The heartache of the eldest daughter of the second-born family: buying a birthday cake is on the verge of expiry, not just the stomach

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The heartache of the eldest daughter of the second-born family: buying a birthday cake is on the verge of expiry, not just the stomach

Conflicts between children in a second-child family are always unresolved. No matter how considerate the first child is, a sensible and well-behaved little angel, it will change greatly after the parents give birth to the second child, because they are very resistant to the arrival of this child from the bottom of their hearts. After all, this child will directly threaten his status and interests at home. It would be difficult for anyone to give half or even all of the love that originally belonged to him to the second child!

The heartache of the eldest daughter of the second-born family: buying a birthday cake is all about to expire, not just the stomach

in Susu When I was 3 years old, my mother gave birth to a little brother. When my younger brother first appeared, I didn't have much feeling. The little guy was pink and tender, very cute. Seeing him sleeping obediently every day would not interfere with me. But as the little brother grows up, he not only sleeps peacefully, but also learns to cry. Sometimes his mother will accuse him of crying because he is the little brother he provoked. And as long as the mother hugs her brother, she doesn't care about herself. Once the little brother cried again, Susu was anxious to see what was going on, and accidentally fell off the sofa. After her mother saw it, she just shouted to herself, "Get up quickly, be careful next time", but put the younger brother. hold in his arms. This feeling of being hugged by my mother seems to have not been felt for a long time. Seeing that it was coming to Susu's birthday, she had been looking forward to this birthday for a long time. Every time I see other children celebrating their birthdays in kindergarten, I am very envious, and I am curious about what kind of birthday cake my mother can buy for me? It's just that on the day of my birthday, my mother didn't tell me anything in the morning, just like she forgot about her birthday. This was originally repeated by grandma a month ago, that Susu is going to celebrate her birthday, and Susu is going to celebrate her birthday. Dad sent Susu to kindergarten as usual and turned around and left. The teacher would congratulate her as soon as she saw Susu. But when he saw his father who was about to leave, the teacher stopped him and asked him if he didn't prepare a birthday cake for Susu? I don't know if it was because of the teacher's reminder or because my parents didn't actually forget Susu's birthday. At lunch time, the birthday cake was delivered. The teacher distributed cakes to all the children in the class, but the smell of the cakes was a little strange. After tasting it, it was indeed a broken cake. Susu looked at this inedible cake, tears streaming down like raindrops. The teacher will feel helpless for her when she sees it! Living in such a family, this child's future is worrying!

In families with two children, such neglect can be found everywhere

Parents will unconsciously attach importance to the second child When the second child comes, parents will not realize it On the one hand, because he is very young, he needs more attention from his parents, and this attention was once given to the eldest. And now the children are so precious, they will be injured if they are careless. On the other hand, when I was taking care of the boss, I left a lot of regrets. When I faced the second child this time, I wanted to make up for it on him. After all, the same mistake cannot be made a second time. will be more attentive. In this way, the favoritism of the parents will be seen by the boss. Even if he is only a few years old and does not understand any big truth, it will not affect their perception. Because they have senses, they have hearts, and they can see into their parents' love and neglect. The eldest is taken for granted with a sense of responsibility. Compared with the second child, the eldest’s older age means that they must be more mature. Maturity means understanding what their mother did and understanding the unfairness of their mother. , understand the strict requirements of their mothers. But many parents forget that the eldest is still a small child, a child who needs the care of his mother. Is it necessary to pull out the seedlings because of having a younger child? Isn't it stupid enough to give up the first child because of this child? This kind of ignorance is obviously not worth it!

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