In the five years from 55 to 60, do two things well. Even if your children are unfilial, you are not afraid of being old and helpless.

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In the five years from 55 to 60, do two things well. Even if your children are unfilial, you are not afraid of being old and helpless.

Do you still remember the old Yan couple in the TV series "An Jia"? In order to get their son Junjun to marry in Shanghai smoothly, Lao Yan and his wife worked hard for more than ten years to sell steamed buns, saving more than 3 million yuan and buying a house for their son. Originally, Lao Yan and his wife only wanted to write the name of their son. After all, the daughter-in-law's family in this house did not give out a single child, and it was the hard-earned money of Lao Yan and his wife. However, the daughter-in-law asked for a name on the grounds that she was pregnant, and with the help of the son, the old Yan couple finally added the name of the daughter-in-law. After buying the house, Lao Yan and his wife returned the rented house and planned to close the steamed bun shop and move to their son's house to take care of their grandson. They are full of good vision for the future life. Living with the son, the son and the daughter-in-law earn money to support the family, the parents bring their children, and the three generations live together happily. This is the most simple and beautiful wish, and it is also the expectation of many parents. I have suffered for my son for most of my life, and all my savings have been used to buy a house for my son, just to let my son and grandson have a good life, and to have a happy family, is it too demanding? What's more, the daughter-in-law did not contribute a penny, and the in-laws also helped with the grandson. However, Jun Jun, the son of Lao Yan and his wife, was too unfilial, and his daughter-in-law was too selfish. They didn't want to live with Lao Yan and his wife from the beginning. Whether it was his son or his daughter-in-law, they disliked Lao Yan and his wife. So, the daughter-in-law called her mother over and asked her to occupy the magpie's nest. When she saw the parents-in-law carrying large and small bags, she went back to the house and shouted affectionately with her parents when she asked her parents-in-law to add her name. performance in stark contrast. The old Yan couple's son Jun Jun watched his parents blocked at the door and couldn't even get in the house, but he was indifferent, looking like he wanted his parents to leave quickly, which made people really angry. Lao Yan and his wife have all their life savings in the house, which has made them cheap for their son and daughter-in-law, but they are old and helpless. In their situation, they could only earn a little more while they could still do it. It would be a whimsical idea to rely on their son for old age. Gibran once said: "Some children make us feel that this life is worthwhile, and some children leave us with lifelong regrets." Someone who came here told me that in the five years from 55 to 60, do two things well, even if your children are unfilial, you will Don't be afraid of old age. Of course, the most important thing you should pay attention to is to educate your children, don't spoil them, and make them into people who don't know how to be grateful. However, if the child grows up and you find that he has no gratitude, does not know how to honor his parents at all, and can't get it back, you should first consider his old age, and don't make mistakes again and again.

First, stop the loss in time, don't give your children so much money, and try to keep the property you already have;

Like Lao Yan and his wife, Aunt Sun also met a son and daughter-in-law who didn't know how to be grateful, and they were heartbroken by them. Two years ago, my grandson was born. Auntie Sun took the initiative to go to her son's house to help bring her grandson. The daughter-in-law asked Auntie Sun to rent a house because it was inconvenient to live under one roof and asked for free space. You know, the house was bought by Auntie Sun and his wife in full, including the decoration, and the daughter-in-law moved in directly without paying a penny. For the sake of her grandson, Aunt Sun agreed, rented a house in the same community, and ran back and forth to take care of her grandson. However, since the name of Auntie Sun's old couple was written on the real estate certificate, the daughter-in-law never gave up adding her name. After the child was born, she felt that she had contributed to the succession of the old Fang's family. They are a couple. "It's not that I won't give it, but I'm really worried. To buy this house, we spent 1.58 million, sold the house in our home county, emptied our savings, and paid debts to buy it. It's all of us. Savings. Let's not say whether they will get divorced or not, and whether they can divide the property, they will give them the account. What if we are rejected, what should we do? What do we rely on for old age? Besides, we only have one son, sooner or later. Theirs, what's the hurry?" Although Aunt Sun repeatedly stressed that "sooner or later, it's yours", but the daughter-in-law was unrelenting and made many troubles. Not long ago, my daughter-in-law was even more noisy, accusing Auntie Sun of guarding her, and saying "if you don't give us the family, don't expect me to take care of you. When the child goes to school, you can go back to your hometown and stop bothering us". Aunt Sun. So, Auntie Sun showed the real estate certificate and asked their family of 3 to move out and return the house to her: "Don't give me pension, right! Do you think I'm rare? Give me the house back, and I'll rent it out or sell it. Now, the money is enough for me." Although Aunt Sun couldn't bear it under the repeated apologies of her son and daughter-in-law, she did not drive them away, but she thought of the behavior of her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who quarreled with her son and asked his parents to transfer the property immediately. , Aunt Sun also felt that her son was very unreliable, and she made up her mind that she would not transfer the house to them in advance. It's not too late to make amends. If you find that your children are unfilial, you have to stick to your bottom line, stop paying unconditionally, keep the property in your hand, and leave a way out for yourself. Moreover, many real-life cases tell us that although money cannot buy children's filial piety from the heart, in terms of money, children will not really care about you and tear your face with you. If you have money in your hand, you can still get their visit and care. Don't worry too much about the horns, don't care about the sincerity, let yourself spend your old age first, that's the most important thing.

Second, while you still have physical strength and energy, find a job and save a little more.

Fifty-five to sixty-year-olds, no matter how old they are, or whether they are young or old, there is still a lot of hope when they go out to find a job. Like in my mother's factory, there are many people in this age group. Like young people, they work 12 hours a day and can only rest for half a day a week. My mother talked to them, and some people choose to work because they want to help their children reduce their burden: "A month's mortgage is five or six thousand, and one person's salary is gone, how can the other one be able to support the child? Ah? As parents, can we not feel distressed when we see our children suffer? Can we not want to help?" Some people are bored, unable to adapt to their old age without their relatives, and want to find a job to pass the time. Some people have spent all their savings for their children because of their unfilial piety. They are afraid of being insecure when they get old, so they have to work more while they can. In fact, even if the children are filial, it is not good for them to grow old too early. As a result, at this time, children have just started a family, and the pressure is huge, and there are very few people who can take on the dual responsibility of raising children and supporting their parents. At this time, if you want to raise your children, it is easy to be disliked by your children and their other half, thinking that you are thinking about your children and grandchildren. Second, the more money, the better. Even if you have hundreds of thousands in your hand, you probably won't have much left after a serious illness. Furthermore, you must learn to plan ahead, just in case, you have food in your hand, so you won't panic when you encounter something. END. Topic of the day: What do you think? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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