A wise woman who "does three things" in her husband's family has a very high status

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A wise woman who "does three things" in her husband's family has a very high status

Text/Xia Mo

01, Preface

Life is like a journey, and there will always be several important Stop at the platform before continuing on. For women, marriage is a very important platform. Marriage will affect a woman's life development throughout her life, and at the same time, it will also affect how she will live in the rest of her life. In Chinese-style marriage, a woman marrying a man is equivalent to marrying a family. For this reason, when a woman marries into her husband's family, it is not only necessary to improve the relationship between husband and wife and take good care of her own small family, but also to have a good relationship with all the people in her husband's family, so as to have a stable life. However, some women give as much as they can in their marriage, but they are not recognized by their in-laws; while some girls are never flattering and do not humble themselves to maintain family relations, but are very well received by their in-laws. pet. In fact, a woman's status in her husband's family is often given by herself. A wise woman has a high status in her husband's family.

02. Don't be a woman who depends on a man, run a business

A woman who has the ability to make money will not live passively in marriage. A line in "True Love and Fake Love": "I don't love money, but I know that money can bring independence and freedom. What I like is an independent and free life." In marriage, if a woman wants to have the right to speak , If you want to have the same "equal" status as men, you must have your own business and let yourself have the ability to make money. In my husband's family, no one dares to be looked down upon easily. When the mother-in-law chats with her relatives and friends, she will be proud of having a daughter-in-law who can make money. Women, please remember: a person has the ability, no matter what kind of relationship he manages, it will be more labor-saving. If a woman just wants to be a housewife, then even if she does her best to take care of all the people in the family in marriage, she will not necessarily be understood and respected. When a woman does not have the ability to make money, it is often seen that she is worthless. Then, she does the dirtiest and most tiring work in her marriage, wears the cheapest clothes, and eats leftovers, all of which will make people feel that she should do it for granted. Women should not give up on self-management, but continue to grow and transform, have a strong heart and the ability to make money, so that they can live their own wonderful life without depending on anyone.

03. Don't do anything that destroys the harmony of the family, and take everything lightly

When you get along with your in-laws, there will be a break-in period between them. During this break-in period, it is inevitable that you will suffer some grievances. If a woman can take the overall situation into consideration, do not do things that hurt her in-law's family, and treat others with kindness, she will also win the respect of her in-law's family. Wang Ruofu in "Do You Know" was originally the eldest lady of the Sheng family, with sons and daughters, and all of them were very promising. It's just that the mother-in-law is more strict, which inevitably makes her feel a little restrained and feels aggrieved in her heart. She often talks to her sister about her grievances. Later, her sister instigated her to poison her mother-in-law. For this reason, she almost caused her son to resign, and the whole family could not live in peace. In the end, the eldest lady of the Sheng family was punished by her son and asked her to return to her hometown, and she was not allowed to return for ten years. She is not bad in nature, but she made a mistake and did things that hurt the unity of the family. In the end, he paid a heavy price for himself. Don't do things that destroy family unity at your in-law's house. Because, after a woman marries into her husband's family, it means that she and her husband's family have become a body of common interests. No matter what kind of conflict there is between family members, they should close the door to solve the problem. When abroad, learn to protect the reputation of family members without harming your family. Women, sincerely protect the family, and the in-laws will truly treat you as a family. Women, who learn to maintain family harmony and respect family members, will surely see your good conscience.

04. Don't be a bad-tempered woman and improve your emotional intelligence

After marriage, the relationship with family members needs to be managed carefully. Between each other, there will be contradictions and run-in. If you can maintain emotional stability, adjust your mentality, and actively solve problems, then many conflicts will be resolved. Pythagoras said: "Anger begins with stupidity and ends with regret." If a woman can't control her temper, she can't maintain a good relationship with anyone. For example: when there is a conflict with other family members, the other party will not wait for the other party to speak clearly, and then they will be noisy. This kind of harassment will also consume all the goodwill of the in-law family and the husband. It's not scary to have conflicts with people from my in-law's family. What's scary is that I don't know how to solve the problem. When people get along with each other, after a conflict occurs, whoever has a louder voice and who is emotionally intense, whoever has reason, whoever has the upper hand. Stabilize your emotions to better resolve ongoing problems. After a woman has a conflict with her in-laws, she can control her emotions, focus on the matter, explain everything calmly, and the conflict will be easier to resolve. Moreover, a really smart woman will not lose her temper at will in marriage, but knows how to maintain a united front with her husband. Many problems are left to the husband to solve. Learn to improve emotional intelligence and not be a bad-tempered woman, in order to get more care from her husband in marriage and more respect from her husband's family.

05. Summary

Women, please remember: good family relationships are managed. Sanmao said: "Sometimes marriage can make a woman lose herself. Otherwise, there should be many more outstanding women in the world." When a woman manages a marriage, she must first learn to manage her career and life well. When you have value, you will gain more recognition from your husband. At the same time, in the in-law's family, we must learn to maintain the family and learn to deal with the interpersonal relationships in the family. Sometimes, family members may stand on opposite sides because of their different positions. Learn to overcome rigidity with softness, learn to take a step back and stop arguing blindly. Instead, you should communicate with your family calmly with the original intention of solving problems and conflicts. Or, let the husband resolve family conflicts together. When dealing with family members, women are neither humble nor arrogant, neither blindly compromising nor unreasonable, that is the proper attitude. Get along with your family and respect each other, and you will have a more harmonious family relationship. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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