Often instilling this kind of thinking in children will easily affect the growth of children, and knowledge and patterns cannot be spared.

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Often instilling this kind of thinking in children will easily affect the growth of children, and knowledge and patterns cannot be spared.

Children's patterns and knowledge are different. The influence of parents on their children is not only internal but also external. The inside is the role played by genetic genes, and it is difficult to change this kind of characteristics engraved in the bones. The outside is the daily teaching of the parents, big and small actions in life are influencing factors, even if the parents do not deliberately teach, they will let the children secretly imitate the past.

Why are children always influenced by their parents?

Children will take their parents as their role models. When a child is about 3 years old, there will be a critical period of worshipping his father. Whether it is a boy or a girl, seeing his father is like seeing a hero who saves the world. The incarnation of the impossible. They really worship their father without any bottom line. This is a growth process that they must go through. Although some changes will occur in the subsequent growth, and the sense of admiration will gradually disappear, but when they are mature enough, the habit of imitating their parents' behavior cannot be easily changed. Because the role of parents is extremely important, they are the closest people to them, and it is difficult to get along with them for a long time every day without being affected! Not to mention growing up to be completely different from their parents? Some are too strong. Children are the shadow of their parents. Many teachers can roughly judge their parents and families by judging their students' behavior. This is not a superpower, nor is it a professional quality that is exclusive to teachers, but the ability to see details. different requirements. Because children who grew up with their parents are copies of their parents. Facing difficult emotional changes and expressing joy, they will be exactly the same as their parents. At first, it may be because of trying to imitate, and slowly it will be internalized into one's own subconscious. This kind of change is usually not easy to detect, even the child himself does not know, when did it become like this? Even if you don't want and don't like behaviors that you don't want, it's difficult to correct them. It also sounds helpless.

It is often instilled in children this kind of thinking, which will easily affect the child's growth, and the knowledge and pattern cannot be spared

Always unconsciously PUA children, many parents will always The child said that you are the hope of the whole family. Only when you become a talent can our family be proud. Even if it is for the two of us, you have to study hard and live a good life. Don't let us down! These few words are like a curse, repeated in the ears of the children, without giving them any chance to breathe and live for themselves. It seems that their lives are not up to them, and the meaning of their existence is to satisfy the selfish interests of their parents. At this time, the accused parents will defend themselves, even if it is for my selfish interests to make the children better, wouldn't the final result be good? The final effect is good, isn't it just that everyone is happy? Why bother with those little details? You are my child, you must listen to what I have to say. Parents who can say such things to their children do not fully recognize the independent personality of their children in their minds. They simply feel that children are attached to them and give them life by themselves. , you should control your child's life and thoughts at will. Children who grow up in such an environment may become weak and incompetent, and they are used to their parents helping them to plan all life and make decisions. They only need to accept their parents' arrangements. Slowly losing the ability to make their own decisions. It may also become very rebellious. I have objections to all the decisions made by my parents, and have all kinds of unconvincing thoughts. Why can't I do whatever I want? Why do I have to obey my parents in everything? I'm not a robot, I want to have my own life. After such a deep accumulation of contradictions, children are prone to resisting and erupting behaviors, that is, the so-called not erupting in silence, but dying in silence. When the relationship between the child and the parents is very cold, it is too late for the parents to regret it!

Today's Summary:

Are you interfering with your children much? When making a decision, do you vote down, or do you refer to your child's thoughts? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!
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