After being cheated on by my husband, I got pregnant, but my husband can't get over that hurdle anymore

time:2023-03-24 author:Conjugal life
After being cheated on by my husband, I got pregnant, but my husband can't get over that hurdle anymore

The question in the live broadcast room was that my husband and I were both divorced once, and we were both married for the second time. My ex-husband cheated on more than a dozen people, which caused a psychological shadow on me. Later, when I met my husband, I really treated him at that time. When I was the most difficult, he gave me eight or nine thousand a month. In February, he wanted to get married, but I refused, because I thought he was a bit rambunctious. He kept telling me what happened to his ex and his girlfriend. I also found out that he would chat with girls on his mobile phone, 5 , In June, I settled here, because he lives in my house, I am afraid that I will be taken advantage of by him. But his parents began to object. They thought that I was an only child or a second marriage. His parents still covered their hearts and said that they had suffered a heart attack, and it was all my fault. In August, because we were not married yet, we separated and reunited. I was in pain, so I met a second boy. That boy was very kind to me, so I fell in love with him, but at this time I was with the previous one. It doesn't matter, I chose between them at that time. Later, I took the initiative to confess these things to the second man. In October, my husband and I got the certificate secretly. I didn’t want any dowry gifts, rings, or wedding photos. After getting married, I often got divorced. Maybe I didn’t really want to leave, but when I thought of his parents, I was very afraid of the future. In life, he cheated me, saying that I knew you had cheated. After I heard it, I went to ask the second boy if he was looking for my husband. My husband called and I wanted the second boy to explain to my husband that we were fine, but the boy didn't help me. The two talked on the phone for five or six hours, telling me everything about me, and everything I did. After this operation, we got divorced again. It happened that I was pregnant at this time. It was my husband's, he had Sometimes he said forgive me and have a good life with me, but he couldn't get over that hurdle. He often tells others that I'm sorry for him and so on, and often makes me angry to the point of being hospitalized. I actually really want to have a good life with my other half, but I think he cheats easily. In this situation, I'm even more afraid of him cheating. . I now give money to others, love to others, I have nothing. Lu Qi replied [Screen recording content in the live broadcast room] The video is loading...
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