For you, the more I like the man who "suffered", the more I love you

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For you, the more I like the man who "suffered", the more I love you

Text/Xia Mo

01. Preface

In love, a man who gives his heart is like the sun, willing to serve A woman removes the dark clouds and allows her to have warmth and happiness. Deep in love, a man is like a tree. Even in the face of wind and rain, he wants to hold an umbrella for a woman and give her a peaceful time and space. Zhang Ailing wrote in "Red Rose and White Rose": "If a person has no time, it is because he does not want to have time; if a person can't go away, it is because he does not want to go away; if a person makes excuses for you too much A lot, that's because he doesn't want to care about you." A man who truly loves you knows how to "suffer". A man gives all his affection to a woman. He is not afraid that he will "suffer" by falling in love with her first, but is willing to give everything for her happiness. In front of a woman, he lowered his bottom line and principles very low, and put her first in everything, even if he "suffered", he didn't care. The more a man likes to suffer from three kinds of losses, in fact, he loves you very much.

02. Friction and conflict will make you

in love. Men and women have different minds. Men will like to express their views and ideas directly, while women will like to suggest, or duplicity. As a result, when two people are together, it is always easy to have misunderstandings, frictions and conflicts. When a man loves a woman deeply, he will not let her get angry. A man would rather be scolded a few times, beaten a few times by a woman, and not want to talk back, just hope she can vent her emotions and prevent women from being wronged. Although, sometimes a man feels inexplicable in the face of a woman's sudden anger, and does not know where he is wrong. But because of love, he still can't help but apologize, first coax her to be happy, and then slowly ask the reason. No matter what is right or wrong, you don't want to see the woman you like get angry. Because men believe that all problems can be solved slowly. As long as it doesn't affect the feelings of two people, a man would rather let a woman out and suffer more. When a man truly loves a woman deeply, he is willing to "suffer" when quarreling. Let her be everywhere, always bowing her head first. Bowing his head for love, he was willing.

03. Be willing to spend money for women, and lose money by eating money

Money may be very important on the road of life. But when it comes to true love, it's a lot less. After a man loves a woman sincerely, he is willing to spend a lot of money for love, just to make her happy and surprise her. In the TV series "Dear, Love", there is a plot: Tong Nian was drunk and took the antique necklace that Han Shangyan's stepmother asked him to buy on his behalf. At that time, Tong Nian thought it was a gift from Han Shangyan, full of surprises and happiness on his face. Han Shangyan didn't tell the truth when he saw that Tong Nian liked it. Instead, she silently took the box, packed the necklace, and put it into her bag without hesitation. The necklace was worth a fortune. In order to repay the money from his stepmother's necklace, he almost went bankrupt and owed a lot of money to his cousin Wu Bai. However, he never complained or mentioned it to Tong Nian. He is willing to suffer, willing to spend money for Tong Nian, likes to see her happy, and wants to lead her to a better life and experience a different wonderful life. When a man pays his heart for a woman, he is willing to suffer the loss of money and spend money for a woman. Even if a woman wants something beyond his ability, he will try to make himself more money instead of restricting a woman's right to pursue a better life. When a man regards a woman as his life, he will be willing to spend money for a woman, let her dress well, eat well, and let her live happily.

04. Suffer in housework and work hard

When a man loves a woman from the bottom of his heart, he will be willing to accompany the woman to do housework together, and watch When a woman does heavy work, she can't help but stop it. Because they care about their lover, men are willing to work hard, "suffer" in household chores, and silently take up the trivialities of life. Xia Junshan in "Little Shede" is a good husband and a good father. After getting up in the morning, I first dressed my younger son and took him to wash. Cooperate with his wife tacitly, although the time is very tight, but not panic at all. When his daughter encountered problems in her studies, and seeing that his wife Nan Li was in a bad mood, he immediately took over the job of tutoring the children's homework to relieve his wife. After the child enrolled in the remedial class, in order to make his wife feel more relaxed, he has been taking the initiative to pick up the child. It was very hard but without any complaints. When Nan Li encountered anything, Xia Junshan patiently gave guidance and supported his wife with practical actions. In the family, he is always ready to give, because he loves her very much. When a man truly loves a woman, he will be willing to take on the trivialities of life and actively undertake housework. I would rather suffer a little loss myself, and I also hope that women can live a little easier. A man loves a woman from the bottom of his heart, he will like to face the housework with a woman, and actively pay, hoping to reduce the pressure.

05. Summary

If you truly love a woman, a man will protect her with all his tenderness and give her enough security. In front of a woman, no matter what, a man can smile and give in. For the girl you like, the more you like the man who "suffered", the more true you love. He will give desperately, want to give her the best, let hope see more smiles on her face, and be willing to give everything to love her. I would rather "suffer" myself and make women happier. If the woman also has a heart for the man who "suffered" for you, please remember to give him the feedback of love. When a man's efforts are responded to, a man will deeply feel the value of his efforts. Because you care, you are willing to pay, so you don't care if you suffer. Even feeling a little tired is a sweet burden. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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