Teaching my son and daughter-in-law AA, 1 year later, the mother-in-law cried: the grandson is not born, the hospital does not serve

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Teaching my son and daughter-in-law AA, 1 year later, the mother-in-law cried: the grandson is not born, the hospital does not serve

There is a saying on the Internet: "Marriage must be a matter of two adults. It is not adulthood at the age level, but adulthood at the psychological level." The reason why many people do not manage well in marriage is because they are only at the age of marriage and psychologically. But they are not mature enough to understand what marriage requires, what they need to do for marriage and family, and what they can and should not ask for from marriage and family. They choose to get married, relying entirely on the courage of the moment, thinking that I like you, you like me, we should be together, inseparable, add another child, grow old together, but forget that marriage is not the same as love. Soy sauce and vinegar tea is surrounded by the trivial matters of life. As a psychologist once said: "To a certain extent, many tragedies in today's marriage relationships are caused by two children, not two adults." When we don't know enough about marriage, we rush into it After marriage, if we encounter problems and don’t know what to do, we will ask our parents for help and give our parents a chance to interfere in our marriage. Some parents are sensible and will teach their children to manage marriages and let them understand their responsibilities. Under the guidance of such parents, the young couple can mature as soon as possible and take on their own lives. However, some parents patronize and love their children, and put all the mistakes on the other half of their children and the children of others. The more they intervene, the worse the situation will be. When the other party has accumulated enough disappointment and accumulated it into despair, it is time for him to choose to leave and the marriage is broken. Frozen three feet is not a day's cold, a completely cold heart, no matter how much you cover it, it is difficult to restore. "Daughter-in-law, I was wrong. After I am discharged from the hospital, I plan to go back to my hometown and stop interfering in your lives. You can cross the boat with a hundred years of cultivation, and sleep together in a thousand years. Marriage is a fate that only exists in thousands of years. Ah! I'm leaving, the two of you have a good life, it's time to have children, okay?" Hearing her mother-in-law's words, Lin Fei didn't answer directly, because she didn't know whether her marriage still existed. necessary.

01. I was in a hurry when I got married, and I was immature psychologically. Only after I got married, I found out that the living habits and three views of the two people are very different;

Three years ago, Lin Fei and her husband Dong Hao met and fell in love. The two had been together for less than a year, and Dong Hao proposed to Lin Fei, saying that they felt that they were not too small for each other, and the parents of both parties were in a hurry. Lin Fei did not reject marriage, nor was she in a hurry. She just agreed when she saw Dong Hao's proposal. Although Lin Fei's parents met Dong Hao, they felt that he and his daughter were not psychologically mature enough to manage a good marriage, let alone being a parent, but at Lin Fei's insistence, they still respected her daughter's idea and agreed to this They were married, so the two got their licenses and got married. "When we were in love, he asked me to live with me. My best friend said that it was not good. She said that living together before marriage would easily damage the reputation of girls. Men don't suffer, women suffer, so I didn't agree until the marriage. After being together, I found that living together before marriage is also beneficial, at least, you can find that the two of you have different lifestyles and perspectives!" From childhood to adulthood, her parents taught Lin Fei to love cleanliness, and so did Lin Fei A girl who is obsessed with cleanliness, likes to keep her living environment clean and tidy, and she doesn't like to keep furry pets. However, Dong Hao is rather sloppy and throws things around. She likes smoking but avoids people. She also likes dogs, but she doesn't know how to take care of them. This leads to a mess in the house, which makes Lin Fei feel furious. Also, the two have very different views on money. In Lin Fei's opinion, playing games is an unhealthy behavior. It's a waste of time, and it's not good for your health. It's not advisable to charge money. Lin Fei, who was in a cupboard, wasted money and accused Lin Fei of being a prodigal.

02. My mother-in-law supported my son to charge money to play games, and accused me of losing my family, so that I could not hand in the salary card, so the AA system was created;

Dong Hao accused Lin Fei of being a loser. Lin Fei believed that Dong Hao's top-up game was a waste of money and was useless. The two had a quarrel. Lin Fei's eloquence was good, but Dong Hao couldn't argue, so he went back to help the soldiers and told his mother about his "wonderful" wife, so Lin Fei's mother-in-law came to his son's house, stood on his side, educated Lin Fei got up. "Tell me first, don't be too restrictive to men, what's wrong with her son's love of playing games? It's normal to have a little hobby. You're so tired from work, can't you relax? Then he told me that I shouldn't buy so much Cosmetics, talk to me about the importance of saving money, saying that if I become a mother in the future, I should spend less if I can, and I shouldn’t spend what I can’t spend. Women, you have to think about children and husbands. You can't be too selfish." Lin Fei couldn't accept her mother-in-law's double-standard thinking, thinking that her salary was not lower than her husband's, why can a man recharge the game, but he can't buy what he likes? Seeing that Lin Fei didn't listen, she went her own way. Her mother-in-law was anxious and accused Lin Fei of losing her family and asked Lin Fei to hand over her salary to her for safekeeping, so that they would not waste all the money and have no money to have children. Lin Fei categorically refused. The mother-in-law asked for it several times, but Lin Fei refused to give it. The mother-in-law had no way to take Lin Fei, so she said: "Since you refuse to hand in the salary, then don't worry about my son. "Dong Hao thinks this is a good idea. In this way, Lin Fei can't control himself to recharge the game. Lin Fei was so angry when he saw this, he simply agreed.

03. If you can't afford half of having children, don't want children. AA-based marriages, of course, are the responsibility of each parent. .

Dong Hao thought that if he made the AA system with his wife, he could spend as much money as he wanted. Indeed, Lin Fei did what he wanted, and no longer interfered with his game recharge game, but since it was AA system Marriage, Lin Fei will implement it to the end. "Look, this is a list of housework, half of it is mine, and the other half is yours. If you don't do it, and I don't do it, let the house get dirty!" Dong Hao is used to a sloppy life and doesn't listen at all. , insisted on doing nothing, Lin Fei was not used to him, rented a house and moved out, letting the house get dirty, making Dong Hao and her mother-in-law half-dead, and helpless. "Why haven't I been pregnant yet? We don't live together, how can I get pregnant? Besides, why should I have a child? Can your son be pregnant for five months, or can he share half of the pain and postpartum sequelae of childbirth? I After suffering so much, he didn't give anything, and in the end, the child still has his surname, why?" When her mother-in-law said, "It is a woman's duty to have children, and if you don't have children, what do you want to do", Lin Fei directly He turned back: "Isn't it also a man's duty to support the family? If you don't support the family, what do you want him to do?" Not long ago, her mother-in-law was sick and hospitalized. Dong Hao ordered Lin Fei to serve, but Lin Fei refused. It's only been a year since I taught my son and daughter-in-law AA, but Lin Fei's mother-in-law cried: "The grandson is not born, and the hospital does not serve you. What kind of sin have I done? What kind of daughter-in-law should I marry?" Why did the mother-in-law choose to be soft? , promised to go back to her hometown and persuaded Lin Fei to manage her marriage well. Lin Fei didn't know her true thoughts, but Lin Fei was very confused now and didn't know what to do. She couldn't see any hope of going on.

04. Getting married is not a family game. You must be prepared to be worthy of marriage, yourself, and your children.

As Liu Zhongxin said: "Family life is not as easy, pleasant and charming as falling in love, it is moving forward with heavy steps." Marriage, worthy of yourself, worthy of the children. If you are unprepared, and you rush into marriage, but you cannot adapt, you cannot get along with each other, and you cannot seek common ground while reserving differences, then your marriage will inevitably have frequent conflicts, and it will be difficult to live a stable life. You have a bad relationship, your marriage is crumbling, and it is a great misfortune to have a child born in such a family. Remember, impulse is the devil, as a minor, you must be responsible for your own choices. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for Lin Fei? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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