Mom forced Phoenix girl to break up: "Don't get married, support your brother's family of 4, and your nephew will give you the care"

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Mom forced Phoenix girl to break up: "Don't get married, support your brother's family of 4, and your nephew will give you the care"

In the TV series "Ode to Joy", one of the female protagonists, Fan Shengmei, has a classic line: "A person's family is a person's destiny." In Fan Shengmei's view, she was born in a family that prioritizes sons over daughters and constantly sacrifices her own life. Profits and happiness, to clean up the mess for her brother who has no ability but love to make trouble, and become the ATM of the original family, is her own destiny. In the face of her mother's crying and her brother's oppression, she would only cry and complain about the injustice of fate. However, she never thought of resisting, loving herself a little, or refusing to the end bravely. She accepted her fate, blamed it all on the injustice of God, complained that she had given the wrong child, and then, the next time her mother came to her door, she resigned and tried her best to get money to satisfy the patriarchal mother and her sister who had peace of mind. the unreasonable demands of my brother. Being born in a family that prefers sons to daughters may be the greatest misfortune for women. The damage caused by the family of origin takes a lifetime to heal. Faced with the unfair treatment of their parents, some women, like Fan Shengmei, think that their original family is their destiny, become a helper, and become a cash cow for their original family. Protect your own interests, and only the latter can obtain your own happiness. Louise Hayzen, the author of "Rebuilding the Heart" said: "If you believe that your family of origin is your destiny, then you will lose. Because only you can find the outlet for all problems, and only yourself is the one who can The person who rewrites the fate." Pan Yuanyuan is 30 years old this year and has not yet married, she is an out-and-out old leftover girl. It stands to reason that since the daughter has not been married until now, the parents should be very anxious, urging the daughter to solve the life-long event as soon as possible, and even forcing the daughter to get married. However, when Pan Yuanyuan brought her boyfriend home on the Mid-Autumn Festival and told her parents that she was going to get married, her mother objected without hesitation and ordered her daughter to break up immediately: "You want to get married? How can this be? If you are married, your man can still be Do you want to pay so much money to your family every month? Without your salary, what will happen to your brother’s family of 4? Are you waiting to starve to death? Baby, listen to your mother, don’t get married and support your brother’s family of 4 and nephew Give you old age."

01. I have sons and daughters. Before, I thought they liked daughters, but later I found out that they were just in Give birth to a cash cow for her son;

Pan Yuanyuan is a post-90s, born in the era when the family planning policy was the most strictly enforced. She gave birth to a younger brother to her daughter, but Pan Yuanyuan's parents had a son, and they still ignored the policy requirements and gave birth to a daughter. "Before, I thought they liked their daughters, and the people around me thought so too. They said that my parents preferred sons to daughters, but few people believed them. Since I was a child, my parents told me the same thing, saying that they just wanted a caring little girl. The padded jacket gave birth to me." Pan Yuanyuan also thinks so, thinking that her parents love her, so she will strictly demand her homework, will get angry when her academic performance drops, and will punish her and force her to study hard. However, if parents love Pan Yuanyuan, why would they only buy clothes for her brother, and let Pan Yuanyuan pick up and wear clothes from her cousins ​​since she was a child? How could they not forget to remind Pan Yuanyuan every time they make a phone call, they put her in college for Pan Yuanyuan, and they treat their daughters better than most parents in their hometown? How could she ask Pan Yuanyuan to transfer the scholarship to her brother and ask her to buy a mobile phone when she learned that Pan Yuanyuan had won a scholarship for her excellent grades? It was not until she grew up that Pan Yuanyuan learned from her relatives that the reason her parents wanted another son after they had a son was because they felt that multiple sons would guarantee multiple generations of the family. If they had more daughters, their sons would have protection. "It's okay to have a daughter, give her up and let her make a lot of money. In the future, your son will not worry about not having a son to spend. My mother just believed this sentence and felt that it was not a loss, so she asked me for it." < h1 class="pgc-h-arrow-right" data-track="17">02. I sold my house in my hometown and went to rent a house in the provincial capital. Because of this, I can live at home and the salary card belongs to them. ;From childhood to adulthood, my brother refused to study hard. A good university, became a Phoenix girl. Originally, Pan Yuanyuan's home was in a small mountain village. However, when Pan Yuanyuan was a senior, her parents sold their home to relatives and rented a house in the provincial capital, asking Pan Yuanyuan, who could move out, to live with them. . They let Pan Yuanyuan live at home for one purpose, that is, there is a reason to say that Pan Yuanyuan doesn't need to spend any money, she can ask for Pan Yuanyuan's salary card, and let Pan Yuanyuan manage their money. So, eight years after graduation, Pan Yuanyuan's salary has been in the hands of her parents. Now it is nearly 300,000 yuan a year. The parents used this money to get their son married, paid a down payment for his son in the provincial capital, bought a house, let Sons and daughters-in-law with monthly salaries of less than 10,000 don't have to worry about raising two children. And what about Pan Yuanyuan? I wanted to buy a down jacket for 1,000 yuan, but I changed it to the one I’ve been wearing for four years. My mother threw her the old-fashioned one, and turned around and bought a 2,000 piece for my daughter-in-law; the phone in my brother’s hand It only took a year for her to use the new product, and Pan Yuanyuan was finally able to change her mobile phone. For her work needs, she bought cosmetics. After using it for less than three days, her sister-in-law saw it and took it away without saying hello. The colleague couldn't stand it, and suggested that Pan Yuanyuan resist her parents, get her salary card back, and move out. However, the weak and incompetent Pan Yuanyuan not only did not have the courage to do so, but also betrayed the person who gave her the idea in her parents' conversation, and let her parents find her. She broke into the company, so that the colleague who really wanted to help her had to resign. Since then, no one has helped her again.

03. Those are the parents who gave birth to me, my brother and nephew, I couldn't care less, he left me;

Pan Yuanyuan is very beautiful and capable, and her income is not high. Over the years, there have been many boys who have taken her fancy, and there are boys who have confessed to her and want to marry her. However, some of them were harassed by Pan Yuanyuan's parents, and some were harassed by Pan Yuanyuan's parents, and some were asked by Pan Yuanyuan's parents that "500,000 betrothal gifts, not even a cent less, and even if they get married, the salary card is still under my control". Frightened away, a few of them learned about Pan Yuanyuan's family situation and retreated despite difficulties. For example, when Pan Yuanyuan went home with Pan Yuanyuan, Pan Yuanyuan's mother was not shy when she said that she asked her daughter not to marry and raise her brother's family of four. Seeing Pan Yuanyuan's troubled expression, that person didn't eat and left without looking back. "Actually, I still want to get married, and I want to have my own children. No matter how much my nephew kisses, it's not as good as my own birth! But, those are the parents who gave birth to me, my brother and nephew, I can't Don't care. Am I going to watch them starve to death for myself?" When Pan Yuanyuan tried to contact her boyfriend after the holiday, she found that she had been blocked by the other party. After hearing what happened to Pan Yuanyuan, the people around her were calm and gave Pan Yuanyuan a piece of advice: "Your mother's words are very reasonable, don't get married, you are not suitable for being a mother with such a temperament, it will hurt innocent little lives. ”

04. It is your choice whether to consider yourself or be willing to be the cash cow of the original family, then you should pay for it yourself !

Roland said: "We can't pin all our happiness on others. Others can only understand and help us to a limited extent. In fact, there are always more people in the world who are the icing on the cake than those who help in the snow. If If you are strong, others will encourage you; if you are weak, few people will help you." For girls like Fan Shengmei and Pan Yuanyuan, people will only mourn their misfortune and anger them, and they will not sympathize with them at all, because no matter how much Their sympathy and help cannot save them who have been completely brainwashed by their native families, nor can they stop them from willingly giving their hard-earned money to the squandering hands of their native families. No matter how good an idea or plan is, it requires you to wake up thoroughly, resist unswervingly, and implement it to achieve your goals. It is your choice to consider for yourself, or to be willing to be the cash cow of the original family, then you should pay for it yourself! If you choose to sacrifice yourself and be the cash cow of your original family, that's your business, don't implicate innocent people. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for Pan Yuanyuan? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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