After the age of fifty, if you are interested in the following things, you are still young

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After the age of fifty, if you are interested in the following things, you are still young

Text/Xia Mo

01. Frontispiece

Lin Qingxuan said: "If life is a banquet, sour, sweet and bitter Spicy, salty are all kinds of tastes in life. Since it is impossible to have all the sweetness, and other tastes are unavoidable, then just eat it happily!" Different stages of life have different meanings. Getting older does not mean that a person is truly old. Mentality determines the degree of aging of a person. People who really live young, no matter what age they are, have a good attitude and live a positive and sunny life. If a person loses hope in his heart, he will become decadent, and even if he is young, he will look old. Fifty years is a turning point in life. As long as you adjust your mentality, your new life has just begun. After the age of fifty, if you are interested in these three things, you are still young.

02. Be curious about new things

Keeping enthusiasm for new things and being willing to accept new things is a phenomenon of living young. People who are over fifty years old and live young tend to be in a good mood. He is always curious about new things, does not get out of touch with the society, and can always chat a few words when he gets along with others. After the age of 50, they will maintain a childlike innocence and like to ask one more "why" about everything. When I see something beautiful and interesting, I am willing to participate, and I feel that there is nothing I can't do. So, this is a state of living young. The more you experience in life, the harder you get hit. People who have endured a lot of stress prefer a stable and stable life. When a person is over fifty years old, after the precipitation of the years, it becomes more profound. However, life is your own, and you can live a colorful life by maintaining love and a positive attitude. Even if you are no longer young, if you are willing to explore and research unknown areas, you will feel that life is full of fun. If you don't give up exploring the world, you will have more dimensions to supplement your life. Life will become more fulfilling. Life has a different taste because of exploration. Life becomes more lush because of exploration.

03. Don't be afraid of failure and have the courage to pursue your dreams

People are old, and although their bodies are aging, their ability to bear is not weak. In this world, the years I have gone through have already tempered my mood, and I will not conclude that I have lost everything because of a little setback. People who are over fifty and truly live young are not afraid of failure and pursue their dreams wholeheartedly. In order to make the dream bloom, re-accumulate strength, and slowly explore and move forward. Even if there is only a little progress at a time, I will feel very happy. And believe that as long as you work hard and don't give up, you will definitely get the results you want. Chekhov said: "For people, suffering is a hammer that hits a billet. What is knocked out is a fragile iron filing, and what is forged will be a sharp steel knife." In life, it is inevitable to experience failure and fall into In the trough, the road becomes difficult and rugged, and it is impossible to move an inch. People with a young mentality are willing to accept failures again and again, and after summarizing lessons learned, they are full of enthusiasm and start over. However, as long as you have an unyielding heart and continue to challenge life and life, you will continue to surpass yourself and create your own value. Although there will be a lot of hardships and life will have some twists and turns, but the joys, sorrows and joys enjoyed in the process make everything more meaningful. People who are over fifty years old and who can bravely pursue their dreams tend to live younger and younger.

04. Love life and maintain a positive state

When people get old, it is like a car that has been driven for a long time. Heavy rubbing. The exterior is also not as polished as it used to be, as if it should stop immediately and stop on the road. In fact, if the car is old in some places, it will never be driven again, it will quickly rust, and it will be scrapped at an accelerated rate. On the road of life, people who really live happily and happily always maintain a love for life. People with a young mentality, no matter what situation they are in, can always feel happiness and happiness in life. People who are over fifty years old, the more they live, the younger they are, they maintain a positive state and love life. Still willing to be on the road, see more scenery, and appreciate the different tastes of life. Before the age of fifty, it may be more focused on rushing hard. The years after the age of 50 should be more open-minded, more dashing, and more attentive to live your ideal life. Every day is a new beginning, and it can be a new beginning in adult life. After the age of fifty, keep a good attitude, forget your age, and enjoy the moment. Don't worry too much about the future, don't recall the miserable times in the past, and make the days better.

05. Summary

After the age of fifty, adjust your mentality, live a good life, and maintain a youthful and energetic attitude to embrace life. Zhou Guoping said: "Those who like to talk about pain are often young people who don't know the taste of sorrow, but the old Beethoven, who has experienced the suffering of the world, sings the Ode to Joy." When a person is over fifty years old, he has tasted the ups and downs of life, but instead Live more transparently and naturally. In the first half of my life, I lived a very tiring life, working hard for fame, fortune, and for my family and relatives. When people get old, they take off too many burdens and become more relaxed. Please allow yourself to have a normal heart, communicate with young people, love the current state of life, and embrace more happiness and joy with wisdom. When your mentality is younger and younger, you will be happier and happier. When you are old, your heart is not old, take care of your own life. Let yourself have a comfortable life rhythm, seize every opportunity, and make life full of more colors. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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