This is the worst revenge against a person

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This is the worst revenge against a person

Text/Xia Mo

01, Preface

On the road of life, each of us will meet all kinds of people. Some people are like the moonlight on your road. When you feel confused, they will guide you and illuminate your future; some people are like mud pits on the road of wind and rain. You fell horribly. In the face of those who treat you with sincerity, learn to cherish; and in the face of those who maliciously hurt you and have ulterior motives, learn to fight back. Because people who are too "honest" are easily hurt repeatedly. Everyone is unique in this world. You don't have to consume yourself for low-quality social, low-quality people. Don Pi Rixiu once said: "The near-virtuous, the conscientious, the near the foolish." Life is short, and the best way to live is to surpass oneself and live out oneself. When you have the ability to live out yourself, you will have the strength to protect yourself, the ability to defend what you think and say, and the strength to protect yourself. The most ruthless revenge against a person is these four words. If you do it, you will have high emotional intelligence.

02. Going beyond yourself is the most ruthless revenge on others

On the road of life, the reason why you are always bullied by others is often because your sense of value is too high Low. If you want to earn the respect of others, you have to learn to make yourself valuable. In this world, communication between people is actually an exchange of interests. If you have no use value for others and cannot provide any positive energy, it is easy to be ignored and alienated by others. Even, when you always drag others down and consume others, you are more likely to be excluded and looked down upon by others. Roland once said: "We can't pin all our happiness on others. Because others can only understand and help us to a limited extent. In fact, there are more people who are the icing on the cake in this world than those who help in the snow. If you act strong, others will If you are weak, few people will come to help you." In the face of disrespect, sarcasm, and contempt for you, the best revenge is to learn to surpass yourself. People, only by constantly surpassing themselves, can they make continuous progress. People are alive, if you don't work hard, then when you are bullied, you will be powerless to fight back. If people have no value, they will suffer more unfair treatment and embarrassment from others on the road of life. When others bully you and insult you, the best way to fight back is to surpass yourself. Going beyond yourself means that you can use action to win respect, so that he will never dare to hurt you again. Beyond yourself, you can present a stronger self and a more valuable self.

03. Go beyond yourself, and you have the ability to protect yourself

When a person is too weak, it is easy to be bullied. In this world, not everyone is cultivated, not everyone treats others with sincerity, and not all kindness can be exchanged for kindness. Sometimes, you want to live a good life, and just want to live your life in a down-to-earth way. However, there are always some people with bad nature around, who provoke you and hurt you for no reason. They have an imperfect personality, a heart that wants to see you helpless, and want to see you trembling and wandering. There is a part of evil in human nature, that is, you can't see your life well. Whenever you live a little brighter than him, he will bully you, hurt you, and watch your jokes. Wilson once said: "Be confident, and then go all out - if you have this concept, everything will be successful in nine out of ten." If you want to make others look up to you in the future, no longer Bully you at will, you have to make yourself strong. The stronger you are, the more others will respect you; the better you are, the more willing others will be to be kind to you. When others look down on you and attack you, learn to fight back in the most beautiful way: surpass yourself. When you transcend yourself every time, you will make others look at you with admiration. Only by surpassing yourself can you be able to protect yourself, protect yourself from harm, protect yourself from the storms of this world, and protect yourself from being bullied by others.

04. Summary

There is a saying in Xunzhizhai Ji: "A gentleman is as light as water, and his love becomes truer with age. A small population is like honey, and an instant is like honey. Enemy." On the road of life, someone will treat you sincerely, and someone will hurt you maliciously. However, there are more good people than bad people. No matter what situation you are in, please be kind and get along with others. However, also remember that it is important to keep strengthening yourself so that you can better protect yourself. On the road of life, relying on the mountains, the mountains will fall; relying on the water, the water will flow away. You can only protect yourself from more harm by surpassing yourself, strengthening yourself, and being your own umbrella and armor. No matter what the world is like, please stay kind and live. If someone bullies you or hurts you, please learn to quickly improve yourself and surpass yourself. On the road of life, every time you surpass, you will increase the "combat value" for yourself, so that no one dares to bully you at will. Only when you are strong enough can you live in this world with confidence. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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