The 58-year-old aunt came back from a self-driving tour and decided to divorce. It's great, women have finally awakened

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The 58-year-old aunt came back from a self-driving tour and decided to divorce. It's great, women have finally awakened

Wen|Wen Er Two years ago, Aunt Su Min, 56, in Zhengzhou, after taking her two grandchildren to kindergarten, decided to temporarily get rid of her unhappy marriage and start traveling by car. In the past two years, Aunt Su Min has owned her own car. The car traveled through more than a dozen provinces across the country, shared all the scenery and moods it passed by, and gained a large number of netizens. Many netizens are also speculating about how Aunt Su Min will choose this marriage with her husband when she returns home from her trip. Many netizens also hate that iron is not steel and say that after escaping, they will definitely continue their marriage of complacency when they return. This is not the answer. Aunt Su Min returned to Zhengzhou on the Mid-Autumn Festival this year and returned to her home. Recently, Aunt Su Min revealed that after two years of separation, her relationship with her husband has not changed much. Seeing this news, many netizens are very supportive. To be honest, I am also very happy, not happy to see people divorced. It was the 58-year-old aunt Su Min who dared to file for divorce and saw the awakening of women. Aunt Su Min is not an exception. In recent years, the divorce rate has increased year by year, and most of them are proposed by women, and not only some young women, but also the group of women in their fifties and sixties. .

Why is the twilight leaving now?

It is said that husbands and wives come together when they are young. When they were young, they came together because of fate, formed a family, had children, supported each other, and finally raised their children, and the children have their own families. The two of them can be companions and enjoy their later years. However, at this time, many women resolutely filed for divorce. The description is really unbearable. In marriage, I have always been compromising for the sake of children, and I have finally been freed from the will of young people today when the children are married. It is the women of the older generation who are too patient. In the past, when women got married and had children, they had no ego at all, and only lived for their children. So even if the marriage is unhappy, the man is unreliable, and the in-law's family makes it difficult for him, he will swallow all these grievances for the sake of the children. Therefore, after many women have children, they work hard to manage their homes, take care of their children, and even earn money to support their families, completely widowed-style parenting. On the other hand, I have to endure an unreliable husband, machismo is overwhelming, children don't care if they earn money or not, they are prone to domestic violence, eat, drink, prostitute, and gamble. It can be said that many women have not received the consideration and attention from the other half at all in their marriages. They have long been disappointed with marriage and men, and they are just barely maintaining their marriages for the sake of their children. After the children grow up and have their own families, many women have no worries. In order to make themselves comfortable for the rest of their lives, they bravely filed for divorce. The social environment is tolerant of divorced people. Few of them divorced before, but there are many unfortunate women who drink pesticides, hang themselves and jump from wells. In the past, even if the marriage was extremely painful, women did not dare to file for divorce easily. Once divorced, there was nowhere to go, and the spit and comments of the people around them drove people crazy. So once you can't live in a marriage, you can only get rid of it by ending your own life. But now the social environment is more tolerant of divorce, and both marriage and divorce are free. Especially as women's education level increases, their economy and thoughts become more and more independent, women's minds are awakened, they have more right to speak in marriage and family, they dare to say no to unhappy marriages, and they dare to get rid of the confinement of bad marriages. , which is a manifestation of social progress. : [Topic discussion: Are there any divorced couples around you? ]-level nursery teacher, psychological consultant, author of original parenting comics, welcome to pay attention to [Little Wife], you can find the answers to family education, mental health, child development, and fashion education you want to know.
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