"Three generations of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival are in the same house, it is my family rule" The wife replied 5 words, the man dropped the cup

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"Three generations of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival are in the same house, it is my family rule" The wife replied 5 words, the man dropped the cup

There is a saying on the Internet: "A good marriage is when two people work together to achieve mutual success; a bad marriage is when one person fights alone and lives as an island." A good marriage is when both men and women fulfill their responsibilities. Men take the responsibility of supporting their families, work hard in their careers, and do not let their wives and children worry about money all day long. It is men who are loyal to marriage, responsible for their families, love their children, take care of their wives, and give their wives a sense of security. They are women. Take good care of the family, support your husband in his hard work, understand her husband's difficulties, respect her husband, and the two share weal and woe. In a good marriage, two people have a common goal in life, both are working hard for this goal, and are willing to make concessions for this goal. As long as two people know how to compromise with each other, if enough is enough, a lot of contradictions can be reduced. As there is a saying on the Internet: "The so-called good relationship comes from one person's tolerance and accommodation, and the other person's moderation." However, if you only see yourself and no other half, and only want to get rid of the marriage Take advantage and force the other party to make concessions. The other half is not stupid, and will let you dislike him and abandon him after taking advantage of it. It is human nature to seek profit. It is not wrong for people to kill birds for food. However, it is a matter of character to harm others and benefit oneself. When you get along with friends, if you harm others and benefit yourself, it is difficult to get true friends; when you get along with relatives, if you harm others and benefit yourself, even the best relatives will turn against you; when you get along with your lover, you will harm others and benefit yourself, and those who love you will feel chilled. , Disappointment has accumulated a lot, and when it becomes despair, it will be too late to regret it if you want to save it. "I have already told my parents that my children and I will go back to accompany them during the Mid-Autumn Festival. As for you, whether to go back to accompany your parents, or go back to your parents' house with me, or stay at home and not go anywhere, it's up to you, you Figure it out for yourself!" Logically speaking, this is a trivial matter, after all, work is busy on weekdays, and only on holidays can I have time to accompany my parents, whether it is a man or a woman, both have their own parents to accompany, He Yan's request is not outrageous , However, after hearing He Yan's husband Gao Dong, he was very dissatisfied.

01. Strictly speaking, I am not married far away. When I got married, I thought it would be convenient to go back to see my parents;

He Yan and Gao Dong have been married for six years. They have a pair of children. Originally, this is a happy family of 4. However, as long as there are holidays, especially the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, the couple will inevitably have a big fight One, and then the cold war for a while, just to go back to someone's house for the holiday. At first, I thought that He Yan was married far away, and it was indeed a very troublesome thing for a girl who was married far away to go home. However, in a strict sense, He Yan was not married far away. "I live in a second-tier provincial city. My parents-in-law's home is in the suburbs. There is a direct subway, which takes about 40 minutes. My parents' home is in the county below. There is a direct bus. It takes about an hour. When Yan was looking for a partner, she paid great attention to this issue. She wanted to find a local person to marry. She knew very well that she was the only daughter and the only support for her parents to support them. He Yan and Gao Dong have basically the same conditions. One is an only child and the other is an only child. Both parents have jobs, and their incomes are similar. Asked, put together a sum of money, bought them a house in the urban area, and paid a down payment. "Usually, I don't have any problem going back to my parents' house. I can go back on weekends, holidays such as Qingming and May Day, and sometimes the National Day, but when it comes to the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, it won't work."

02. On the reunion festival, your parents want to enjoy family happiness, and my parents should suffer from missing?

Every time the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival come, Gao Dong will ask He Yan to take the child back to his parents for the festival, without exception. "Three generations of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival are in the same house. It's my family rule. Don't you know that these two festivals are special?" This is Gao Dong's reason, and He Yan has heard it several times. The Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival are indeed special festivals, which represent the meaning of reunion. In these two festivals, family reunion is the best holiday gift, and He Yan naturally knows it. "My parents-in-law are both teachers, and they have traditional thoughts, so they attach great importance to this. Whenever these two festivals come, they will send me a message in advance, asking me to take my children back for the festival, and let me go back to visit my parents at other times, saying that they can't In the face of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival without children and grandchildren, I am also worried about being criticized by relatives and friends." "On the festival of reunion, your parents should enjoy the happiness of family, and my parents should suffer from missing? You want three generations to live together, The family is happy, my parents can only celebrate the festival alone, thinking about their daughter and granddaughter? What is the reason? Could it be that his filial piety is filial piety, but mine is not?" Festival and Spring Festival, but also acceptable, parents can understand. However, Gao Dong asked He Yan to go back with her every year, and he never went to He Yan once. What made He Yan and her parents even more dissatisfied was that in normal times, when He Yan went back to her parents' house to visit her parents, Gao Dong would not follow him, and she didn't even want He Yan to take the child back.

03. When I saw him lose his temper at home after being rejected by me, not only did I not want to compromise, but I also felt that I had married the wrong person;< /h1>When this time, I learned that He Yan was going to go back to her parents' house for the Mid-Autumn Festival, but Gao Dong quit it again, and talked about the family rules and the requirements of her parents. Hearing her husband's words, He Yan asked five words in return: "Do you have parents?" Gao Dong was speechless, and he was quiet for a while, but he didn't give up, and wanted to tell He Yan that it was not easy for his parents to pass the test, and to talk face. What, He Yan didn't have the energy to quarrel with him, she just replied "I've made up my mind, it's useless for you to say more, you can explain it to your parents", and continued busy with work. Unexpectedly, He Yan heard the sound of slamming, only to see Gao Dong lost his temper. He Yan's favorite tea cup was actually smashed, and she looked at He Yan with angry eyes. "From his eyes, I can see restraint, restraint for what? Restraint and slap me in the face! I was frightened, forced myself to calm down, went back to the house, took out the bag, he was still there He shouted from the back that I had to go back with him." He Yan ignored Gao Dong, but took her two children and immediately returned to her parents' home, telling her parents what happened. "After my parents heard it, they were extremely disappointed with him and asked me what I was thinking. To be honest, I don't know. Divorce? Child, I'm worried that he won't, and I'm worried about the child's custody." Now, He Yan lives in her parents' house and refuses to answer Gao Dong's phone calls, and Gao Dong doesn't dare to come to the door. Whether the marriage is going or staying, He Yan decides to give Let each other calm down for a while before making a decision.

04. Some marriages are of poor quality and even hurt you, so there is no need to keep them.

As Yan Rujing said in "Wonderful Flowers": "Forbearance in marriage has a time limit. Forbearance for a while is called calm, forbearance for the rest of your life. It depends on fate." Some marriages are of poor quality and may even hurt When it comes to you, there is no need to hold back. For example, if you live with someone who never understands empathy, you will either quarrel with him every day and make a lot of trouble, or you have to compromise and let him take advantage. For another example, if he forces you to compromise in order to achieve his goals, he may attack you and hurt you. In this case, if you compromise, the man will find this trick very useful and will do it again next time. Action is the same as betrayal, there is only the difference between zero and countless times. Although it is said that it is better to demolish a temple than destroy a marriage, but if the quality of the marriage is too poor, it will not benefit you, but will hurt you. END. Topic of the day: Do you have any good advice for He Yan? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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