What a man loves deeply is a woman who is so "ruthless" to him

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What a man loves deeply is a woman who is so "ruthless" to him

Text/Xia Mo

01, Preface

Love is like a seesaw, it requires men and women to maintain a constant balance in order to have more taste. Zhang Xiaoxian said: "We are all lonely until we meet another person and let us know that life can be less lonely." Love can make people feel warm, sweet and happy. But love is difficult to manage. Because the deeper you love, the more you always want to take on for the other party. Especially women, the more deeply they love, the more they will pay, and gradually make men forget how to manage love. In fact, the more "ruthless" women are, the more men love them. When women are appropriately "ruthless", they can better maintain the balance of each other's love. Women, the more "ruthless" a man is in the following aspects, the more he will love you more deeply.

02. Ruthlessness allows a man to grow up and encourages him to run a business

Equal love will make two people go farther. A woman who is cruel to let a man grow and encourages him to run his business will gain more sense of accomplishment. Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding in "Children of Qiao's Family" are married. Wang Yiding has a relatively honest character and is very filial to his mother. Even, sometimes he is cowardly and has no opinion of his own. When Wang Yiding encountered a bottleneck in his career, Qiao Sanli supported him in starting his own business. Although, Wang Yiding was afraid of failure and did not dare to take the first step. However, Sanli has always encouraged him, believing that with his skills, he will be able to open the garage. Under the encouragement of Sanli, Wang Yiding hesitated again and again, and finally agreed to open a garage. After that, he relied on his own efforts to get better and better, and his career also flourished. He took Sanli in his arms and said to her, "In the future, I will listen to you in everything." On the road of life, it is also a kind of love to have requirements for a partner, and to be "ruthless" to a man. Encourage a man to grow, give him encouragement, and let him meet a better self. Every man is eager to manage his own business well, and women are "ruthless" forcing him to grow up, and he will appreciate your encouragement in the future.

03. Be cruel to let men give, participate in family building

love, need to give to each other in order to gain more love. If a woman can guide a man to learn to give in a relationship, and there are bricks and bricks added by him in the marriage castle, then the love for each other will be stronger. Romain Rolland once said: "In marriage, everyone has to pay a price, and at the same time they have to take something back. This is the law of supply and demand." Smart women know how to make men pay and participate in the construction of the family. Because the more a man pays, the more responsible he is to his family. In a family, men and women have to shoulder their own responsibilities. Whether it is raising a family, taking care of children, or running housework, one should not undertake it alone. If a woman is reluctant to give up a man in a relationship, it will increase the probability that a man will not cherish his family. A good marriage requires two people to work together and grow together to have a better future. Women, "ruthless" let men learn to pay, and he will pay more attention to each other's family and understand women's hard work better. In marriage, only two people cooperate tacitly and work together to overcome difficulties and move towards the future together.

04. Be cruel and let men learn to take responsibility and worship him

Every man actually has a hero complex. A really smart woman will "ruthlessly" let a man learn to take responsibility and let him learn to grow. When it comes to managing relationships, women can't be too strong. Don't put everything on your shoulders, a man will feel that without him, you can handle all the problems alone. The intersection of two people will gradually decrease, which is not conducive to managing feelings. Women, learn to show weakness, can let men learn to pay by asking men for help. Or, some things are directly handed over to men. When encountering difficulties and setbacks, encourage men to choose to face them and choose to take responsibility. "Heart-hearted" allows men to learn to take responsibility, and men will continue to become mature, responsible, and assertive. If the woman is too strong, then he will stop growing. When men achieve results, women can give encouragement and praise, and men will be more willing to take on more burdens at home. Women, no matter how much you love a man, don't get used to him too much. He should be guided to pay and let him take his responsibilities, so that his heart can be more closely connected with this family.

05. Summary

Bo Yang said: "Love does not develop logically, so we must always pay attention to its changes. Love is not eternal, so we must Keep pursuing." Women, please learn to be "ruthless" with men, after all, to be with each other in the future, we need each other to become stronger. Be "ruthless" to a man, let him pay more, let him work harder on his career. People need to constantly improve and grow in order to complete the real transformation. Women, when managing relationships, don't let men develop the habit of only taking but not giving. Men are the backbone of the family and the protector of children and parents. Let him take on his own responsibilities, he will become more mature, and he will become more knowledgeable about running a family. When a husband and wife become stronger together, they can resist more ups and downs, and their future life will be more calm. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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