As a parent, if you want your children to be in love with each other, don't say 3 words, otherwise, you will cheat your children and yourself.

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As a parent, if you want your children to be in love with each other, don't say 3 words, otherwise, you will cheat your children and yourself.

In "My Brothers and Sisters", there is a line: Dad said that we were originally snowflakes that fell from the sky, fell to the ground, turned into ice, turned into water, and we could never be separated again. Brothers and sisters, with the same blood, are our closest relatives in this world, just like our parents. As a parent, we naturally hope that our children can be deeply fraternal, respectful, support each other and help each other for a lifetime. If the children have close relatives, they will feel a lot more at ease when their parents pass away, thinking that they will continue to love each other. However, some brothers and sisters are family members all their lives. Even if their parents are gone, they will help each other and help each other. Brothers and sisters respect each other. Some brothers and sisters are not relatives, but enemies. It can do things like a wall of flesh and blood. For example, in ancient times, there were Cao Zhi who was forced to write a poem in seven steps and left the well-known poem "Originally from the same root, why is it too urgent to fry each other?" Kowloon won the heir, and now, even in ordinary families, brothers and sisters are very likely to turn against each other. In fact, whether brothers and sisters will become brothers and sisters or become enemies is directly related to the education of their parents. As Tolstoy once said: "All education, or nine hundred and ninety-nine per thousand education, boils down to example, to the correctness and perfection of the parents themselves." As a parent, you want your children to be siblings. If you are deeply in love, don't say 3 words, otherwise, you will cheat your children and yourself. When they turn against each other, they will inevitably blame you for the injustice of the bowl of water, and it will also affect the parent-child relationship. At that time, your quality of life in old age may be affected.

First, you are so rich, what's the matter with your siblings?

In a family, it is very common for siblings to have different economic conditions after they grow up and start a family due to their different abilities, opportunities and personality. Some parents can understand clearly that no matter how rich their children are, it is because of their hard work and hard work. They have no obligation to spend money on other brothers and sisters. thing. However, if you run into eccentric parents, you may rely on the identity of the parents to force the well-off children to continuously subsidize the poor children, and let the children who are liked and the poor ones enjoy the success, not only gnawing on the parents , you can also gnaw siblings. Aunt Zhao from my hometown is such a person. She regards her youngest son as a treasure. She is afraid of falling when she holds it in the palm of her hand, and is afraid that it will melt in her mouth. Going to the school to make trouble, no teacher dares to discipline the younger son anymore. In the end, the youngest son, not to mention that he has a good chance of going to university, is still lazy and greedy for pleasure, often borrowing debts online, and being unable to repay the debts he is called to his door. At this time, Aunt Zhao would go to the eldest son's house to cry and make a scene, asking the eldest son, who was doing well and had a house and a car in the city, to help him. The younger brother asked for money: "You are so rich, what's the matter? If you are here, your younger brother doesn't work, so you don't have to worry about not having money to spend. The eldest brother is like a father, this is what you must do." As a result, Aunt Zhao's eldest son did not know how to refuse, but the eldest daughter-in-law did not want to be like a mother, so she chose to divorce and leave with the child. After losing his wife and children, Aunt Zhao's eldest son was hit hard, his career went wrong, his house was sold, and his people disappeared. Now, Aunt Zhao has no choice but to find work everywhere at the age of 59 to subsidize her youngest son. Education expert Makarenko said: Giving everything to children, sacrificing everything, even sacrificing their own happiness, is the most terrible gift parents can give their children. You are used to gnawing on old, unproductive children. You rob the rich to help the poor, and in the end, you either destroy the homes of your children who had a good life, or force them to turn against you and stay away from you. In this way, when you are old, you will be unreliable for gnawing on your old children, and you should be filial to your children. You are also pushed away, and you cannot escape the bleak fate of the evening scene.

Secondly, I will give my property to whomever I love, but I gave birth to you, and if you want your old age, you must take care of it I;

Things like this, it is estimated that girls living in patriarchal families have heard a lot. Patriarchal parents treat their children with extremely double standards. According to ancient traditional thinking, they believe that sons are family members, incense sticks, and qualified to inherit the family property. Daughter is an outsider, and a married daughter throws it out. Water, they are not qualified to inherit the family property. On the other hand, they accept the statement that children are now obliged to support their parents with peace of mind, and even in order not to let their sons bear their own pensions, they have to rely on the grace of childbirth and raise all the burdens of pensions. Daughter and son-in-law. There is a sentence in "Yan's Family Instructions": "Whether the weathered person is from the top to the bottom, and from the first to the latter." Therefore, if the father is not kind, the son will not be filial; if the brother is not friendly, the younger brother will be disrespectful; if the husband is not righteous, the wife will be disobedient. Indeed, it is your freedom to give your property to someone. If you give it to your son or not to your daughter, no one can force you. However, if things go wrong, there will always be resentment. You give preference to sons over daughters and hurt your daughter, but you still want her to honor you and make you happy in your later years. How is this possible? Even if you sue your daughter and her daughter needs to give you alimony, you cannot force her to take you home for retirement. What's more, the son who gets more of your property needs to bear the most. At this stage, the family relationship is completely gone, and the daughter can no longer treat you well. What's worse is that you are going to make your son a white-eyed wolf, you don't know how to be grateful, and you have no money in your hands. When you get old, you will have nowhere to go, and your old age will not be easy.

Thirdly, he treated me badly. I have suffered a lot of grievances in his home for the elderly, but you still respect me.

"I served you for 6 years, provided you with food and drink, and took time off to take care of you when I was sick. In the end, I became the most unfilial child. The youngest son who only came to see you once in two years was the most unfilial child. Filial piety, right? Well, go to the most filial son's house, don't stay at my house, so that I won't make you angry with this unfilial son." After speaking, the eldest son ignored Aunt Tao's crying and asked someone to help Tao The aunt lifted it into the car, took it to the younger son's house, left it at the door of the younger son's house, and left. The youngest daughter-in-law refused to let Aunt Tao move in, causing a divorce. In the end, Aunt Tao had to pay the pension, rent the house, and call the eldest son to apologize. They said nothing and refused to let Aunt Tao go back. There is a saying on the Internet: "All the feelings in the world are mutual, and the best way to maintain a relationship is to pay and gain." As a child, you are filial to you and take care of you, but you are biased to the extreme, blinding your eyes, and even unable to distinguish Right and wrong confuse right and wrong, no matter how filial piety children are, they will feel chills, and they will no longer be able to live in harmony with you. To put it bluntly, whether brothers and sisters can achieve brotherhood depends on whether parents can achieve a bowl of water. END. Topic of the day: How are you with your siblings? Are your parents biased? Feel free to share your story in the comments section.
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