The prerequisite for long-term love for couples: "dependency"

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The prerequisite for long-term love for couples: "dependency"

Introduction: Why is the love of modern people close to fast food, with only freshness but no long-term motivation? The absence of the following three factors leads to business failure. Writer Henri de Monterlane said: "If I have no wisdom in my life, it will only be eclipsed; if I have no love in my life, it will perish." Love is a topic that everyone can't live without. The lonely world needs someone who knows your warmth and sorrow, and understands your joys and sorrows. This is the beauty of love. A person who has love is equivalent to having the most extreme happiness in the world, and it is a very romantic thing to go to the white head with the beloved. Of course, this kind of happiness must be based on finding a soul mate. Because only a true soul mate can stand with you in the evening and ask you if the porridge is warm. On the contrary, you can only enjoy the thrill of freshness, but you cannot find a lover who is like yourself to spend the rest of your life with. The so-called soul mate not only has the special charm of mutual attraction, but also has spiritual dependence and spiritual communication. The initial heartbeat of love comes from hormonal impulses. This is instinct and special charm. If there is no sense of attraction to the opposite sex between two people, there will be no follow-up stories. However, this mutual attraction is short-lived, short-lived until it is possessed. Therefore, the next relationship depends on the two people in the intimate relationship being able to have the following aspects of fit, and only in this way will the relationship last for a long time.

1. Interdependence.

A long-term relationship is inseparable from economic support and spiritual dependence. Being able to be depended on and needing to depend on is the secret to a long-lasting relationship. Relying on one person will eliminate the loneliness in the inner world and make each other more important in each other's hearts. This kind of dependence will make you feel that it is a very beautiful thing to be with him. Only a partner who fills the spiritual world can be called a soulmate. Only the relationship of soul mates will not dilute the relationship because of the distance, and will not weaken the love in the passage of time. In a happy relationship, in addition to spiritual dependence, there must be honest communication. When you love someone, you will show tenderness, accompany each other, and you will want to give them the best things in the world. To accomplish these things, you must know what the other party wants, and these problems can only be obtained by communication. As the writer Liao Yimei said: "In this life, it is not rare to encounter love or sex; what is rare is to encounter understanding." Being understood is a kind of luck, and it also gives a lot of security. Because you know that no matter what the world turns into, there will always be someone who understands your hesitancy and understands what you mean. Therefore, if you truly love someone, you need to know more about the other person; only if you know what they need, you will be able to do what they like. In other words, you must enter the other's inner world before you can give the most sincere love.

2. Heart-to-heart.

There is no substitute for a soul mate who has spiritual communication, and it will certainly last longer. Everyone spends their whole life and does everything they can, just hoping to have someone to accompany them and drive away loneliness? The emergence of soul mates just filled this gap. Writer Sanmao has the best lover in the world: Jose. Once, Sanmao asked Jose: "If there is a next life, will you still be with me?" Hexi said, "No." Sanmao's eyes are full of disappointment, because what she wants to hear is the love story of being together forever. Hexi added: "Actually, you think the same as me, right?" Sanmao was stunned for a second, then turned back and forth with laughter. Indeed, she thinks the same as Hexi, not to mention that there is no next life, even if there is, they don't want to waste on each other, and they want to live a different life. In the relationship between Sanmao and Hexi, there may be no romantic love words, but they can trust each other. They clearly know what is in each other's hearts, and even if they don't have too much language, they can easily guess each other's thoughts from each other's words, deeds, every move, and even a subtle expression. This is the so-called heart-to-heart connection. Of course, this kind of intention is based on love, on absolute understanding and sincerity, but it will not tire of each other because of being too familiar. There are too many couples who part ways because of the loss of freshness. Some people even resent each other because they are too familiar with one person. It is because of the feeling, but the lack of mutual understanding, which will lead to only yearning for novelty and tired of familiarity. Heart-to-heart refers to: still loving each other after seeing through each other, being the person who is most familiar with each other in the world but still nostalgic, and the peace of mind that no passion can replace. No deception, no scheming feelings, is the most affectionate romance.

3. Resolve not to give up.

We will meet many people in our life, some will just pass by, some will stop, and some will fill the memory. But there is only one person worth cherishing the most: that is the soul mate who will accompany you through the years, stay close to each other, and never give up. Maybe, you are not the ideal type of each other, but you can stay together for a long time; In love, the truest confession is not that I love you, but that I am always there when you need me. However, there are always people who give up the relationship between two people when they encounter setbacks, because they don't want the other party to suffer with them. There is this kind of giving up mentality, it can only show that the two sides do not love deeply enough. It is inevitable to encounter setbacks in life, and no one can do everything smoothly. If you give up the person you love when you encounter difficulties, and pretend that you don’t want the other person to suffer with you, then what is the truth? Isn't the ultimate charm of love just sharing weal and woe with each other and helping each other in the same boat? When Sanmao and Hexi were together, no matter what happened, they both advanced and retreated together. When Sanmao wanted to go to the Sahara, Hexi was willing to go, even if he went there and lived a poor life and suffered hardships everywhere. He was also willing. This kind of willingness reflects the psychology of love. Because I love each other, I am willing to endure hardship with each other. Only the love that blooms in hard days can show the highest realm of mutual support. Therefore, when you are in love, don't give up the protection of the rest of your life for the problems you encounter in front of you. Difficulties will always pass, but losing the one you love is lost forever. Written at the end: Perhaps, every long-term love has its secrets, and there are many different ways of getting along, but the only thing that is the same is the sincerity and determination to love each other. Only with these, love will last long, and it will show the eternal charm. In this world, there are too many things that we can't keep, but it is not a waste of life to spend the rest of our lives with the people we love, to keep beautiful memories together, to experience happiness and sadness, life and death together. May everyone have the ability to love and be loved, and may meet someone worthy of cherishing at the right time.
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