Whether a woman is "good luck" can be seen from her shoes

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Whether a woman is "good luck" can be seen from her shoes

Text/Xia Mo

01, Preface

Life is like a kaleidoscope, from which we can see various scene. There are women who strive for their careers; women who take good care of their love and marriage; women who work hard for their own interests... They all have their own unique charm. Bo Yang said: "Temperament should be said to be manifested by skill and sentiment." What kind of temperament does a woman have, what kind of life state she has. In fact, everything from her dressing up to the reception of people can be shown. Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes, as a match of clothes, represents the life of this woman. If a woman is worried about food and clothing all day, then she will not have the mind to see what kind of shoes she wears under her feet. How a woman treats her clothes often represents what kind of life she has. Whether a woman is "good luck" can be seen from her shoes.

02. Women who are reluctant to buy shoes live very hard.

How high a woman is, in fact, it depends on what kind of shoes she wears on her feet. Distinguish roughly. In particular, when a woman dresses for an occasion, it can tell the difference between her quality of life and whether she is happy. A woman who is reluctant to buy shoes for herself will live without the respect of others. There is a term in psychology called "shoe personality". It means to look at a person's shoes and judge the character and life situation of this person through the material, style and degree of old and new. Different styles and types of shoes often represent a person's different personality and life status. If a woman wears cheap shoes, some worn and badly worn, and she attends formal occasions, she can often see her frugality in life. Women who are reluctant to buy shoes are often financially strapped, do not have high earning power, and are busy all day, taking care of their families and living very hard. Women who think about their family in this way often don't have the energy and time to dress themselves up, let alone pay attention to the details of shoes. Women who are willing to buy shoes often choose shoes that are more suitable and decent for them when they participate in formal occasions. They will pay attention to the details of their own lives. On the road of life, they will not be too wronged and know how to take care of their own lives.

03. Men are reluctant to buy shoes for women, and their marriages are often unhappy.

From the reluctance of men to buy shoes for women, it can be seen whether a woman's marriage is happy. Married women tend to think a lot. Maybe they could save a meal and buy a pair of beautiful shoes for themselves. After marriage, she has to take care of family expenses. She would save money for her family, and would be reluctant to buy herself a pair of beautiful new shoes. If a woman's economic strength is much lower than that of a man, she will be more reluctant to spend the man's money. However, from a woman's shoes, you can see whether a man loves her deeply and is willing to spend money for her. After marriage, a man is willing to work hard for the person he loves and let her have the shoes and clothes she likes, often because of deep love. If, when a man is on a formal occasion, he only cares about dressing himself up, but he can't see that a woman doesn't even have a pair of suitable shoes. So, it shows that women live very humble and often ignored in marriage. Men, who are reluctant to spend money to buy a pair of shoes for a woman, do not really love her enough, so they feel that she is not worthy of high-priced shoes. Women, when a man is reluctant to buy a pair of shoes for you, please re-examine your love. In a marriage, if you can't feel the sincere love of a man, you will not be happy whether you are rich or poor.

04. A woman with a good life, her shoes are comfortable and decent.

Getting along with people, looking at a person's appearance, people often judge from the face Look down. However, if you want to judge whether a person's living condition is good or not, you have to look up from the feet. A decent life can be reflected in a pair of shoes. If a person's shoes are worn out and dirty, there is a high probability that she is too busy to run around and has no time to take care of her shoes. In "The Legend of Zhen Huan", the emperor once made a pair of luxurious shoes for Zhen Huan. This pair of shoes is made of Shu brocade worth a thousand gold, with a lot of jewelry inlaid on it, the sole is made of jade, and it is also stuffed with spices, making every step of the way fragrant. These shoes made the concubines in the harem very envious, and also represented how much the emperor loved Zhen Huan. The emperor gave Zhen Huan such shoes, which not only made her look grand and graceful when she walked, but also gave her a strong sense of love and security. Whether a woman is doing well or not can actually be seen from her "shoes". Well done woman in comfortable and nice shoes. She has good economic conditions, and is respected by men, even in the palm of her hand. Really good, decent woman who loves life and keeps her shoes clean and tidy every day.

05. Summary

Yi Shu said: "Life is short for decades, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not to please others." A woman, whether "good" Life", whether she is favored by men and whether she lives decently, can be seen from her shoes. Women, no matter what situation you are in, please choose a pair of comfortable and good-looking shoes for yourself. High-level women will control the details to make themselves more decent and happy. Shoes are clean, tidy and appropriate for the event being attended. Paying attention to the matching of shoes is actually a kind of respect for others. On the road of life, when a woman matches her clothes carefully, it is to give respect to others, but also to herself, and to gain more respect on the road of life. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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