom" ​​was first popularized by Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School. She published a book called "Battle Hymn of Tiger Mom", which recorded her parenting experience, because of her rigorous education method, which has aroused discussions between the East and the West. It is understood that the education method mentioned in this book is a "discipline" tailored for the two daughters. It uses high-pressure education methods such as inducements, threats, and cursing to make the children study hard. For example, if she can't play the piano well, have her practice from dinner to night without drinking water or going to the toilet. And he would call his daughter rubbish and forbid her to watch TV or have playmates. Under the high-pressure education of the "tiger mother", the two children were both admitted to Harvard and Yale. Since then, the reputation of the "Tiger Mom" ​​has become an instant hit, and many Chinese parents have chosen to follow her. Later, everyone called strict mothers who have high expectations on their children as "Tiger Moms". The high expectations and strict discipline conveyed in the "Tiger Mother Spirit" actually just met the imagination of some traditional Chinese parents for their children, and its success has also inspired more mothers who "hope their children to become dragons and their daughters to become phoenixes". Among them, mothers born in the 1980s are the representatives. They pay special attention to the education of their children. They invest a lot of time and money every year to raise their children, for fear that they will lose at the starting line.

"Tiger mother" has become a thing of the past, and post-90s mothers have begun to "rotten"

"Tiger mother" and "chicken baby" have become After the trend, the disadvantages of extreme education gradually surfaced. The children themselves are under a lot of pressure every day because of the exam-oriented education, and they have to face severe family education when they go home, which makes them overwhelmed. Coupled with the long-term humiliation and denial of their parents, the children lose their self-confidence and have abnormal emotional breakdowns. The child even went to a dead end. When the tragedy occurred, the parents came to their senses and educated their children not to collapse too tightly. Later, it was the post-90s mother's turn to appear. They have been called "the generation who cannot help" since childhood. They are even more unique in educating their children. "Everyone is rolling, so I will lie down." Not only at work Lie flat", educating children also began to "rotten" and practice "reverse parenting". For example: a child rolls around, lying on the ground crying, the attitude of a post-90s mother is that she loves how she likes to be, and she will naturally get up when she bursts into tears. Who is not a baby. The child talks back and doesn't listen to the truth. The post-90s mother simply ignores you. When you calm down, come over and talk to me. As for their children's academics, they advocate to grow up with their children, and even become children who "play around" with their children, play interesting games, and allow children to have their own personal hobbies. After changing the strict teaching style of "tiger mothers" born in the 1980s, when educating children, they should be lazy when they should be lazy, and let the children try and explore the rules by themselves. As a result, the children raised are better and better every day.

The more "rotten" mothers are, the better the children will be.

Educational experts believe that "rotten parenting" results in In essence, it does not mean laissez-faire, but to give children a fully relaxed and trusting environment in education. This is the great wisdom of being a parent. Through your delegating power, your children will get more opportunities for self-exploration, which will make them more structured and better. 1. Only by "having a pair of rotten eyes" can we discover the advantages of the child. Look at the advantages of the child. Don't always compare him with other children. They are not perfect, so don't always stare at the child's shortcomings. Look, compare their weaknesses with the strengths of others and don't deny them. In addition, give up your comparisons, children are not tools for parents to earn face, and you can't bet all your ideals on them. When you start to give up those critical eyes, you will find that your children have so many advantages. 2. "Having a rotten mouth" can make children have their own opinions. Many times, parents always like to talk about it, and use various major principles to persuade children, which is not only useless, but also causes them to rebel. And your persuasion will make the child become indecisive in the future, and always get used to listening to other people's opinions. Therefore, parents may wish to give up these, learn to shut up more, listen to the opinions and ideas of children, maybe you will find more surprises. It also helps to stimulate their internal drive, making them more decisive in the future, and their future life will be more smooth. 3. "Having a pair of rotten hands" can make children more independent. Many parents are always used to doing everything for their children, not only to worry about food and daily life, but even to arrange their studies. But in fact, it is easy for the child to become a "waste" who can only read dead books and has no ability to live in the future. Once separated from his parents, it is difficult to survive. Therefore, it is recommended that parents be lazy when they should be lazy, let their children do more housework from an early age, arrange their own study plans, and take the initiative to complete their homework, so as to make them independent. 4. "Having a rotten heart" can make the child go further. The difference between this and the "tiger mother" may be more obvious. The "tiger mother" will strictly control everything about the child and interfere with the children's daily life. , let them follow their own path. On the surface, it seems to let the child learn "self-discipline", but in fact, it does not treat the child as an independent individual, which damages his self-esteem. Sometimes, when raising children, parents need to be appropriately "big-hearted", less anxious, less influenced by the outside environment, and follow their own pace. A rookie with a talent of 50 points, don't expect him to reach the sky in one step and quickly become a full-point academic master. Knowing how to withdraw, choose and change may allow your children to go further. [Today's Topic] Are you a "tiger mother" or a "rotten mother"?
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