"The dog is more important than your mother?" The son sends the mother away: If the dog is gone, my family of 3 will become 1

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"The dog is more important than your mother?" The son sends the mother away: If the dog is gone, my family of 3 will become 1

The book "Why Home Hurts" wrote: "The key reason why it is difficult to understand relatives is that we are accustomed to starting from our own coordinate system to speculate, speculate, evaluate and even criticize another person. Forget, the other party also has a phenomenon field, and has a completely different coordinate system from his own." It is not uncommon for pets to conflict with their parents (in-laws). The reason why this happens is mainly because there is a generation gap between the two generations, and it is difficult to understand each other. In the eyes of many elders, pets are livestock, and they are optional. They don’t need to be very careful when raising them. It’s enough that the leftovers don’t starve to death. Some people love cleanliness, dislike pets being dirty, and cannot accept pets at all. When they treat their pets, they don't treat it as life, but as something to throw away. Furthermore, parents are accustomed to their own authority, thinking that they have given their children their lives, and have the right to issue orders to their children, to be in charge of everything in their children's lives, including the disposal of their children's pets. When many parents dispose of their children's private belongings, they are accustomed to throwing them away without consultation. In the eyes of children, pets are not only a small life, but also their own family members, they are an indispensable part of the family. Especially, when you live alone, the pet you keep is your comfort and your magic weapon against loneliness. For children, pets that grow up with them are of great significance. When parents are busy with work and have no time to accompany their children, having a caring pet by the side has a very positive effect on the children's hearts. My wife was pregnant, my mother came to take care of her, and when she saw the dog my wife kept, she insisted that the dog would hurt the child, and asked me to throw the dog away. Dogs are of great significance to my wife. If I lose the dog, it is estimated that my wife will divorce me and my mother will make a lot of trouble. What should I do? Recently, Xiao Li (pseudonym) encountered such a problem and was very distressed. On the one hand, she gave birth to her mother, and she couldn't care less about her opinions. Moreover, her mother was very strong, she was used to giving orders to her son, and she was used to being the master of the house. Even if she protested, she would only get her mother "I'm for you." ok" accusations and her further persecution. On the other side is his wife, a lover who has worked so hard to have children for him, and he can't ignore his wife's feelings. Furthermore, Xiao Li knew very well how much that dog held in his wife's heart.

01.12 to 24 years old, it accompanied my wife through the period of being a left-behind child and working alone;

Xiao Li's wife's dog is not an expensive dog, just an ordinary local dog, but the position in his wife's heart is absolutely irreplaceable. The dog's name is Pippi, and he is 16 years old this year. Xiao Li's wife got it when he was 12 years old. "My wife told me about her growth experience. She was born in a remote small mountain village. Her parents used to farm for a living, and her family was struggling to live. Especially when she was 12 years old, there was a flood. There were almost no grains in the field. In desperation, my parents had to accept the advice of their relatives and go out to work to earn money to support the family." Xiao Li's wife lives with her grandmother and Pippi. "Pippi is very good. When my wife was in junior high school, she was a day student. She went to the road and took the school bus every morning at six o'clock. Pippi would take her off every day and then go home by herself. Follow my grandma and wait for her on the road." Xiao Li's wife went to college, and Pippi stayed in her hometown to accompany her grandmother until her grandmother died when her wife was 21 years old. The wife and grandma have a deep relationship. Whenever I see Pippi, I can recall the happy time when I lived with my grandma and Pippi during that period. For her, Pippi is also the most precious gift left by her grandmother.

02. When I married her, I promised her that I would take care of Pippi and let her live happily ever after.

After grandma passed away, Pippi temporarily lived with Xiao Li's wife's parents for a while, until his wife started looking for a job in her senior year and was able to move out. The wife would rather spend more money, run errands, and talk to the landlord. To put it well, you should also bring Pippi to live with you. "Maybe it's the experience of left-behind children. My wife is more introverted, quieter, doesn't have many friends, and doesn't like going out to socialize, except on dates with me. During that period, although we fell in love, I was also busy with work and accompany her. It's not as long as Pippi! Besides, Pippi is not small, he is a medium-sized dog, and he feels very secure. With him, I can rest assured." When dating, Xiao Li often brings snacks to Pippi, He joked that only when Pippi was coaxed would it allow Xiao Li to go in to find its shit shovel officer. When Xiao Li proposed to marry, his wife put forward some requirements. In addition to buying a house, honoring both parents, doing housework, and having children, which are inseparable topics in marriage, there is another one, that is, "Pippi wants to live at home, I want to accompany it to the last moment, it is family to me and cannot be separated from it." Xiao Li agreed and solemnly promised to take care of Pippi for the rest of his life. After buying a new house, Xiao Li specially gave Pippi Pippi settled down on the balcony. Because Pippi is old, Xiao Li and his wife often take him out for inspection. They use a cart to push Pippi, who is obviously lacking in energy but longs for the outside world, to go out for a walk. At this time, it can also further promote the couples. emotion. "When I learned that I was going to live in a dog in my house, my mother tried her best to oppose it. She hates animals the most, not even cats and dogs, just because my mother has a habit of cleanliness and hates hair. However, Pippi is old. Staying on the balcony all the time, it doesn't get in the way!"

03. You must do what you promise, Mom, you can't tolerate it. Pippi, but could not accommodate my wife;

Under the insistence of Xiao Li and his wife, Pippi still moved into a new home and was well taken care of. In the beginning, Xiao Li's mother did not live with her son and daughter-in-law. Except for the occasional nagging, it did not have much impact on Pippi. Although Xiao Li's wife was unhappy, she looked at her husband's face. , and did not bother with her mother-in-law. However, recently, Xiao Li's wife was pregnant. As the delivery date approached, Xiao Li asked his mother to come and take care of his wife, wait for the confinement, and take care of the baby. Unexpectedly, Mom is here, and Pippi is not pleasing to the eye as soon as she comes, even though Pippi didn't provoke her at all. Xiao Li's mother is a strong person and is used to giving orders to her son. She believes that her daughter-in-law must obey her, and under the banner of the good of her grandson, she forces her son to lose Pippi and not stay for a moment. "My mother has returned to my hometown, and my mother-in-law will come to take care of my wife in a few days." Xiao Li made the right decision, that is, to send her mother away and leave Pippi. When she learned of her son's decision, Xiao Li's mother couldn't accept it. He made a lot of noise and accused his son: "The dog is more important than your mother? I've raised you for nothing." "If the dog is gone, my family of three will become one. Can you tolerate Pippi or me? Wife? Or do you want me to be single for the rest of my life and under your control?"

04. It was never your parents that could ruin your marriage, but It's you couple.

Liuliu, the screenwriter of "Double-Side Tape" once said: "In the trivial life, women are most concerned about not how to resolve the contradiction itself, but whether the husband will stand in the process of resolving the contradiction. Behind me." From the beginning to the end, what your wife cares about is not your parents' attitude, but yours. The person she married is you, not your parents, and the person who wants to spend the rest of her life with her is you, not your parents. Therefore, as long as you stand by her side and give her enough security, she will not want to leave you. As for your parents, in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, as long as the man is on the side of the wife, there is nothing to do with the in-laws. Even if your parents don't care about your feelings and insist on interfering in your life, you can take your wife away and protect him. To love someone, you must protect her and give her the sense of security she needs. END. Topic of the day: Do you think it's right for Xiao Li to send his mother away for Pippi? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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