People live forever, everything is bearish, everything is doomed

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People live forever, everything is bearish, everything is doomed

Text/Xia Mo

01. Frontispiece

Life is like a reverse journey, you have to taste the ups and downs, and you can only taste it yourself to experience. Mo Yan said: "There are four things in life, coming is accidental, going is inevitable, take it for granted, and let it go." However, on the road of life, all things will drift with the wind. On the road of life, there are gains and losses, and love is not the norm. There will be many regrets in life, regret choosing a certain job, regret not being able to be filial to your parents. If you choose a career, you will owe a lot to your lover. However, no matter what life is like, we must learn to accept the gifts of life calmly. Keeping the mentality of the fate, gain and loss, love and hate, right and wrong, are actually not that important in the road of life. Live a little simpler and let yourself have a good state of mind, in order to return to the truth, everything will be quiet and peaceful. People live forever, everything is bearish, everything is doomed.

02. Anything that can't be passed will become the past

In life, there will always be some things that make us feel anxious, flustered, and feel that we can never get over it again. past. In fact, no matter how difficult, painful, and tangled things are, they will become the past in life. Just as it was written in "Reflection on the Left Hand, Love in the Right Hand": "Many things that we thought we would never forget in our lives were forgotten by us in the days we never forget." Life will show a warm and soft side, but There will also be storms. No matter whether it is suffering or adversity, it will not last forever in a person's life. The sun will always rise and everything will be fine. After the pain, the heart will gradually return to peace, and the pain in the heart will gradually be healed. There is nothing that can't be passed all the time. People always have to constantly adapt to the environment and change their current life. Only by maintaining a kind of love in the pain can we have a more calm and complete life. Calm down your heart and put your wins and losses lightly. Whether it was a victory or a defeat in the past, there is a chance to start all over again. Cherish the present time, live every day well, in order to be safe.

03. No matter how difficult it is, it will be easier if you look down on it.

In life, you must have the ability to clear your heart. A lot of things, bearish, you will find an exit, you will find a solution. In everyone's life, there will be suffering, pain, and calamity of their own. The trials in life are to make us grow; the pains in life are to make us live more awake; the storms of life are to make us more focused on the road under our feet. Life is good or bad, it all depends on the state of mind. When encountering difficulties, learn to take everything lightly and manage your own life well, in order to better surpass yourself. Maybe, I sometimes feel that I am having a hard time, but, looking around, no one in this world has an easy and simple life. Some people are tormented by illness; some people are exhausted by the torment of life; some people suffer from emotional torment; and some people are trapped in poverty... Hypocritical, do not have to complain, but strive to break through yourself and create a new life. The road is long, go step by step. No matter what kind of test life throws you, don't be helpless, but go forward with a smile and feel more beauty and expectations.

04. Maintain a good attitude and live calmly

Mentality determines the color of life. Xue Xiaochan said: "Life has always been like this. It is as light as a feather, but as heavy as a mountain. The key is to see what kind of state of mind you have to lift this lever called life. If you lift it well, you will lift the weight lightly; Well, it's the top of Mount Tai." Everyone has different emotions, different moods, and different feelings about life. For example: a piece of white paper with only one stain on it. People with a good mentality will be very lucky, but fortunately only this part is dirty, and other places can still draw beautiful pictures and write beautiful chapters. And people with poor mentality will feel sorry for this blank sheet of paper and be disappointed. No matter how much time has passed, keep staring at that stain. In the end, time wasted and nothing was accomplished. This blank piece of paper is life, and what kind of answer sheet you submit depends entirely on your mood. Life is bound to make mistakes, experience countless failures, even injuries, setbacks and breakdowns. However, no matter what the situation is, you must learn to stand up. Learn to let go, don't dwell on the past.

05. Summary

People live forever, learn to look down on everything, everything is doomed. Ji Xianlin wrote in his book "Sorrows and Joys": "How can there be a real empathy in the world? If a person can manage his emotions well and digest the joys and sorrows of the world, even if he will experience ups and downs, he will surely achieve perfection." , there are always many unsatisfactory, there are many unexpected surprises and turns. When you can't change, learn to face it. Life is in a hurry, if you waste too much time in regret and regret, then there will be more pain and unwillingness. There are many difficulties in life, you can only rely on your own strength to fight and change. Learn to look down, let go, reconcile with yourself, and say goodbye to the past. Live your life well, see more beautiful scenery, and make your life more peaceful and calm. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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