"After the festival, your family of 3 will pick up Mom" ​​Mom cried, and my wife said I was a man

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"After the festival, your family of 3 will pick up Mom" ​​Mom cried, and my wife said I was a man

There is a saying on the Internet: "Family love is a countdown to love. What we can do is to cherish the limited time and do our best to leave no regrets to our parents." Being a child and honoring your parents is a virtue and an obligation. Parents are kind to us, and they have given us time and effort that cannot be measured by money. They are old and cannot solve the problems in life completely on their own. They need us to give money and other help, we must give, this is us The price to pay for the grace of parenting. As a child, if you are unwilling to honor your parents, regardless of your aging parents, you are not only against social customs, but also against the law. However, filial piety does not mean that you have to be responsive to your parents, nor does it mean that you can sacrifice the interests of the other half to satisfy your filial piety and gain a reputation for filial piety for yourself. You are the one who receives the grace of your parents, and you are the one who needs to repay your parents, not your other half. Your other half is married to you, and only has obligations to you and your children. As for your parents, they only have affection. For the sake of your parents' goodness to him, and for your husband (wife), you are still qualified. For their sake, be nice to them. As said in "Why Family Hurts": "The relationship between husband and wife is the core of the family, and the relationship between husband and wife must be put first, and the family can be stable and harmonious." Be responsible for your family, be responsible for your other half and your children, instead of caring about your own and your parents' feelings and making them feel wronged, otherwise, your marriage and family will be difficult to keep. "Even if you drive away overnight, so what? As a son, you must honor your mother. You can either come back to me and pick up your mother, or I will sue you in the name of your mother and take your family of three for not supporting your mother. Tell all your relatives and friends, I think you still have the face to go out?" Seeing that the younger son ran all night in order to not support himself, the eldest son insisted on leaving by himself, the 78-year-old Aunt Xue couldn't hold back the tears any longer, and burst into tears. But who is to blame?

01. Helped me with my daughter for 3 years, but she went to my brother's house and brought my little brother for 18 years;

Originally , Aunt Xue can retire in the eldest son's house. She has lived in the eldest son's house for 8 years. She is already a kind and grateful daughter-in-law. After all, Aunt Xue's help to the eldest son's family is far less than that of the younger son's family. Aunt Xue's eldest son is 55 years old this year, and the youngest son is 52 years old. As a mother, Aunt Xue prefers the younger son. There are new clothes and delicious food at home, which are all given to the younger son. The eldest son stayed at home to help his parents farm the land before he was admitted to university. The youngest son repeated his studies for a year, but he did not pass the entrance exam and refused to farm the land. Aunt Xue entrusted the youngest son to go out to work. With the help of relatives, the eldest son married a wife, and the eldest daughter-in-law gave birth to a daughter. Although Aunt Xue didn't like her granddaughter, she still served her eldest daughter-in-law to confine her child and helped take care of her granddaughter. Until three years later, the younger son also had a baby. He was a boy and asked Aunt Xue to bring the baby. "At that time, our daughter was only three years old. My wife and I worked in the fields every day, and we also needed someone to take care of the children. However, Mom, you still left, and it took 18 years for you to leave your brother's child from a small baby. A college student was involved. You are not in good health, are you exhausted by us, or your brother?" "Yes, Mom, you always say that you brought me a baby, and you talk about it every now and then. I accepted my retirement and let you move in. You helped me with my baby for 3 years and lived in my house for 8 years, so that's enough!" Aunt Xue was speechless when she heard the words of her eldest son and daughter-in-law. Yes, only to shed tears again. However, this trick is used too much, and the eldest son and the eldest daughter-in-law do not want to soften their hearts.

02. We raised her for eight years. She often shed tears in front of relatives and friends, which caused us to be accused. My brother came to see her once a year, Making phone calls at most twice a month is filial piety, why?

In the past eight years, the eldest son and eldest daughter-in-law have seen Aunt Xue cry many times, and because of this move, they have been controversial in their hometown. Eight years ago, Aunt Xue's precious grandson was admitted to the university. After Aunt Xue's task of bringing the baby was completed, she was not treated by the little daughter-in-law. After the little daughter-in-law cried and made trouble, Aunt Xue was sent to the university by the youngest son. son's house. At that time, Aunt Xue used her tears to get her eldest daughter-in-law to accept her. "At that time, I agreed with my brother-in-law that the two families would take turns to support my mother. Our family would support her for five years, and then send my mother to my brother-in-law's house after five years. Saying that we dislike her, that we don’t want her anymore, so I just don’t eat anything, I’ll starve to death.” Aunt Xue’s youngest son and youngest daughter-in-law also play emotional cards, telling them it’s not easy: “Big brother and sister-in-law, you only have daughters. We have a son, we need to save money for our son to marry a wife, and we are too busy to take care of my mother." Aunt Xue's eldest son is honest and honest, and he attaches great importance to it. Family affection, unable to resist the mother's tears and the younger brother's emotional cards, so I had to persuade my wife to let my mother continue to live. "Mom, if you were old at home honestly and took good care of yourself, I wouldn't want you to leave. But when relatives and friends come to see you, you cry, what do you mean? We don't treat you well, do we? Do you know what they said about us? We were scolded for being unfilial, and we were told that God should strike down a thunderbolt to kill us, a wicked and unfilial couple, and even my daughter was affected. We took care of you for eight years, it was unfilial , your youngest son comes to see you once a year, and calls at most twice a month, that is filial piety, why?"

03. , taking care of you for eight years, I'm worthy of you, if you don't leave, I'm sorry for my wife and daughter.

Aunt Xue's double standards and partiality not only made her eldest son and eldest daughter-in-law unbearable, but also made her granddaughter, who had no deep relationship with her, unacceptable. Hearing the relatives who listened to grandma's words and accused their parents of being unfilial, said bad things about their parents, and even brought it up on themselves, Aunt Xue's granddaughter was not at all angry, and rushed home to reason with grandma and father: "By Why did you take my cousin for 18 years and only take me for 3 years. In the end, it was my mother who suffered the most grievances and hardships? Dad, I can't take it anymore. Or, you ask your uncle to pick up your grandma and take your own responsibilities. , or, I will pick up my mother, and you can be filial by yourself, you want to be filial, and you want to be a good brother, I won't stop you, but I can't tolerate my mother being wronged." Aunt Xue heard what her granddaughter said. In a hurry, she even scolded her granddaughter. Now, Aunt Xue's eldest son couldn't take it anymore. He agreed to his daughter's request. When the festival is over, your family of three will pick up your mother!" Aunt Xue's younger son not only refused, but also ran away overnight, completely angering Aunt Xue's eldest son and tearing up his face with his younger brother's family. Seeing that the eldest brother and sister-in-law refused to be taken advantage of and insisted on taking his mother away, Aunt Xue's youngest son was useless to play emotional cards and quarreled, so he proposed a plan, that is to send Aunt Xue to a nursing home, listen to At this point, Aunt Xue cried even more. "I agreed. They will pay for the first five years, and then the two will share it equally. They don't want to take advantage of it. Seeing me hard, my wife said, I'm finally like a man."

04. In order not to be blackmailed by others, you must adhere to the principle and never give in.

Psychologist Susan Forward said in her book "Emotional Blackmail": Emotional blackmailers can hit deep inside us. They know that we cherish our relationship with them, our weaknesses, and our deepest secrets. When something fails, they use this intimacy to force us to give in. Parents know that you are filial and that you are not willing to reject them and let them down, so they will always talk to you about family affection and filial piety, and force you to compromise in order to achieve their goals. Brothers and sisters know that you value sibling relationship, family relationship, and do not want to embarrass your parents, so they will talk to you about family relationship, so as to avoid the obligation to support your parents and gain benefits from you. However, when you ask for them and want to talk to them about your family, they will only talk to you about your interests and will not care about your feelings at all. In order not to be blackmailed by others, you must stick to your principles and never give in. If there is one, there will be two, if there will be two, there will be three, and then there will be countless times. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for Aunt Xue? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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